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I was sold at the lowest price C306

I was sold at the lowest price C306: The Battle Begins / Jean


It has been reported that the reason for the invasion was in retaliation for the unilateral attack on the Raja Imperial Fortress. It is said that the Raja Empire never attacked in the first place.

“It’s a long shot. They were the ones who attacked us.”

Nanami said with a puffy face.

“I’m sure the history books of the Raja Empire and the Valkyria Empire will proudly mention a first strike from the Amurian Union.”

Now was not the time to be worrying about the reason. The allied forces of the Raja Empire, the Valkyria Empire, and the Kingdom of Lubel are attempting to invade the territory of the Amurian Union.

“Everyone prepare for battle! Magicraft troops launch! Open the gates of the ride carriers and be ready to fire at any time!”

“Yuta didn’t make it after all.”

Alana said regretfully as she headed for the hangar.

“I’m a little worried.”

Perhaps feeling uneasy at the sight of the large number of enemies, Nanami also put it into words. The members of the Iron Knights have all grown considerably through Ludia training. They have become so strong that ordinary enemies are no match for them, but Yuta is still the key to their strength.

The first battle took place on a hill even closer to the border from where we were positioned, and there was a fort of the Amurian Union. Seeing the invasion of the enemy, countless arrows were fired from the ballistae installed in the fort.

Arrows rain down on the enemy forces.

The enemy’s magicrafts raised their shields to block the arrows and kept marching as if nothing happened. A second wave was also released from the fort but it was blocked by the shield as well. I thought that the third wave of attack would be released soon, but before it could, an explosion occurred in the fort.

After the first one the fort was engulfed in explosions, and the ballistae that had been installed were being destroyed one by one. When we looked closely at what was happening, we saw that we were being bombarded by the enemy’s ride carriers.

“It’s got the range and power of the Salamander’s main gun!”

The range of the ballista is about 500 meters, while the Salamander’s main cannon has twice the range at 1000 meters. The power was several times greater, and the range of the attack was an order of magnitude greater. There was no way they could compete if they tried to hit each other. The fort was quickly neutralized by the one-sided artillery fire.

“The enemy also has a cannon like the Salamander! Don’t let the magicraft units get too close!”

It’s a tremendous bombardment, but we also have a hundred ride carriers with Salamander main guns. Before we could get into a hand-to-hand battle with the magicrafts, the artillery began to fire simultaneously at the approaching enemy forces.

Just as we were surprised by the enemy’s main gun, they seemed to be upset by the unexpected gunfire.

They used the shields but it’s impossible for them to protect themselves from the Salamanders with them. Large explosions occur at the hit points, and the surrounding magicrafts are blown to pieces.

“Don’t stop the bombardment! Reduce the numbers as much as possible before it becomes a melee!”

If the hand-to-hand combat between the magicrafts begin, the places where we can fire are limited. The number of enemies is overwhelmingly large, and it is obvious that we will be at a disadvantage if we engage in hand-to-hand combat. I wanted to reduce the number of enemies even a little before that.

A considerable number of enemy magicrafts were eliminated by the bombardment, but there were so many of them that the size of the enemy force did not seem to be shrinking. The swarm-like mass of magicrafts was slowly making contact with Amuria’s defense line.

The hand-to-hand combat began. A fierce battle unfolded between the magicrafts, with friend and foe alike. The Ride Carriers started firing at the enemy Ride Carriers for support and the enemy ride carriers responded with their own artillery fire.

“Who could have predicted this kind of fight…….”

From behind the battle between the magicrafts, the ride carriers engaged in a fierce artillery battle with each other. I learned that this is what happens when there is powerful artillery on both sides.

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