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I was sold at the lowest price C300

I was sold at the lowest price C300 – Circumstances


“Do we have to go so far away?”

I was surprised to hear that the core of my dedicated magicraft had been made while I was on break, and furthermore, Rafishal said that he wanted to move to a place with high ether concentration to adjust the dedicated magicraft.

“It’s not that we can’t do it here, but it’s more convenient to do it in a place with high ether concentration.”

“What is ether density anyway?”

“It’s one of the energies used by the magicrafts, and it’s one of the substances that make up the dimension. Because we adjust the magicraft while testing its higher functions, we inevitably need a huge amount of ether. It takes too much time to replenish the ether here, so it’s not efficient.”

So it’s better to try out the appliances at home using a power outlet than to try them out while charging them with a small solar panel? I understand the logic.

“But is it safe for us to leave now? We’ve just crushed the fortress of the Raja Empire, and I think there could be retaliation.”

Jean answered that question.

“We’ve got 3,000 magicrafts on the border with the Raja Empire, so they won’t be able to attack us that easily. And there’s no need for the entire Iron Knights to move. Fugaku is the only one who needs to leave while Musashi can stay here.”

“That’s a relief, but isn’t it okay for everyone to stay here but me?”

“No, Nagisa and Linnecarlo are going too.”

“I can understand Linnecarlo, but does Nagisa need to go too?”

“Where do you think the orichalcon and phoenix stone needed to create the Ludia Core came from?”

“You bought that from the Amurian Union at a discount, didn’t you?”

“They were provided by the Amurian Union, but they were given to me free of charge.”


“Ranelle seemed to have learned somewhere that Nagisa was a rare Class 3 rider, and she said that she wanted us to build a magicraft that could maximize Nagisa’s power. In exchange for making a new magicraft for Nagisa, she also prepared the orichalcon and phoenix stone for the core of Yuta’s dedicated magicraft.”

“So that’s how you were able to suddenly create the Ludia Core? As for Ranelle, she must have decided that it was in the national interest for Nagisa to become stronger. I understand that, but if that’s the case, I don’t understand why Linnecarlo would be included in that.”

“In addition to making Nagisa’s and Yuta’s Ludia cores, I also generated Viktor’s core. You won’t need it anymore because you’ll have your own magicraft, right? That’s why I’m going to adjust Viktor for Linnecarlo.”

“It’s a shame to keep Viktor asleep, and if Linnecarlo is going to use it, that seems like a good thing. But when did you start talking about that?”

The ones who would be traveling to the place with high ether concentration would be me, Nagisa, Linnecarlo, and the rest of the mechanic team would accompany us. The other members were to remain in Bilaluk with Musashi.

In addition, in a place with a high concentration of ether, the Amurian Union was going to build a factory for the production of high-level magicrafts, where special machines would be made.

“Colonel Reginant was also selected for the first team.”

“Yes, sir. It’s a great honor. I didn’t expect to have my own magicraft.”

“I guess they figured you had a lot of potential.”

“It’s all thanks to you, sir.”

It’s embarrassing to be thanked face to face. In addition to Colonel Reginant, Marumum and Mirumum were also selected for the first group. Unfortunately, Satoru and Pehu were not selected.

“Instructor! I need your guidance on the road!”

“Me too!”

The twins asked me to guide them. It seems that we won’t have any free time during the trip.

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