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I was sold at the lowest price C305

I was sold at the lowest price C305 – The Invasion Begins / Jean


As soon as the defense operation was decided, I informed Fugaku of the current situation.

They said that Yuta and his team’s magicrafts would be completed in a little while and that they would come back to us as soon as possible. I really want them to come back right now, but it would be more convenient to have them rush to us with the completed magicrafts.

“How’s it going, any movement on the border?”

We are on high alert and paying attention to the border. Riders are on standby and are ready to go at any time.

“There doesn’t seem to be any movement yet. It would be nice if they could stay put until Yuta and the others come back.”

“I don’t think they’ll move at our convenience.”

“What do you think, is there a possibility that Valkyrie and Lubel will attack together?”

“I still wouldn’t believe such a thing if it weren’t for the information from Alice Abbey. First of all, there is no reason for either of the two countries to abandon their old feud and join forces to attack the Amurian Union.”

“Are you saying there is another reason for the two countries to team up?”

“Yes, there is. The two countries have no reason to attack the Amurian Union together…….Or perhaps they are talking about an alliance……There would have to be a greater reason for such a relationship”

“Such as?”

“To gain greater power, or to oppose greater power……either way, it’s definitely something more serious than dealing with us.”

“What reason could they have?”

“I can’t imagine what could make them form an alliance.”

Emina said, and Kiyone, who had been listening, argued her theory.

“It is the royalty and a few other people at the top who make the decisions for the country. The families who lose their family members in wars, etc., and most of the people who are actually disadvantaged are the people below. Even though they have a long history, maybe the higher-ups don’t hold as much of a grudge as the common people.”

“Kiyone might be right. Maybe it’s because the royals don’t hold it against each other as much as people think.”

“Jean. How long do Nanami and the others have to be on guard?”

“Until Yuta and the others come back or the enemy invades.”

“If the enemy attacks, we won’t have time to play…….”

“So you’re praying for Yuta to come back first.”

“I always think that, so it’s okay.”

“It’s true that Nanami will always be thinking that she wants Yuta to come back.”

“Jean, you talked to Yuta, right? How’s it going over there?”

Unusually, Farma asked me that. She’s got an anxious look on her face, but I’m not sure what’s……going on.

“You look fine, and the adjustment of your personal magicraft seemed to be going well. Did something happen to you?”

“I wanted to talk to Yuta about something, but it’s nothing urgent.”

“I’ll be happy to help you.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to Yuta when he comes back.”

I’m still no match for Yuta. I guess I can’t take his place.

“Jean! There’s movement at the border!”

Alana said suddenly.

“What? It’s still early.”

When I looked, I saw that several magicrafts were approaching the border. They seem to be checking our formation and so on.


“Probably. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before they attack us.”

“All right, tell the trainee units outside to brace themselves. War is coming.”

One hundred and fifty magicrafts of the trainee squad, ten magicrafts of the Iron Knights, and five ride carriers of the trainee squad are the force under my command. With this force, we have to block the enemy attacks and follow up on our allies.

A short time after the reconnaissance unit appeared, a sound like an earth tremor came from the direction of the Raja Empire. It was the sound of the magicrafts and ride carriers approaching.

A massive……army of magicrafts like I’ve never seen before, more than I can count, is coming towards us, radiating intense pressure.

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