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I’ve been and I’ll be very busy these days and might miss some releases but don’t worry I’ll make up for everything after the New Year, or maybe even earlier.


Due to the lack of support Teacher Caught up in Class Summoning releases will be reduced from 5/week to 3/week. I’ll decide in which days at a latter time and announce it in a chapter.

The other novels remain the same.

New Novel

I’ll be picking up another novel, this time with a female protagonist. The release rate has not been decided yet but I’ll release a few chapters in the next days to claim it.

Here is the Novel Updates link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/haunted-dukes-daughter/

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  1. rak

    well that because you shouldn’t picked the series of „I got a fake job at the academy”. its really boring to me on the 1st chapter and so beyond.

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