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I was sold at the lowest price C303

I was sold at the lowest price C303: Personal Magicraft


The Magicraft Factory, where the Amurian Union high-level magicrafts will be made, has been completed. The factory is divided into ten workshops, and can manufacture ten magicrafts at a time.

With the construction of the manufacturing plant, Colonel Reginant and the trainees, who had been sitting idle, seem to have become busy making adjustments.

I had finished adjusting the basic functions of my personal magicraft and was now moving on to the next stage.

“I’m going to add the four-element cannon in Yuta’s magicraft, but I’m also going to employ a special weapon with a little more power.”

“Is the four-element cannon a sub weapon, Master Rafishal?”

Before I could react, Liza, who had been listening intently to Rafishal’s explanation, shouted in surprise.

“That’s right. It’s possible with the potential of Class 2, and the four-element cannon is ineffective against high-level magicrafts that can deploy shields. Yota need a special weapon that can crush powerful enemy magicrafts.”

“It’s always better to have a strong weapon, but……”

“It’s a great weapon that took a long time to develop.”

Rafishal says it’s great, so it must be great. However, it took a lot of adjustment to implement that greatness so I spent a lot more time sitting in the cockpit and holding the control ball.

I wasn’t physically tired, but I was getting bored of it. Just when I was beginning to think that I had reached my limit, the adjustment was finally completed.

Once the adjustments were complete, the exterior began to be attached to the magicraft. The metal for the exterior was also custom-made by Rafishal, and it was said to be a super alloy that was resistant to all kinds of attacks.

“We’re using Rehuldite, which we abandoned for mass production because it was too costly. It’s strong enough to repel a Salamander main cannon without the need to deploy shields.”

“The Salamander’s main cannon has the power to crush a Highlander in one hit if it hits directly, right? Are you sure it can resist this level of attack?”

“It’s no problem. As you can imagine, if you’re hit by a four-element cannon class attack, you’d better deploy your shields, but I’m sure the damage would still be minor.”

How much damage is minor after being hit by a four-element cannon?

As the exterior was installed, my personal magicraft began to appear. At a glance, it looks similar to Arleo and the coloring seems to have been made white as well.

“I’m sure Arleo suits Yuta. Would you have preferred a different design?”

“No, this is fine.”

“I’m kind of happy that Arleo has been revived. I didn’t feel it when I was using it, but I guess I got attached to it.”

Nagisa’s adjustments were also completed smoothly, and the exterior began to be attached. Nagisa’s personal machine uses the same Rehuldite as my magicraft, and it seems to be quite strong.

“Wow……that’s cool.”

Nagisa’s personal machine was finished so well that I wanted to say that it was cheeky, even for Nagisa. The color was crimson with gold lines, giving it a luxurious look and the shape looks a little like my own machine because they were designed together.

“It’s not just about looks. I think it’s the best Class 3-only machine I’ve ever built.”

“That’s right. Good for you, Nagisa.”

When I heard Rafishal’s words, I said to Nagisa as if to make fun of her.

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now that they’ve……provided me with this amazing personal magicraft.”

“You want me to work like a horse, right?”

Regardless of Nagisa’s feelings, from now on she and her magicraft would be the guardian gods of the Amurian Union.

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