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I was sold at the lowest price C302

I was sold at the lowest price C302: Concept


Sharka’s high-level magicraft manufactory is being built at a rapid pace. After all, perhaps there were complaints from the employees living in tents, so priority was given to the construction of a residential building where they could live. In about two days it was built from nothing, so I’m worried about its durability.

“It looks like Linnecarlo’s adjustments to Viktor started today.”

I asked Nagisa since Linnecarlo, who was always hanging around me, wasn’t here, and she told me that.

“Is my magicraft ready yet?”

“They’re working on it at the same time, but it’s going to take a while.”

“I just want it to be finished quickly and return to the others.”

“Did you get lonely?”

“No, I’ve got a bad feeling about this……It’s hard to say, but there’s a bad vibe coming from up north.”

“……Yuta’s weird intuition has always been right. Maybe there really is something coming.”

I’m sure it’ll be fine with the rest of the Iron Knights, but I’m still very worried.

Perhaps my wish had been answered, but the next day, Nagisa and I began the adjustment to our magicrafts.

Finally, I was going to see my magicraft.

“What the hell? You said it would be a quick unveiling, but you’ve only just put the framework together.”

I was looking forward to seeing what kind of magicraft it would be, but what was unveiled was a skeleton and not even the exterior was ready.

“Of course it is. It’s not worth the hassle of installing the exterior before it’s adjusted.”

Well, that’s true. I agreed with what Liza had said.

“What do I have to do to adjust it?”

“All you have to do is sit in the cockpit and hold the control ball.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, and then I’ll tell you what to do.”

I did as I was told, sat down in the exposed cockpit, and grasped the control ball.

I was wondering what the adjustments would be, but I didn’t really do anything, just held the control ball. Rafishal, Feri, and the mechanics around me were busy looking at instruments, making notes, and tinkering with parts.

“How was it, Nagisa?”

Nagisa, who had been making adjustments after me, came back and I asked her how she was doing.

“What do you mean, I was just holding the control ball.”

“I knew it.”

“We don’t know what kind of magicraft this will be at this point.”

“I guess we’ll save that for later.”

Unlike us, who had no idea what kind of magicraft we’ll have, Linnecarlo was a little more relaxed because she knew exactly what kind of magicraft Viktor was.

“My Viktor is already very well adjusted.”

It seems that she is already developing an awareness of her own magicraft, but what will happen with Odin?

“Is Viktor different from before?”

“Of course, it’s going to have some really cool features!”

“Flying, four-element canon, what else is there?”

“That’s for later.”

In the end, Linnecarlo was too nice to tell me, but when I talked to Rafishal later, he said,

“The concept of the three of you is that Linnecarlo is a long-range attack type, Nagisa is a close-combat type, and Yuta is a versatile warrior type. Well, we’ll figure out the details as we go along, but I think that’s the direction we’ll go.”

“I’m not sure about the “versatile warrior type”.”

“It would have to be that kind of concept to make use of the potential of Class 2, you know. I’ll make the best versatile magicraft that can do anything.”

Since it was Rafishal, I was sure he would make something amazing, but I couldn’t get a concrete image.

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