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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C49

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C49: Davo Settlement


Davo Settlement was a small settlement in the Fauve Kingdom. Its main industries are agriculture and animal husbandry. They make a living by shipping milk from cows and calves and recently, their fields have been raided.

At first they thought it was a wild boar, but then they saw a number of footprints that looked like human children.

At this point, they realized that the culprits were goblins. Several members of the community took turns patrolling the area to keep the goblins at bay.

But when one of the members was seriously injured by a group of goblins in the middle of the night, the village finally decided that the goblins were quite numerous and that there were individuals with a certain amount of wisdom. Finally they made a request to the Adventurer’s Guild.

The money raised by the community was five gold coins. Not little, but not a lot either. It’s the kind of money that veteran adventurers might accept on a whim or it could be the amount of money that a novice adventurer would accept to gain experience.

It’s been a few days since they submitted the request and the Adventurers’ Guild has yet to dispatch a team.

Harvested vegetables, fruits, and livestock were kidnapped. Finally, there was a case of a human being kidnapped. The kidnapped was a young girl, she was the only daughter of the chief of the village, and was only 12 years old.

Then, a boy stood up. The boy’s name was Coyote. He was a childhood friend of the kidnapped girl, and he was only 12 years old. The boy decided to go on a goblin extermination mission by himself to save the kidnapped girl. He had an idea where the girl had been taken, and he wanted to save the girl he loved.

He took out his father’s knife and made up his mind. He was determined to save the girl, even if it cost him his life.

It was then that four adventurers came to the village. One was a dull man, one was a sorcerer with glasses, one was a beautiful woman with big tits, and the last one, a beautiful silver-haired girl.

An encounter with this beautiful silver-haired girl changed the fate of Coyote.


We drove for half a day and arrived at the Davo Settlement. The village was a normal farming village, with a few wooden houses, but the fields and livestock sheds were larger than the houses.

When we arrived at the village, we were immediately taken to the house of the village head.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Ryde, and I am the head of this village. I would like to confirm your request and explain the situation.”

The contents were almost the same as what was written in the request, but I had never heard of the information that the daughter of this village chief had been kidnapped by the goblins.

“It was the other day———that I received word that my daughter had been kidnapped by goblins——Damn.”

Oops, at the beginning of the explanation, the village head got a headache.

Lucia said plainly.

“Goblins kidnap people——possibly as mothers, but it’s hard to say given her age of twelve. There were a number of women in the village who were older than her. Maybe they have other goals in mind.”

“Lucia, you don’t have to say that.”

“Sage, it is a basic rule to explore all possibilities in case of unforeseen circumstances. Besides, I can see a few possibilities.”

Lucia tells me to shut up and I do. It’s true, we can’t exchange lives without any information, and we should consider all possibilities.

Then, Kutone mutters.

“————No way. Sacrifice?”

“Probably. I’ve seen it once before. A goblin used summoning magic to summon a vicious monster from the living blood of a virgin. That time, half of the Knights were sent to a sanitarium.”

“————So, their purpose is to perform summoning magic?”

“It’s very possible. Lord Ryde, can you confirm that it was only your daughter who was kidnapped?”

“No, some of the livestock were taken as well——“

“It’s still very likely a sacrifice. This is not good. If a summoning ritual is performed and a vicious monster is summoned, this village will be destroyed in less than an hour. Besides, goblins who deal in summoning magic, I doubt that——“

“Black Goblins, yes. Maybe the monster that’s being summoned is —–”

“Yeah. There is a high possibility that it is the Goblin King. That’s not good, the difficulty of the request will increase.”

Um, I’d like you to mix me and Brunnhilde in, too.

I, Brunnhilde and the village chief were left behind in the conversation between Kutone and Lucia. Then, Kutone finally spoke up.

“I don’t know. The most likely scenario is a summoning spell by the Black Goblin. By sacrificing the living blood of a virgin, livestock or other offerings, or a powerful goblin, the Goblin King is born. It is said that the soul of the Goblin King is summoned to possess a powerful goblin, although the exact details are unknown.”

“This is not summoning, it’s a psychic ability.”


Hmm, my analogy didn’t work.

Lucia checks with Kutone.

“But there must be conditions for the summoning. Do you know what that is, Kutone?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know that much about that——and if I had been summoned, I would have already come out to use this village as a stronghold where there is plenty of food rather than some dark and narrow cave.”

“It’s still not too late——we have to go.”

“What do you mean, go?”

“Of course, the goblins cave.”

“Take me with you!”

One boy ran into the house of the village head.


A lively looking boy jumped into the room. At this point, the village head shouted and yelled at the boy.

“Get out of here, Coyote! I’ve told you many times, this is not child’s play!”

“No! Arche was kidnapped right in front of me! I’m not playing, I’m trying to save her!”

The boy they called Coyote was an energetic looking boy of about 12 years old. He was wearing shorts that looked like they could be sold anywhere, with a belt around his waist and a disproportionate knife in his hand.

Then, for some reason, the coyote turned to me and said,

“Hey, adventurer, take me with you! I’ll never forgive those goblin bastards!”


I see. This guy’s in love with that kidnapped girl, Arche, right? That’s youth, but we’re headed to a goblin den and it’s too dangerous to bring him with us.

“——Sorry, that’s impossible.”

“Why not? Because I’m a kid? Because I’m weak? Because I can’t fight?”

“——You know what, kid?”

” Sensei.”

Brunnhilde interrupted me, and then said something that surprised me, Kutone, and Lucia.

“I think we should take him with us.”


Brünnhilde had been quiet for a long time, and her comments left us, the village chief, and even Coyote puzzled.

“With so many uncertainties nowadays, even one more person in the force will increase the success rate of the mission. His adrenaline is pumping and his will to fight is high. I think we can expect a certain amount of strength from him.”

“Brünnhilde, this is a child, okay?”

“What’s the problem?”

“Fighting is too dangerous for a child. There’s always the possibility of death.”

“The possibility of death is there for everyone. He is still a human being, born about twelve years ago. And if we’re talking about children, then aren’t your students children as well?”


“Look! That silver sister says it’s okay! Uncle Ryde, I’m coming with you!”

“——–Okay. Coyote, you’re to assist the adventurers.”


“All right! Wait for me, Arche——I’ll save you!”

Somehow, the decision had been made before I knew it.

Kutone shrugged his shoulders and Lucia let out a sigh. Brünnhilde was silent, as if nothing had happened.

What the hell am I supposed to do with a kid?

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