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I got a fake job at the academy C4

I got a fake job at the academy C4: The Great Train Attack (2)



Pushing the people blocking the entrance, the wizards lined up. They stared at the man left alone in car No. 4 with slightly nervous faces.

A black frock coat with gold stitching over a neat suit that clings to the body, long black hair tied at the nape of the neck, those sharp eyes that felt colder than the cold wind blowing outside.

His appearance and momentum were unusual. In fact, in his hands, their compatriots who rushed in from the rear of the train were killed.

‘Who the hell is he?’

The terrorist who led the train raid frowned at the man in front of him. He couldn’t understand how such a wizard could be at the board of the train.

‘No, it doesn’t matter who he is. We have five wizards here.’

They recruited a large number of people who learned magic. Even if there is an unknown internal security manpower, it can be wiped out with overwhelming force.

He didn’t expect that there would be a wizard, but even if it was, there was only one opponent. They had 5 wizards and their leader, Mayhem, was a 4th-rank wizard.

‘Unless the opponent is at least a 5th-rank wizard there will be no problem.’

There aren’t many wizards on this continent with that much skill and if he had achieved 5th rank or higher at such a young age, rumors would have already spread. At most he could be at the 4th-rank like Mayhem. Maybe the man in front of him knew about it, so he didn’t want to use magic.

“Hmm….5 wizards.”

“It’s too late for you now.”

“Then, I have no choice but to change my method a little.”

After saying that, the man fluttered the hem of his frock coat and threw himself out of the wrecked train.

“Uh, huh? Did he jump?”

“Did you choose to commit suicide because you thought you couldn’t win?”

One of them, one of the wizards, stuck his head out over the broken bulkhead, but he couldn’t see anything under the distant cliff.

“He must have fallen down and died!”

“I thought he would do something, but he was just a coward.”

The moment everyone was about to come to that conclusion.


A flash of light pierced the head of the wizard, who was looking down. His body, which lost balance, leaned forward and fell out of the train.


“Hanson is dead!”

“Where did the flash just come from?”

While everyone was puzzled, Mayhem, the leader of the wizards, twisted his face and looked up.

“He’s on the roof!”

“On the train? But didn’t he jumped down a little while ago?”

“Did he use flying magic?”

“Is it possible to catch up and get on a moving train with flying magic?!”

“Hurry up and chase him!”

* * *

‘I was going to eliminate another one while they were distracted.’

Loud noises came from below. Now that they realized I’m alive they will try to kill me with all their might.

I pretended to jump, hung from the wall, and then climbed right up to make them lose their vigilance.

I can’t help but be satisfied with taking one of the five wizards.

“Go up!”

“Kill him!”

A voice echoed through the car, and then one by one they started climbing up the ladder to the roof, but it won’t be that easy.

I fired a magical energy at them, turned my back and ran towards the vehicle behind me. Those who tried to climb up had no choice but to descend again due to an attack passing overhead.

Thump thump thump.

As I ran and made noise on purpose the people waiting in the vehicle heard the sound and followed me.

“He’s going to the back of the train!”


They easily followed me. I guess getting rid of one wizard seemed to have a pretty big effect.

Even if they risk their lives and commit suicide, does it mean that it is unacceptable for a colleague to die at the hands of others? It is indeed a contradictory attitude.

‘If you become emotional like this, I will be more grateful.’

* * *

The terrorists split in half to catch the wizard who escaped to the rear of the train. After all, even if the opponent is a wizard he’s not their target.

Except for a few who will assist the wizards, the rest decided to aim for the first class of the first vehicle that has not yet been penetrated. The wizards headed to the rear and the other group to the front.

“Damn! Where is he?”

“Is anyone on the roof? Why don’t you say anything?”

“Let’s go back!”

They opened the door in a hurry.


The door exploded and a bright red flame engulfed the terrorists. In an instant, the five of them turned into black charcoal and fell to the ground.

The magical flame went out like a candle after it had faithfully performed its role.

“Wicked bastard!”

“To set a trap in front of the door!”

The wizard’s leader, Mayhem, wept as he looked at the corpses of his dead compatriots.

‘Did you magically set up a trap in front of the door in that short time?’

His swiftness was astounding, but what made him even more nervous was his opponent’s behavior. Usually, the wizards from noble families he knows are extremely reluctant to move because of their arrogance since birth.

When they use magic, they always stand in the open as if to show off their magic. But the man he’s following now didn’t.

‘I feel like the situation is unfavorable, so I immediately run away, and then, after arousing the other person’s carelessness, I attack. There is no way this is the way of a normal wizard.’

Rather than being a wizard, this move was closer to a mercenary or hunter.

