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I was sold at the lowest price C308

I was sold at the lowest price C308 – Intensification / Jean


The enemy army seems to have realized that the location where the Iron Knights are positioned is a strategic point in the defense line and a large amount of their forces are now concentrating on us.

“We’re right on schedule! The more the enemy concentrates on us, the easier it will be for our allies! On the other hand, if we collapse, the whole army will collapse! Keep your spirits up and hold your ground!”

I think they were inspired by my words but the Iron Warriors, and the trainee troops became more active. Our momentum increased to the point where we were able to push back the enemy troops.

Perhaps the Iron Knights and the Amurian Union had become too strong, but I thought that the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel were no big deal. However, unlike my view of them, the frontline seems to have a strange fear of the enemy.

“Jean! Something’s a little strange! There are some strangely strong ones mixed in with the enemy army!”

Alana points this out.

I’ve been watching the battle since a while ago, and it doesn’t look like we’re struggling…….

“What do you mean? You don’t look like you’re struggling.”

“We’re just barely managing to keep up. It doesn’t look like the main force of the enemy is moving yet, but there are still riders here and there that are triple Highlanders.”

“Triple Highlanders……what do you mean?”

“It’s possible there’s someone stronger back there, so we’d better be careful.”

No matter how powerful the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel are, there are not enough triple Highlanders to be incorporated into the general forces here and there. What the hell is going on?

“Jean. There’s something wrong, just like Alana said! I was the first one to kill it because it was dangerous, but the magicraft I just defeated was the Stinger, a Quadruple Highlander exclusive machine. The Stinger is a magicraft that is often excavated, but it’s derided as a supreme waste because there are no riders who can ride it due to its high startup Ludia value. It’s a little strange that it’s being used in actual combat.”

Farma is a magicraft fanatic, so there’s no mistake, besides, I’ve heard of Stinger, too. The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I became, and then it began to take shape.

Kiyone, who has killed every enemy so far, is having a hard time with one of the magicrafts. The other party seemed to be a magic machine that even Farma didn’t know about, and it was showing tremendous speed and power. However, as expected of Kiyone. He was such a strong opponent, but in the end she defeated him by piercing its chest.

“I wouldn’t have been able to win if it was me before I did the Ludia training…….”

This was Kiyone’s impression after defeating the strong opponent.

When it comes to opponents that cannot be defeated by a Heavenly Master, only the Twelve Heavenly Masters can be considered, but the fact that it was a magicraft that Farma, who knows the characteristics of all of the Twelve Heavenly Masters’ magicrafts, did not know about deepens the mystery.

An even more critical situation was visibly looming over us.

‘Wait a minute……Stinger’s like that!”

At the sound of Farma’s voice, I looked towards the border.

I saw a conspicuous yellow group. The rugged design of the magicraft looks like a golden knight from the sagas……it was the Quadruple Highlander’s special machine, the Stinger……a group of them were quietly closing in on us.

“Jean! It’s not good to have that many Quadruple Highlanders coming at us!”

“I know. Hold on, I’ll think of a response.”

Now, what are we going to do about them? There are a hundred magicrafts……plus a lot of other troops coming……Damn! If Yuta and Linnecarlo were here……they might be able to force their way through, but there’s no point in thinking about the two who aren’t here now.

What should we do……to get through this crisis with our current strength? I turned my head and thought of a way out.

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