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I was sold at the lowest price C301

I was sold at the lowest price C301 – High Ether Concentration Zone


The place with the highest concentration of ether in the territory of the Amurian Union was a region called Sharka in the northern part of the Linea Kingdom. According to Rafishal and Feri, it was a place famous for its high ether concentration even in the age of ancient civilization.

“What kind of place is Sharka?”

“I know it’s in a country called Linea, but I don’t know what kind of place it is.”

Nagisa replied to my question that I had asked while we were eating. Well, I thought there was no way Nagisa would know, but I was asking if any of the other people present knew.

“Sharka is a place of abundant water and greenery, and it is also close to my hometown. The clean spring water is some of the best on the continent, and I hope you will enjoy it.”

The one who said that was Colonel Reginant.

“It’s a bit tactless to have a magicraft factory in such a nature-rich place.”

“Even though it’s a factory, a high-level magicraft factory is like a workshop. It’s not like they’re going to destroy nature.”

I heard that the people of the Linea Kingdom are people who cherish nature and since they are in charge of the construction of the factory, they won’t do anything reckless.

“Yuta, you can explain about Viktor later.”

“What? There’s nothing to explain.”

“I need to know a little bit about Viktor before we make any adjustments.”

Linnecarlo said, but I really didn’t know anything about it. I moved it around as I saw fit, and in the latter stages I was just following Feri’s lead.

“Maybe Linnecarlo’s purpose is something else. You’ve never said anything about a study session before.”

“What is it, Nagisa? Are you doubting my ambition?”

For some reason, Linnecarlo was getting impatient with Nagisa.

“Well then, the three of us should have a study session. I don’t have much to teach you, but Nagisa might get a chance to ride Viktor.”

Linnecarlo looked reluctant at my suggestion for some reason, but Nagisa agreed.

Sharka was, as Colonel Reginant had said, a place surrounded by magnificent nature. It was dotted with countless lakes, large and small, and the factory for the high-level magicrafts was being built on an island in the center of a large lake.

Fugaku anchored near the factory under construction.

“All the materials for the magicrafts have already arrived, but the construction of the factory seems to be delayed.”

The materials, factory staff and technicians seemed to have arrived, and many of them were living in tents on the lake island. We don’t have to sleep in tents because we have Fugaku, but everyone seems to be having a hard time.

“Yuta and the others’ special magicrafts will be developed in Fugaku, so that’s not a problem, but the trainees’ magicrafts will be developed in the factory, so it looks like they’ll be on standby for the time being.”

Liza told me.

“Speaking of which, you’ve already started working on my magicraft, right? Let me have a look.”

I don’t know why they’re hiding it, but there’s a partition in Fugaku’s hangar, and I can’t see my own magicraft in development.

“Not yet! When it’s finished, I’ll unveil it to you in a flash, so look forward to it.”

“What’s with the surprise?”

As I was having this exchange with Liza, I saw a person come out of the partition of my exclusive magicraft. I looked and saw that it was Fugaku’s pilot, Fistina.

“Fistina, what are you doing?”

“Oh, Yuta, I was just curious to see what Yuta’s new magicraft would be like…….”

“That’s unusual, that you would be interested in such a thing. So what was it like?”

“I couldn’t see much because of the curtain. I knew I shouldn’t have cheated.”

She smiled and walked toward the bridge.

“It’s a good thing I put the curtain up.”

“Why are you hiding it so well?”

“It wouldn’t have been a surprise if everyone knew about it before the unveiling.”

“No, of course not…….”

I don’t know why they want to surprise me, but the mechanics team never leaked any information about my dedicated magicraft.

It looks like I’ll have to wait until it’s ready.

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