‘What the hell is this guy……’

At first, he thought that a sorcerer who killed his compatriots. After all, most of the people on this train were either nobles or wealthy merchants. They are all sucking the blood of poor commoners and standing on it.

‘But he’s different.’

Mayhem, who was worried, opened his mouth with a more heavy expression on his face.

“Everyone be careful. From now on, we take the lead. We don’t know what trap he may have placed, so move as carefully as possible.”


With Mayhem in the lead, the wizards took the lead and moved while checking if there were any traps installed in the hallways or walls. As a result, a considerable amount of time was consumed.

“Don’t be in a hurry. After all, he can’t get off the end of the train.”

The wizard’s leader, Mayhem, was walking slowly and suddenly stopped. She felt a sense of alienation that could not be described in words and quickly realized the reason.


A loud noise echoed from the end of the train. The slow-moving terrorists instinctively knew something was wrong the moment they heard the sound.

“Ah! He disconnected the train and ran away!”

It was too late to stop him. In the first place, the opponent did not have to fight them. It was enough to just run away and waste their time after deliberately he raised their awareness with his trap.

“Chase! Don’t let him run away!”

They are now in a hurry, and have no choice but to chase and kill the sorcerer who has fled.

They hurriedly ran through the train, and eventually arrived at the nose of the last vehicle, No. 12. When they opened the door, all they saw was the snow-capped mountain range and railroad tracks, not the scene of Vehicle 12, which should have been there.

Mayhem clenched his teeth.

‘I made a mistake. He kept reminding us that he didn’t have to fight us.’

He overlooked an important fact.

Who would have expected that the opponent would run away with such a determination?

“Damn, did I miss it?”

“I will definitely find you and kill you.”

While everyone was clenching their teeth and stared outside Mayhem felt a surge of powerful magic behind his back.

“What is this…….”

He hurriedly turned his head and looked back and saw the figure of the man who should have disappeared with the detached vehicle No. 12.

“Why are you here……”

But it wasn’t the man’s existence that mattered. The most important thing to pay attention to is the magic that was completed in front of him, almost before it was activated. It was a very ferocious and dangerous type of elemental magic.

“Avoid it!”

Mayhem cried out and raised his magic power as much as possible to create a barrier of strong magical power.

Immediately afterward, a huge magic engulfed the entire vehicle No. 11 and swept the interior like a storm. The pure white flame swept away all the terrorists who had not yet evacuated or responded.

* * *

“Is it over?”

I muttered as I watched the magical flames gradually disappear.

They thought I was going to run away in Vehicle 12, and they were focused on it. Everyone would have thought so since I used a trap to buy time and detached vehicle 12.

In the end, running away was nothing more than a deceptive tactic to deceive them. Thanks to that, I was able to gather them all in one place and deal with them at once.

‘It seems that there are still guys left in the leading vehicle, but it doesn’t matter since I’ve dealt with all the wizards.’

As I was thinking, something rose from the rubble.

“You were still alive.”


It was the leader who led the wizards who got up. At that moment, perhaps he had defended himself with a barrier and escaped the explosion but his physical condition was so disastrous that he was barely alive.

He couldn’t completely block the explosion and his face was half melted, while his whole body was burnt, even one of his arms was missing.

“Why the hell did you kill them? Isn’t it pitiful for our compatriots who are working hard for the world?”


What the heck did he say, isn’t this a very naive bullshit? When I shut my mouth in bewilderment, he looked at me with angry eyes.

“Don’t you feel sorry for the people who died at your hands?”

“I thought that you were crazy from the beginning, but you were crazier than I thought.”


“What are you talking about when you attack the train and kill all the passengers?”

These guys raided the train and killed the passengers there on sight. Now they treat me like a bad guy because their co-workers are dead, honestly, it’s just annoying.

“Even if they died, they were cheap!”

“Aren’t you the one who tried to kill me in the first place? We already have to kill each other, so what are you talking about now?”


“If I couldn’t kill you, I would have to die.”

“You boy……Who the hell are you?”

He gave up arguing and asked about my identity but I couldn’t answer because I saw countless shadows flying towards me from the outside.

Even in the midst of a raging blizzard, the sound of drawing a sword is eerily heard. A white light flashed through the wide open back door and cut the wizard in half.

A solid line is drawn from the head to the groin and the moment the pure white shadow jumped over the wizard and landed on the ground, his body split apart and he fell to the side.

No blood flowed from his body because the cut section was frozen with pure white ice. Behind the fallen corpse a knight with a white cloak fluttering appeared.

“Are you okay?”

I answered with a nod of my head.

The pattern on the shoulder strap is in the shape of a pure white eagle. It was a mark of the Border Guard Knights in charge of protecting the empire.

“Don’t worry we will deal with them.”

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