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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C50

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C50: First time fighting goblins


In a room in the village chief’s house, the “War Maidens” were having a strategy meeting.

We would find out the location of the cave where the group of goblins was thought to be hiding, and let Holacty go. Since it would take some time to gather information, we decided to ask about the kidnapped girl, Arche. The person to ask was, of course, Coyote, the boy who had been with the girl when she was kidnapped.

Lucia talked to Coyote.

“Coyote, tell me what you saw. I need some information.”

“Okay. Boob lady.”




“Sage, Kutone, you will remember me later. Coyote, you can call me Lucia.”

“Uh-huh. Lucia.”

Me and Kutone shut our mouths and turned blue.

I’ve learned that it’s dangerous to make fun of Lucia.

“I was playing with Arche in the forest near the village and climbed up a tree to give her some apples…….I climbed up to the top and tried to show off to Arche, but all of a sudden there were a lot of goblins behind Arche……….I couldn’t do anything, I was so scared…….”

“All right, that’s enough. What kind of goblins were they?”

“A lot of……green ones, like kids. There was also a…… tall one with a sword in his hand.”

“Goblins and goblin fencers……what else?”

“There was a black goblin at the back of the group!”

“I see. It could be a black goblin, Lucia.”

“Ah……a summoning sacrifice, after all. When was he kidnapped?”

“The day before yesterday…….”

“It’s been over a day…….We better hurry.”

“Yeah. There is a possibility that the ritual will begin at this very moment. It’s about a two-hour carriage ride to the goblin den where the sighting took place…….If we head there now, it will be around noon. We can either wait for information from Holacty or leave immediately and rescue the girl…….What do we do, Sage?”

“I have to decide?”

“Of course it’s your decision. You’re the leader.”

“Old man! I don’t know about that Hol stuff, but let’s go save Arche! Don’t you think so, silver lady?”

“Yes, I think so too.”

Hmm…..I don’t know what to do….

“1. Wait for Holacty and get the information before we leave.”

“2. Leave immediately and charge into the goblin’s den to save the girl.”

This is a bit difficult.

I’m the type of person who levels up and gathers information before moving on in an RPG. That’s fine if it’s a game, but I can’t use that technique in reality, where there is a time limit. Even at this moment, the girl’s life is threatened.

I’m not going to underestimate them, even if they’re goblins, but I don’t think they’ll be a problem for Lucia and Brunnhilde.

“……Okay, let’s hurry up and get going.”

“Oh, he’s a pushover!”

“There’s no time to waste. Fortunately, it’s not yet noon, and even if we leave now, we’ll arrive while the sun is still high.”

“Well said, Sage. Kutone, do you have the medicine ready?”

“I’m fine. I didn’t get hurt or consume any magic on the way, and I have plenty of potions and ether!”

“Then we’ll be off soon…….Coyote, are you sure you want to follow us? Where are your parents?”

“Of course! I’ll save Arche! I know my mom and dad!”

“All right, then, let’s go. Sage, Kutone, Brunnhilde.”


“Okay, let’s do this!”

“Yes, Lucia.”

Thus, it was decided that the goblin extermination would be done by force.


We got into the carriage and hurried off. Brunnhilde took care of the driving, and I asked Kutone and Lucia to review the strategy.

“Sage-san’s magic is still G-class, so don’t be overconfident. There’s a difference between practice and actual combat, you know.”

“The level of magic that you can unleash when there are no enemies and the magic that you can use when you are surrounded by enemies is very different. Magic training depends on your mental state, Sage, so don’t overdo it, fight with swordplay and archery.”


Then Coyote asks me.

“Old man, are you a new adventurer?”

“No, I’m F class but it’s my first time in combat.”

“Wow…….You’re the oldest one here.”

“Shut up. I mean, don’t call me old.”


Coyote smiled a little. I can understand that he is worried about his childhood friend that was kidnapped.

“Coyote, are you in love with Arche-chan?”

“Huh? No, no, no, no, no! Don’t be silly, old man!”

Coyote stood up with a red face. The cart shook and he fell on his butt on the spot.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it, Sage, Lucia?”

“He’s cute.”

“Yeah. He’s a little cocky, though.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t care about Arche! What I want is to save her……!”

“What do you want to save?”

“What the heck, adults enjoy listening to this stuff!”

I teased him a little too much.

I shouldn’t have been laughing, but I was giggling. Sorry Coyote, but I was able to relax a little……

“Sensei, we have arrived at our destination.”

My first fight was approaching.


We parked Stallion at a spot away from the goblin cave and headed out on foot.

Kutone and Lucia didn’t seem to be particularly nervous, but Coyote and I were walking with a lot of tension because we were about to fight goblins.

Brünnhilde was walking at the end of the line.

We arrived at a bush some distance from the goblin cave. Quietly, I looked around. The area in front of the cave was quite open, and there was a goblin standing guard at the entrance.

“………There they are.”

“………They’ve got Arche.”

The goblins are small, with only a rag wrapped around their lower body and have spears in their hands. There were two of them but they didn’t notice us.

“All right, Sage, load the arrows into the short bows. You and I will take them down at the same time.”


Lucia and I deploy the short bows built into our right hand gauntlets and load the arrows. The distance is about 15 meters, Lucia probably won’t miss but I’m nervous even though I’ve been training with the bow.

“Relax, Sage, even if you miss, Kutone will take care of it.”

“That’s right, Sage, you need to calm down and aim.”

“…..Thank you.”

I let out a breath and set my sights on the goblin. It was my first real battle, and my first time killing a monster, the first monster I will defeat in another world.

My battle begins here…….

“Hey you guys! Give me back my Arche!”

Coyote, holding a knife, shouted at the goblins.

Kutone and Lucia went completely rigid and I dropped the arrow I had in my quiver.

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