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I was sold at the lowest price C309

I was sold at the lowest price C309 – Concentrated Fire / Jean


I thought about what would be the best firepower with the forces we have now. Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji is probably the strongest magicraft, but in terms of firepower, Salamander, the main gun of the ride carriers, is probably the best.

Musashi has five Salamander main guns, and each of the five ride carriers under his command is equipped with three. If we can concentrate a total of twenty Salamander main guns……I thought about it, but there was no way I could fire the guns while our magicrafts were engaged in battle with the enemy.

However, if I let the allied magicrafts fall back, the enemy machines will approach us at once, and we won’t be able to use artillery.

I knew I couldn’t carry out this operation unless I asked them to stay in one place and not to move because I would be concentrating fire on the enemy forces, but then I remembered Rafishal’s words and an idea popped into my head.

“Lorgo! It’s a little dangerous, but I need your help. It’s a bit of a crazy favor to ask, but will you do it?”

“Ode……? I’ll do anything for you……”

I know Lorgo wouldn’t say no even to something so reckless….

Rafishal’s words were said during his modifications to Ganesha,

“With Lorgo’s improved Ludia value and Ganesha’s enhanced armor, I’m sure it can withstand a heavy bombardment.”

“Ganesha’s always been hard, and now he’s getting stronger. But, exactly how strong of a bombardment can it withstand? For example, can it withstand the concentrated fire of all of Fugaku’s guns?”

“I suppose it’s possible if the shields are fully activated.”

I’ll take your word for it──── Rafishal…….

“Five minutes after the operation is communicated, the trainees will temporarily retreat. The Iron Knights will lead the enemy troops and gather them in the center. Once the enemy is gathered, the Iron Knights will retreat as well, leaving Lorgo behind.”

“Wait a minute, Jean! You’re using him as bait! You can’t do that!”

“Jean, you idiot! That’s not fair to Lorgo!”

The members of the Iron Knights complain to me, but I believe Rafishal’s words and Lorgo.

“Shut up! This is an operation that’s been decided! Trust in the hardness of Lorgo and Ganesha!”

When I shouted that, they all fell silent, though I’m sure they weren’t convinced. That’s because Lorgo, the man himself, immediately said,

“Thank you all for your concern about……Ode…….Ode will be fine…….The only thing he’s good for is being hard……this is where I show my worth.”

“Well said, Lorgo! Listen, as soon as the Iron Knights evacuate, start firing all Salamander main guns at once. When they do, open your shields all the way and hold them up towards Musashi and don’t be late! No matter how strong Ganesha is, you’re not safe without the shields!”

“Ode……work hard!”

Once the Iron Knights retreat, Lorgo will be under concentrated attack from the enemy. If the bombardment is delayed, Lorgo will be in danger from the attacks of the enemy magicrafts. We can’t delay the timing of the bombardment for that reason.

The plan was immediately put into action. The trainees began to slowly retreat, and the Iron Knights began to disperse and guide the enemy troops in order to gather them in the center.

It was the first time for them to carry out such a mission, and they must not be used to it, but the guidance was accomplished beautifully. The enemy forces began to gather in the center.

Lorgo makes a flashy move to stand out in the enemy army. Meanwhile, the others began to slowly retreat.

“Prepare to fire all Salamander main guns!”

Lorgo’s Ganesha was surrounded by enemy magicrafts and was under heavy fire. If we don’t fire soon, he’ll be in danger.

“Commence bombardment of the center! LORGO! Shields up!”

At the same time I gave the order, Musashi and the ride carriers under my command began firing at once. The twenty Salamander main guns fired one shot every five seconds. With Ganesha at the center, the area turned into a hell of blasts and flames.

The firepower was so great that I was worried about Lorgo, but I couldn’t stop firing. I stared at the hellscape and prayed.

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