I got a fake job at the academy C2

I got a fake job at the academy C2

I got a fake job at the academy C2: To the Capital of the Empire (2)


But why did the man in front of me ask about the existence of Machiavelli? Is he doing it on purpose?

‘What do you mean?’

For a moment, I wondered if he was a pursuer sent by the Princess faction of the Utah Kingdom, but it doesn’t seem like that.

Except for asking, Rudger took no action. Rather, his eyes and actions were closer to those of pure curiosity. So, is it just a coincidence?

‘You are a Theon’s teacher….’

Theon Academy is so famous that word-of-mouth spreads among people even when they are staying in a faraway foreign country. The fact that such a young man became a teacher there means that he is a person with great talent.

I didn’t know for sure when I first saw him, but I knew that this person was a bit unusual but instead of raising my alert, I shook my head inwardly.

‘Let’s call it a coincidence for now.’

I naturally turned to the next page of the newspaper and accepted his words.

“If such a person existed, it would have been in the newspaper.”

“Haha, there are some things that are not easily revealed to the public.”

“Can you say that to a person you met for the first time today?”

“There is nothing wrong with it, is there? And Gerard, it’s the first time I’ve seen you today, but I think we’re on a good note.”

“I’m thankful that Theon’s renowned teacher took such good care of an old man.”

Perhaps in the current situation he’s trying to project the image of being kind to others but Rudger didn’t seem to want to turn off the interest he had in me.

Since this has happened, I have decided to respond appropriately. Still, having a companion isn’t a bad thing.

“Mr. Rudger, if you go to Theon, are you going to teach right away?”

“Not right away, I will have to wait.”

“First year?”

“No, I will be in charge of the second year.”

“Don’t new teachers usually teach first-year freshmen? You are more impressive than I thought.”

I heard that Theon is similar to universities on Earth even though it’s a magic academy.

All kinds of buildings were built on a huge site, and there were only thousands living and working there. Although it is adjacent to a large city, Theon itself is literally close to a small city, so the saying goes that it is a city next to the city.

Theon students are divided from 1st to 5th grade. Usually, the higher the grade, the smarter the children, so it would be basic to have a competent teacher in the upper grades and new teachers for the first graders.

‘It’s not like he became a Theon’s teacher for nothing.’

Although this world achieved the industrial revolution of iron and steam, if there is one thing that sets it apart from the Earth, it must be the presence of magic.

‘I’ve only seen it in fantasy novels.’

The existence of magic was inseparable from this world, and of course, of course, such magic has always been reserved for a select few.

But unlike in the past where only aristocrats of noble bloodlines could learn magic, these days, there is a growing trend towards the supremacy of skill, in which commoners can learn magic if they have talent.

Theon is the number one magic academy that anyone can enter if they have that skill.

‘I’m curious about what kind of place it is.’

When it comes to the magic academy, I have no choice but to think of a famous book from Earth. Students fly on broomsticks and use magic wands……Perhaps the children who had been exposed to movies or books in childhood had dreams of such a magic school.

In this world, academies where students can learn magic and enjoy their youth actually exist.

‘Youth……is it.’

In my previous life, my father died early, so I didn’t have time to enjoy such things because I studied frantically out of a sense of duty to support my family, and was compelled to succeed.

The second life, the present life, was not much different from the previous life. No, on the contrary, it was even worse. There is a reason why I hide my identity as I do now.

After living for 27 years in this world I was no longer a hot-blooded youth. The magic academy and stuff like that are just otherworldly stories. The same goes for the man named Rudger, who is closely related to it.

The man who stands on the shining stage called Theon and me, who lives with a false identity and hides his identity, are very different. Still, since he became a teacher at Theon at a young age, I should congratulate him.

‘Because he is a fallen aristocrat.’

This world is still a hierarchical society and the nobles are, of course, those who belong to the apex of such a class society.

However, there are those who fell to the abyss after being in such a place. Either they revolted against the state, or they hated the people of higher rank, or they owed a lot of money. Anyway, there are nobles who fell to the abyss for various reasons.

Considering that the fallen aristocrats are more despised by the same nobles than the commoners, the man named Rudger in front of me must have put in a lot of effort to become a teacher at Theon.

As I was thinking I heard something strange from the outside.


I threw my gaze out the window, and I couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of anxiety. The atmosphere is strange, as if something was about to happen.

“What is it?”

Rudger asked, as if puzzled by my reaction.

I did not answer and focused my five senses…Something is coming.


That was the moment when Rudger was about to open his mouth.


