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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C47

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C47: Adventurer Kutone and Adventurer Lucia


As is common in the towns and kingdoms of this world, the guild buildings are set in the center of the town, with a signboard representing each guild. It’s really easy to understand. Incidentally, there are different types of guilds.

The main guilds are the Adventurer’s Guild, the Magic Guild, and the Alchemy Guild, and there are other guilds as well, albeit on a smaller scale, but as long as I remember the three I mentioned above, I should be fine.

The Adventurer’s Guild goes without saying, and the Magician’s Guild is a guild for magicians that works in conjunction with the Adventurer’s Guild. For example, they can provide a magician to a party that only has warriors, or rent a magician with the attributes the party wants.

The Alchemy Guild make potions, which are restorative medicines, and ether, which restores magic power, and distribute them to the guilds and apothecaries in towns, it seems that alchemists are paid quite well.

In the carriage, Kutone explained to me.

“And here’s the thing.”

“I see…….I never learned this. Thank you, Kutone.”

“This is common knowledge, right?”

“Kutone, aren’t you better off in the Magic Guild than as an adventurer?”

“You can’t adventure freely in the Magic Guild, you know. If you belong to it, you get paid, but you have to be on call at the Magic Guild all the time because you get requests from the Adventurer’s Guild.”

Kutone said while stroking Silica.

Then Lucia said while looking at Silica closely.

“I’m pretty sure that Kutone is a Triple Attribute. If you register with the Magic Guild, you’ll be treated very well. In the Knights Order, I was the only one who had two attributes, and I don’t know if there are any people with three attributes in the Magicalize Kingdom…….”

“Mmmm, please don’t praise me like that. By the way, what are your magical attributes, Lucia?”

“Water and Darkness, Water is D level and Darkness is E level.”

“You’re pretty good. By the way, I’m a D level certified in all three, Fire, Wind, and Earth.”

“………Lucia was water and dark? I thought it was water and fire. I saw her making hot water when she made tea. And what do you mean by “D” and “E”?”

The hot water that Lucia served is called “life magic” and anyone can use it as long as they have the magic power.

“Well, it takes a lot of magic, so magicians rarely use it. It’s easy to make a fire and boil water.”

“I didn’t want to keep the guests waiting, so I used magic to boil the water, but the water I served using true life magic is generally used to clean wounds or to purify the body.”

“I see. So, what’s D and what’s E?”

“It is the grade of the magician set by the Magic Guild. Most magicians have only one attribute, so there is only one grade, but those who have multiple attributes, like me and Lucia, take a grade test for each attribute and are certified. Of course, if you pass the grading test, your rank will also increase!”

There’s so much I don’t know.

I’m not interested in grades or anything, but I’ll keep it in mind as knowledge. Then, Brunnhilde said.

“Sensei, we will be arriving at the Adventurer’s Guild shortly.”


Now, let’s register Kutone and Lucia as adventurers.


Adventurer, possibly the most common profession on this continent. There are so many jobs that there is a saying, “If you don’t have a job, grab a sword. There are many different types of requests, some of them low level, such as babysitting, weed whacking, ditch cleaning, and sewer rat extermination, while others are high level, such as bandit extermination, monster slaying, and collecting materials from defeated monsters.

In fact, it is impossible to accept requests of high difficulty while your grade is low.

The most common grade among adventurers is D, which is called the “D grade wall” by adventurers. Once you pass the D grade, the C grade allows you to take on more difficult requests.

However, adventurers of C grade and above sometimes receive direct requests from nobles and influential people. Of course, there is no way to refuse a request from an influential person, and the requests are always dangerous, with no guarantee that the adventurer will make it out alive. Therefore, D-grade adventurers do not try to move up to C-grade.

Even D-grade requests can be a good source of income if they are completed in sufficient numbers. They can continue as experienced adventurers without forcing themselves to take on dangerous requests.

There are plenty of D-grade adventurers in this world.

“That’s what I mean.”

“I see…….Kutone, how do you know so much when you’re not an adventurer?”

“Of course, I’m familiar with it.”

