I was sold at the lowest price C310

I was sold at the lowest price C310

I was sold at the lowest price C310 – War Results and Survival / Jean


The concentrated fire continued until the Salamander main guns began to screech. The power was so great that it changed the terrain, and the Stinger unit of Quadruple Highlanders didn’t seem to be able to keep up. Most of their magicrafts were destroyed and laid on the ground in tatters.

Amidst the wreckage of enemy magicrafts, I looked for Ganesha and found him crouched down and hiding behind his shield. It was damaged by the explosions but it had no serious damage. However, Ganesha remained motionless in that position, as if time had stopped.

“Lorgo! Are you okay?!”

If something happens to Lorgo, I would be responsible…..but I was deeply relieved to hear that dumb, calm voice.

“Ode …..Okay……ode……was helpful!”

“That was helpful, Lorgo! You did a great job!”

“You did a great job, Lorgo, and you should be proud of yourself for destroying the enemy unit.”

“Good job, Lorgo.”

As his friends praised him, Lorgo seemed to be choking on his words and was unable to speak.

I don’t have to explain the results of the fight. We wiped out the enemy forces and destroyed many enemy magicrafts. The overall situation was not too bad. Thanks to the fact that the enemy was concentrating a lot of their forces on the Iron Knights’ position, the rest of the Amurian Union was able to fight with superiority.

As the sun began to set, the enemy forces began to retreat temporarily. For religious and cultural reasons, the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel do not like to fight at night. The first day of the battle would probably end like this.

Even if they don’t like night battles, we can’t say that there will never be a night attack. We needed to be vigilant and get enough rest to be ready for tomorrow. In particular, Lorgo, who had been subjected to the concentrated fire of the Salamanders.

“Riders, except for Lorgo, will rotate and take turns resting. The resting members are to stand guard and watch the enemy.”

When I said this to Alana and the others who had returned, Lorgo objected in an unusually strong tone.

“Ode……Ode Rotate! I’ll stand by for battle!”

“But……you took so much damage. I think you should take it easy for tonight.”

“I want to be with you guys then!”

It is rare for Lorgo to speak so passionately and Alana defended Lorgo, probably in response to his feelings.

“Jean. He says he wants to do it. The more people we have on the rotation, the easier it will be for everyone, so why don’t we let him do it?”

“Hmm, yes. Well then, Lorgo, it might be hard for you, but can you help me?”

When I asked him, Lorgo nodded several times in delight.

In the evening, a meeting was held with the commanders of the Amurian army to confirm the damage from the first battle and to discuss tomorrow’s strategy.

Since the meeting was held only by voice communication using the Spirit Box, we couldn’t see their facial expressions, but judging from their tone of voice, all the commanders who participated seemed to be in a good mood after finishing the first day of the battle with an advantage.

“I wondered what would happen when the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel attacked Amuria together, but it seems that the power of our army has already grown to be one of the best on the continent.”

“But we can’t let our guard down. We’re fighting a war against two of the three most powerful countries in the world.”

“However, the Iron Knights are doing even better than rumored.”

“Yes, as long as the Iron Knights are around, I don’t think we can lose.”

I’m glad you appreciate us, but I think you should think a little more seriously about tomorrow’s strategy instead of wasting time praising each other…….No one else is going to start the conversation, so I’m going to say it.

“So what’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow will be the same as today. The formation seems to be working well, so I don’t see the need to make any changes.”

“However, after today’s battle, the enemy may try something…….”

“I’ll let the Iron Knights do something about it then. Hahaha.”

No, there’s a limit to what we can handle. Besides, there’s one thing that’s bothering me. The enemy forces are not too upset, even though the Quadruple Highlander’s Stinger unit was destroyed.

Normally, it would be the main force among the main forces, but there was no spread of unrest when it was destroyed.

If the first day is just a test, tomorrow is going to be tough…….

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