A huge explosion shook the train wildly. The cabin shook, and the train running on the railroad staggered sideways.

I held onto the handle of the chair strongly to balance my body.

“What is this……? Did the engine explode?”

Rudger asked, but I shook my head in disbelief. The engine does not appear to have exploded because there’s no way the entire train will shake from one exploding engine.


As if my anxious imagination was not wrong, a thumping sound was heard from the ceiling of the train, and something began to run busily. At the same time, a loud noise was heard from the vehicle in front.

After hearing the sound of something breaking and people screaming I realized exactly what happened.

“It’s an attack.”

“An attack on this train?”

“Most of the guests of the Magic Train are wealthy merchants and nobles. It must have been the robbers of the Northern Mountains who were aiming for them.”

Most of the guests on this expensive train are rich people. Naturally, there were many people who were aiming for their money and valuables, so robbers’ targeting the trains was not something unusual.

‘Even so, doing this at the border to the Empire.’

The ones who attacked now are also not regular robbers.

‘The explosion that shook the train just before was not an ordinary power.’

I narrowed my eyes because there was a part that I could guess.

‘Is it magic?’

There is a wizard among the raiders.

If a wizard is involved, it will be easy to rob the train and escape quickly in the mountains.

There’s no way big organizations that possessed wizards who could produce this level of firepower and attacked the train on which there were nobles were regular robbers.

Since it is a world where magic exists, there are people who do bad things with magic.

“Mr. Rudger. I think we should hide for now.”

Rudger nodded at my words and packed his luggage.

Why are you trying to pack your bag in this situation? Looks like there’s something important inside. I was not in a position to worry about anyone else, so I got up but Rudger who took the lead.

“I’ll go in first just in case.”


First of all, it is because I am a commoner in my 40s who has only a lot of money and this guy who became an academy teacher in his mid-20s would fight better.

Rudger took out a small wooden staff in his right hand and held it up. The two of us opened the door to the room and looked at the corridor of the 4th vehicle. It was empty, I think the passengers were waiting quietly in the safe rooms now.

‘It’s the wrong choice.’

The rooms are protected by magic, but the robbers who have attacked are not ordinary people. To sit still inside in such a situation it’s like waiting to get caught.

In this case, it is best to stay away from them as much as possible.

‘Even so, those who entered Vehicle No. 3 haven’t come here yet.’

I thought that they would immediately disperse and extort money from the guests but maybe they are aiming for the first vehicle in front.

Car No. 1 is a first class seat for nobles.

It was a special room that was so strictly protected, but in other words, it was the golden egg with the most money.

‘I’m happy if that’s the case.’

As long as their eyes are drawn to the No. 1 car it’s good for us. These magic engineering trains are equipped to send a rescue signal in case of an emergency, like an unexpected attack.

Reinforcement troops will probably come rushing in sooner or later. I just have to hold on until then.

At that moment, a man broke the window in the hallway, the snow he had not brushed from his shoulder flew down. Sensing our presence, he turned his head and stared at us, there was a lot of blood in those eyes.

‘Did you take any medicine?’

His appearance, dripping with hatred and anger, seemed different from a robber. Waiting for the train in this cold, maybe he succumbed to evil?


But before I could even reveal my doubts, he started yelling at us. At the same time, Rudger’s magic was manifested.

As if drawing a three dimensional picture in the air, the engraved formula soon sublimated into a single magic.


I thought a as blue lightning bolt formed, and then in a single flash of light pierced the intruder’s chest.


The robber, who was running towards this side, fell to the floor and trembled.

I looked at Rudger and asked.

“You killed him?”

“No, I just stunned him.”

Rudger, who answered that, slowly approached the fallen robber with a cautious expression on his face while keeping his wand pointed at him.

“Wait Mr. Rudger. It is dangerous.”

“I’m only going to do a light interrogation to find their purpose for attacking this train.”


I tried to say more, but Rudger didn’t listen and moved. He pushed the robber, who had fallen to the floor, with his feet.

“Say it. For what purpose did you raid this train?”


“Laughing in a situation like this…?”

“Everyone, everyone, must die.”

In the stuttering voice, there was a cold madness that made my skin tremble. The robber laughed as his body convulsed and bled from his nose. At the same time, the shirt he had tightly wrapped around was unraveled, revealing what was hidden inside.

It was a huge bomb.


When Rudger saw it, his eyes widened and he activated his magic and the robber pressed the detonator he was holding in his hand.


A huge explosion swept the No. 4 vehicle.


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