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I was sold at the lowest price C304

I was sold at the lowest price C304 – Disturbing Developments / Jean


“Mister Jean, may I have a word with you?”

Sister Muzie spoke to me with a serious face. From her mood, I immediately sensed that this was not something good.

“I hear there’s a major military action going on between the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel.”


According to Sister Muzie, the agents of Alice Abbey, who had infiltrated the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel, had sent information about a large-scale military operation at the same time.

“Does this mean that two of the three powerful nations are about to enter into a large-scale war?”

“I wish that were the case, but it seems it is not. It seems that the armies of both countries are heading towards the Raja Empire.”

“Both armies? No way…….Then it’s possible that the target is the Amurian Union…….”

I thought there was no chance that the two countries would temporarily fight together and attack the Amurian Union, but in the end they did it…….

“We don’t know what they’re up to yet, but I think we should be vigilant.”

“Yes, we should inform the Amurian Union and have them take precautions.”

On the same day, I informed the upper echelons of the Amurian Union of the information that had come from Alice Abbey. The Amurian side was skeptical, but when they heard that the source of the information was Alice Abbey, they started to panic.

“It hurts that we don’t have mass production magicrafts ready yet…….”

Marshal Violate said, imagining the severity of fighting against the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel with their current strength.

“How many mass-produced magicrafts do you have prepared?”

“About 2000, however, the number of riders who can actually ride the mass-produced magicrafts is about 800, because not all the riders have strengthening their Ludia yet.”

“I see. However, they are still a valuable asset. It would be better to gather them in Bilaluk right away.”

“I understand. I will arrange that.”

It would take time to gather forces from all over the wide Amurian Union. If we’re not careful, there’s a possibility that we’ll start the war with our current strength.

The forces currently deployed in the vicinity of Bilaluk consisted of 5,000 old general magicrafts, too few to take on both the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel.

“Shouldn’t we call Yuta and Linnecarlo back right away?”

“I think so too. If those two are there, a slight difference in strength will be no problem.”

I agree with Alana and Emina’s opinion, however it’s not that simple.

“Even if we call them back now, there’s a good chance they won’t make it. Even if they return at full speed with Fugaku, the journey would take a week. If the two armies have already entered the Raja Empire, it wouldn’t be surprising if they attacked in about three days.”

“If that’s the case, maybe we should think about fighting with our current strength.”

“That’s right. I hope Yuta and the others can make it in time, but I wouldn’t count on it.”

I would have installed a four-element cannon on Musashi if I knew this was going to happen.

One by one, forces are converging on Bilaluk from the surrounding areas, but it’s still not enough. At least there are about a hundred ride carriers with Salamander main guns attached to them.

The majority of the mechanic team is also aboard Fugaku’s side. The only mechanics in Musashi are from the old Sword Clan, and there are only three of them. Once the war starts, they won’t have time to repair all the magicrafts.

It’s hard to fight for a long time…….I think we can only fight at full strength for a few days.

In the absence of Yuta and Linnecarlo, the main force is still the Iron Knights, and a defensive strategy centered on us was planned.

“With this formation, if the Iron Knights collapse, the whole army will collapse.”

I look at the plan and speak up.

“Yes, that’s true, but on the other hand, if the Iron Knights don’t collapse, the army won’t collapse either.”

“I’m grateful that you trust us that much, but with two of our main men out, it might be a bit much to handle.”

“I heard about it, so I’m going to place the remaining trainee troops under the command of the Iron Knights. They won’t be able to replace the two that are missing, but I’m sure we can make it work.”

I know how strong the trainees are but I’m not sure if this force will hold…….

“All right. If that’s the case, I’ll take care of it.”

The strategy for the defensive battle had been decided, but I hoped it would not be used. If you don’t have to go to war with two powerful countries, it’s better not to.

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