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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C52

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C52: The Silver Maiden


When Coyote entered the cave, he was startled by the sound of footsteps and roars of a group of goblins coming from the back, and hid behind a large rock nearby, then a group of armed goblins ran past him.

Thirty, forty, fifty……still more. Maybe all the goblins inside the cave have gone outside……Coyote decides that this is the case, and after confirming that the goblins have gone outside, he heads deeper into the cave.

“………It’s pitch black. Okay, for times like this.”

Coyote wrapped the shirt he was wearing around a fallen stick, sprinkled a vial of oil he kept in his pocket, and lit it with a flint. The explorer’s kit, which he always carries with him for cave exploration, came in handy.

Then he pulled out the knife he had borrowed from his father without permission.

He told Sage and the others that he had gotten permission from his parents, but of course he lied. If he went home, he would be punished but he didn’t care what happened to him as he could save his beloved Arche.

He knew about the plan, but when he thought of Arche in the cave, his body naturally moved.

“I’m not afraid anymore…….”

Raising the torch, Coyote moves deeper into the cave.


Bare-chested, with a knife in his right hand and a torch in his left, Coyote made his way through the cave without encountering any goblins. He thought it was unlikely, but it seemed that all the goblins had indeed gone out. Perhaps this was also due to their low intelligence, but it was fortunate for Coyote.

As he proceeded down the almost straight pathway, he noticed that the depths of the pathway were brightly lit.

“………Deepest Part”

According to the adventurers, there should be a summoner called Black Goblin or something like that.

Coyote gripped his knife forcefully and extinguished the torch as he arrived at the deepest part.


The deepest part was a semi-circular space. An altar-like structure was set up, where slain livestock were offered, and what looked like dirty letters were written on the walls and altar. The letters were red……from the blood of livestock.

He thought the altar was unusually bright, but it seemed to be because the ceiling of the cave was open, letting in sunlight.

In the middle of the altar, a girl was lying naked and in front of the girl, was a goblin with a pitch-black face.

At this moment, Coyote exploded.


“You goblin…!”

The black goblin was startled and turned around. Coyote charged at the black goblin, knife at the ready. The black goblin, unaware of the Coyote’s presence, had a knife thrust into its shoulder.


“You asshole!”


Coyote thrust his knife and tackled him with all his strength. The black goblin fell and Coyote took the opportunity to go to Arche, who was lying down on the altar.

“Arche, Arche! Wake up, Arche!”

“…………Uh-oh, is that……Coyote?”

“Arche………thank God.”

Arche was alive.

Coyote checked every inch of Arche’s naked body to make sure she was not injured. He blushed at the sight of his favorite girl’s naked body, but then he saw that the palm of her right hand had been slashed with a knife and was bleeding.

Coyote took out a handkerchief and wrapped it around her injured hand.

“Sorry, Arche……sorry.”

“Coyote……Thank you for coming to help me…….”


Arche pulls herself up and stares at Coyote. He also stares at Arche, who blushes and turns away when he remembers that Arche is completely naked.

“All right! Let’s get out of here!”


The two of them held hands tightly and were about to head for the entrance to escape when they finally realized what was happening.

The Black Goblin stood in their way.


Coyote stood in front of Arche to protect her, and saw that his knife was still stuck in the Black Goblin’s shoulder.

He looked left and right, but there was nothing that could be used as a weapon. When he helped Arche, he looked at the altar, and there was a huge sword that looked like an offering, and it was not something Coyote could use.

The black goblin pulled out the knife on his shoulder, and the knife was instantly engulfed in flames and turned to ash.

“Kid, don’t think you can die easily. You’re the first thing I……the King has to kill.”


You are the first to be captured by our king. The ritual is over! Our king reigns here! Hahahahahahaha……”

“What the hell is……?”

“Coyote, I’m scared…….”

The black goblin laughed and his body started to change. Coyote tried to protect Arche, who was naked and hugging him, but he was not strong enough to do anything. All he could do was hold Arche’s hand as she hugged him.


The Black Goblin’s body changes color from black to white. His body, which had been as small as a child’s, grew to about two meters and changed into the physique of a first-class warrior.

Coyote remembered what Kutone had said to him in the carriage.

“Offerings, living blood of a virgin………strong, goblin.”

Yes, the Black Goblin had used his own body as a substitute and summoned the Goblin King. With his pure white muscular body and an interesting expression on his face, it was hard to believe that he was a goblin. Even a child could see that this being was dangerous.

Then, in a voice that was fluent and strong, unlike the Black Goblin’s, he said.

“Hmmm……first time in this world in a long time.”

The Goblin King jerked his head and looked at Coyote. That was all it took for the two of them to slump down on the spot.

“The return of the……king. The humans who destroyed me are here to……show them what you can do!”

The Goblin King gazes at the large sword, an offering stuck in the center of the altar. From his memories of the Black Goblin, he had acquired a general knowledge of the weapon. He is certain that the weapon is his, the king’s, weapon. However……the passage was blocked by a boy and a girl.

“A man who blocks the way of the king, deserves to die!”

The Goblin King clenched his fists and tried to eliminate Coyote and Arche from the way. Arche closed her eyes and Coyote hugged Arche, pushing her down to protect her. Coyote put his body on the line to protect Arche until the very end.

“Arche is mine to protect……!”


The Goblin King’s fists closes in on the two youngsters.

“Hahahaha………? What?”

Somebody flew over Coyote and Arche’s heads and stood right in front of them. Coyote and Arche opened their eyes in horror.

“Are you hurt?”

Brünnhilde’s position was right on the ceiling where the sunlight was shining, and she was glittering in the sunlight. In spite of this situation, Coyote and Arche couldn’t take their eyes off Brunnhilde.



Coyote and Arche will never forget this scene. They will never forget the appearance of the “Silver Maiden” reaching out to them.

The Goblin King, who had been blown away by Brunnhilde’s kick to the back, grabbed a large sword from the altar and shouted.

“You bastard!”


Brünnhilde said while stepping past the two of them. It was not directed at them, but they listened carefully.

“I will now eliminate the enemy.”

Coyote and Arche stared at Brünnhilde’s back.

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