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I was sold at the lowest price C307

I was sold at the lowest price C307: Growth and Change / Jean


As the melee began, the enemy’s magicraft squadrons attacked our position, the key to the defense line. There were about 500 of them, four times as many as ours.

I immediately gave the order to intercept them.

Don’t let the enemy get to the other side! If we don’t get rid of them quickly, they’ll keep coming from behind! Iron Knights follow the trainees and spread out!”

Our overall fighting strength will be greater if we spread out rather than staying together. The enemy army is a large one, and we should try to deal with it as a whole rather than fighting it out with an elite few.

Even if the trainees have become stronger, they are still not as strong as the members of the Iron Knights. Alana, who already has a Ludia value of over 100,000, moves like a demon god, slicing her enemies in half one after another. Her speed of destruction seems to be faster than that of ten trainees.

Lorgo was taking care of dozens of enemy magicrafts attacks. It’s typical of Lorgo’s personality that he doesn’t like to attack even his enemies, and he’s putting all his energy into helping his allies. Lorgo’s Ludia value has grown to nearly 100,000, and he can easily repel the attacks of ordinary magicrafts.

The incredible growth rate of Nanami is also proving to be a force to be reckoned with. It seems that it’s no mistake that she’s Class 4, the same as Linnecarlo. I’ve heard that she’s already in line with Linnecarlo in terms of Ludia value, and that was reflected in her combat power as well.

The growth in Ludia value was not as great as the other members, but Farma’s growth was in a place that cannot be explained by numbers. Her every arrow is precisely aimed at the weak points of the enemy machines. Perhaps that pinpoint shooting would be effective even against a superior opponent.

After all, being one of the Twelve Heavenly Heroes is no mean feat. Kiyone’s power was still one step ahead of the rest. She moves leanly, slashing down her enemies with a speed that can be called divine.

Although Kiyone’s strength is impressive, Brunnhilde and Tris, who were also from the Sword Clan, are also moving wonderfully. After all, those who had studied martial arts seriously had a different air about them. Their stable movements gave a sense of security to the allies around them.

Lately, Arthur has also been eager to practice swordsmanship, influenced by Kiyone and Brunnhilde. Well, Arthur’s weapon is a lance, but there is something in common between them, and I can see growth in his fighting style. He used to be all about rushing, but now he’s able to use his mobility and fight resourcefully.

Yukiha, Ranelle’s older sister, is also growing rapidly, partly because she has been working intensively on her Ludia training lately. She had always had a good sense of combat, and it seems that her training with Kiyone has transformed her. She no longer seems to be lagging behind even when surrounded by ordinary riders.

Emina has probably grown up as well, but due to the stealth mode of Artemis, which was enhanced by Rafishal, we can’t even check on her activities anymore. I think she’s hiding in the shadows, following her allies and destroying enemy magicrafts.

“Alana, flank them with about a dozen trainees! Fill the hole left by Alana with Pehu’s Gigantes.”

I found a gap in the enemy forces and gave orders. Alana understood my intentions and moved immediately.

“Aye. Trainee platoon over there, follow me.”

Pehu’s Gigantes, a trainee who had been instructed to fill in for Alana, also stepped forward as ordered. Gigantes is a very large magicraft, and it stands out on the battlefield. Enemy magicrafts in a hurry to take credit rushed towards him but were repelled as if they were insects.

The enemy troops, who were too preoccupied with the front, were attacked on the flank by Alana and the trainee squad. They didn’t expect to be attacked from the side and were greatly confused. Confused troops are fragile and with Kiyone at the center, we quickly eradicated the enemy troops.

“Okay, looks like the first group is finished.”

Even so, it was only a small portion of the enemy that we had destroyed. Looking around the entire battlefield, countless enemy magicrafts were still alive and well.

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    thansk for the chapte. is there no explanation about kiyone and the other sword clan members class?

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