We parked the carriage at the guild stables and all went inside the guild. While listening to Kutone’s explanation, Lucia and Kutone were filling out the registration form for adventurers at the reception desk.

Kutone, the receptionist, has a stern look on her face, so I don’t think you should talk like that.

After receiving the registration form from the two, the receptionist took care of the ring and handed it to them.

“I will return the ring to you then. There are more items for adventurers, so please check them out.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Thank you.”

Kutone and Lucia put the ring on.


Name: Kutone.

Occupation: Magician

Adventurer Grade: G-class




Name: Lucia

Occupation: Swordsman.

Adventurer Grade: G-class


“You got it.”

“Yeah. My ability is hidden.”

“……You’re an adventurer now. Welcome to the club.”

“Yes! Sage, let’s form a party and register!”


“……..Sage, do you understand?”


I looked away.

Dumbfounded, Kutone explained to me.

“The party is a group of adventurers who form a team. You register with the Adventurer’s Guild with your name, grade, number of players, and party name. If you do this, you can receive requests that are exclusive to parties, and if you become famous, you can even receive designated requests.”

“I see. I didn’t know that.”

“I agree. If I’m going to be adventuring with this party anyway, I’d rather have a wide range of requests.”

“Yeah, I guess so. We need to make some money and……Brunnhilde is okay with that?”

“Yes, sensei.”

So, we will form a party.

Thanks to the fact that we talked about this in front of the receptionist, the receptionist in front of me had already prepared the documents. As the representative, I filled out the forms.

“Let’s see, name……grade……number of people……hmm? Hey, who’s the head of the party?”

“It has to be Sage. He’s the oldest.”

“You’re the oldest. I’m the youngest in terms of competence…….”

“I’m sorry, but I agree with her.”

“I’ll ask you too, Sensei.”

“……Okay. Sage will be the party leader, and ……..the clan name.”

“I’ll leave it to you, Sage.”

“Sorry. I’m not good at naming things.”

“I’ll leave it to you, sensei.”

I looked at Kutone, Lucia and Brunnhilde.

“The party name will be……’War Maiden’.”


We submitted our paperwork, and now we were all asked to submit our rings and dog tags.

Apparently, party information was to be written on the rings and tags. The ring that came back had an item added to it, and Brunnhilde’s dog tag had the name of the party engraved on it.

We went back to the carriage, checked the ring, and talked about our future plans.

“Let’s see…….Oh, look, Sage, the name of the party is right there!”


Name: Kutone

Occupation: Magician

Adventurer Grade: G-class

Clan: “War Maiden” G level


“Oh, really. I guess we’re still G-class.”

“It’s only a few minutes and sometimes there are omissions.”


Name: Lucia

Occupation: Swordsman.

Adventurer Grade: G-class.

Clan: “War Maiden” G level


“Yeah, no problem.”

“I’ll go…….Oh, shit.”


Name: Seiji Aizawa

Occupation: Teacher

Adventurer Grade: F class

Clan: “War Maiden” G level.

[Cheat] [Repair]

“Repair” Level 3

Able to repair broken objects.

Can repair missing parts.

Can regenerate lost parts (1 time)

Rust Removal” Level 2

Removes rust.

o Remove rust or Corrode metal you touch (3 times)

Connect” Level 1″

Connects to electronic circuits and can be commanded (1 time)

War Maiden type Android code04 “Brunnhilde”


The number of items on the ring had increased a lot. I’ll have to go back to the ruins to check it out again. But more importantly, I can hide some of these skills, right? How do I do that?

“Uh, hey Kutone, Lucia. How do I get rid of the cheat section?”



Kutone and Lucia were looking at my screen and stiffened. What the heck, did you find a typo?

Then the stunned Kutone and Lucia said.

“Seriously, Sage, why do you have three cheats……?”

“What? No, that’s normal.”

“Don’t be stupid! There’s only one cheat per person! If the level of one cheat increases, the number of items increases, but I’ve never heard of a cheat itself increasing!”

“Oh, really? No, but I’ve seen an increase…….”

“Awwww……I don’t know what will happen if people find these things! Hurry, hide, hide!”

“How do I do that?”

“Damn it!”

It seems that my cheat is a little crazy.

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