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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C51

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C51: Warriors together!


Coyote jumped out and howled at the gatekeeper goblins.

“I’m not afraid of you…….Give me back my Arche!”

“Gah Gah Gah Gah!”

“Gah gah gah gah!”


One of the goblins ran into the cave, and Lucia shot an arrow at it. She aimed not at the goblin that was heading into the cave but at the goblin that was about to attack Coyote. The arrow flew in a straight line and pierced the goblin between the eyes.


Wait, Coyote! Don’t go in there alone!”

Lucia shouted, but Coyote headed into the cave.

I couldn’t move at all and Kutone was also stunned. Then, Lucia shouted at Brunnhilde.

“Brünnhilde, why didn’t you stop Coyote?”

“I don’t understand your question. Our mission is to exterminate the goblins. Coyote was just a strategic move to lure the goblins away.”

“No, he was just acting recklessly to save Arche!”


“This is not the time to talk about it! The other goblins will be here soon, and we’ll have no choice but to fight them”

“Damn it! Brünnhilde, you’ll have to take responsibility. Sage, enough with the arrows, draws your sword and intercepts them! Kutone, if you have a cheat, don’t spare it, the goblin hordes are coming!”


“Yes! I’m going to show you my trump card!”

“A large heat source is detected inside the cave. Prepare for battle.”

We took up our weapons and jumped out of the bushes.


From inside the cave, green goblins started to appear in a flurry.

Some of them had spears and swords in their hands, while others were wearing armor. According to Lucia, all of this equipment was taken from adventurers.

“Damn you, you little bastards!”

Lucia held up her iron sword and plunged into the crowd of goblins. As expected of a knight commander, her sword stance and use of her body were refined, she had a 360-degree field of vision.

What surprised me was not only her swordsmanship but also her high level of body control.

“Huh, ‘Toe Blade’!”

Lucia produced the blade embedded in her toe and spun around one foot on its axis. Then fresh blood spurted out from the necks of the goblins surrounding Lucia.

“Hmm, if it’s just about numbers, I don’t need to use my [ability].”

In conclusion, the goblins are not Lucia’s opponents.


Kutone was unleashing her magic without chanting.

“Fireball, fireball, fireball.”

In order to reduce the amount of magic power consumed, she adjusted her magic power to release a fireball the size of a goblin’s head. Since she has been certified as a D level magician, she can discard chants up to F level. The skill to omit chanting is a prerequisite for the D level certification.

Kutone does not panic when the goblins approach.

“Arise from the four winds, Earth Barrier.”


“Gah gah gah!”


A wall of stone appeared around Kutone, and goblins surrounded her. Kutone did not panic or make a fuss, but chanted quietly.

“Spread the flame circle, ‘Flame Circle Wave’.”

A ring of flames spread around the stone wall, consuming the gathered goblins.

Kutone poured her magic power into the rock wall and made a hole in it to see what was going on around her.

“Hmm, there’s quite a few of them……50, 70, 80 maybe? There’s also……ether, which I’ll probably only use once.”

Kutone began to chant.

The magic that she activated was “Exploding Flames,” a D-class magic of the “fire” attribute, and the most powerful explosion spell of the D-class.

An ordinary sorcerer would have the power to blow up ten goblins at the same time but Kutone was different.

“Shout, flames, ‘Exploding Flame Quartet’!”

In the next moment, instead of what would normally be a single magic circle, four magic circles unfold, causing a massive explosion that engulfed over 50 goblins. Of course, it had been calculated so as not to involve us.

Both Sage and Lucia were surprised by this.

“What the hell is this?”

“Exploding flame…..released on such a scale……. Oh, so you used your cheat?”

In the wall of rock, Kutone gulped down some ether that tasted like mint. As Lucia said, this is Kutone’s cheat ability.


[Name] Kutone

[Cheat] “Magician” Level 4

○ Double the magic consumption, power, and scale.

○ Triple the magic consumption, power, and scale.

○ Quadruple magic consumption, power, and scale.

○ Quintuple magic consumption, power, and scale.


Kutone has a cheat that allows her to increase the power and scale of her magic, however, it consumes a lot of magic power and cannot be used frequently.

“Now, let’s get down to the finer details.”

The goblins were still coming out of the woodwork.


Brünnhilde was fighting the goblins with her rare metal sword. She, who was able to stand up to Alvito, seems like would be able to fight off a nation of goblins.

Lucia is not as good as Brunnhilde, but she is cutting down the goblins that are coming at her, and Kutone is using some crazy magic to blow them away.

As for me….I swung my sword at a goblin and cut off its heads. Goblins don’t move that fast. Their guards are lax, and I can kill them if I keep my cool.

The moment I killed the first one, my arms got heavy. The fact that I had killed a monster weighed on me but this is a battlefield, if I’m not careful, I’ll be the one who dies.

With that in mind, I swung my sword as hard as I could and eventually, the weight on my arm disappeared.





The goblins are still and there was no sign of Coyote, it seems that he had entered the cave.

I turned my gaze to the cave for a moment.


It was too late to react to the sword raised by the goblin fencer and hurriedly blocked it with my sword. This guy is no ordinary goblin. Most goblins are the size of a child, but this one is as big as an adult and he’s strong.



The two of us were locked in a fierce battle.

I’ve been doing some basic training, so I was confident in my strength, but this guy has more power than me. I was being pushed step by step, and if I lost, I would be cut in two.

There was no time to speak out. Brünnhilde, Lucia, and Kutone will help me——get over this kind of pinch——Oh, yes. I’ve got an idea!

“Ru—–Rust Removal!”

I grabbed the blade of the goblin’s sword and activated my cheat. Then, the goblin fencer’s sword began to rust from the blade, and the part I was grabbing snapped off.

I was surprised, but the goblin fencer was even more surprised. Taking advantage of his distraction I deployed the blade in my gauntlet and  stabbed the goblin fencer in the throat as hard as I could.

“I win——!”

“Kaka ——!”

The goblin fencer fell.

I am glad it worked, even if it was just a random thought. Rust Removal’s new ability is to corrode any metal I touch so it’s not limited to machines, this could be quite useful. Weapons are usually metal, and even the most powerful weapons can be corroded and snapped.

“Brünnhilde! Leave this place to us and go into the cave! Save Coyote and Arche-chan!”

“Sensei, I will protect you.”

“Listen, Brünnhilde, if you want to protect me, you have to protect my dignity as well as my body! Let me be a little cooler!”


“I’m not going to let a goblin like this kill me. Go!”

“——Yes, sensei.”

Brünnhilde cleaved the goblin in front of her and went into the cave then Lucia came up behind me.

“Sage, you’re not bad at all.”

“I owe it all to Lucia and Kutone’s training.”

“That, but also the fact that you sent Brunnhilde to help, it’s a chance to make up for our lost time.”

“But I want her to know the weight of life. Alvito showed so many human emotions, I’m sure Brunnhilde will too——”

“——I see.”

Lucia doesn’t know about Alvito but I have told her that she is an android just like Brunnhilde.

“Hey you two! Let’s get this over with!”

“All right!”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

Come on, let’s kill all the goblins——

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