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I was sold at the lowest price C312

I was sold at the lowest price C312: Giri Mekara / Haruma


“This is what the first day was like. We were certainly surprised by those guns, but we haven’t even exerted ourselves yet. Let’s take our time and test our new strength as a prelude to the battle against the Elysian Empire.”

When Keimaios, one of the best riders the Kingdom of Lubel has to offer, said so, no one can deny it. The great nobleman who was supposed to be the commander-in-chief simply nodded in agreement.

This was the first joint operation between the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel. Both countries struggled against the Amurian Union, which had unexpectedly powerful guns, due to the fact that both countries were reserving their strength.

The Amurian Union’s subordinate organization had enough firepower to annihilate my Beast Strike Force. It was predictable that they possessed that level of weaponry.

The military of the Kingdom of Lubel also has the Fire Dragon Gun provided by the Radol Company. The power of this gun seems to be on par with the enemy’s guns, but the number of guns implemented seems to be smaller than ours.

“Has the Valkyrie Empire made any proposals?”

One of the general staff asked the commander-in-chief.

“No, I think they’re still in the wait-and-see stage. They seem to be prioritizing the evaluation of their new forces and have no intention of winning yet.”

This phrase implies that we can win whenever we want to. Having been rivals for a long time, the army of the Kingdom of Lubel has a high opinion of the army of the Valkyria Empire. They say that just because they are on par with them, there is no room for doubt about their power.

“Then, as Keimaios-dono says, we too shall try out our new strength. Haruma, what do you think? I heard that you developed a cannon that uses the technology of the Fire Dragon, and built a magicraft that is equipped with it.”

I was waiting for him to say that, and I replied while hiding my joy.

“Yes. It’s a large Beast Strike with four small guns of the Fire Dragon type mounted on it.”

“That’s encouraging, but what’s the difference between that and a fire dragon cannon mounted on a ride carrier?”

“It’s purpose is completely different. The Ride-Carrier’s gun is only a long-range gun that attacks targets at long distance. However, the Beast Strike’s cannon is an anti-magicraft weapon for mid-range and close-range battles. No magicraft can withstand a single blow from a Fire Dragon cannon at close range.”

“I see! If that’s the case, you’d better try it out right away. So, have you decided on the rider of this magicraft?”

“Yes. I’d like to hold the control ball myself, if I may be so bold.”

“I’ll send a battalion to escort you, so you can go to the front tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir! Thank you very much!”

The conversation went as planned. Now I can try out the new Beast Strike.

I also received Nitro Ludia, which greatly increased my Ludia value. I set the activation Ludia value of the new Beast Strike as high as 100,000, but it was no problem. The battalion of escorts is a unit of a hundred magicrafts, and although it’s hard to believe that it’s a general unit, my new Beast Strike will be enough.

“Master Haruma, is this the new Beast Strike?”

One of the subordinates of the escort battalion asked, seemingly interested.

“Yes, its mobility is inferior to that of other Exlander-only magicrafts, but it’s armor and firepower are far superior.”

“I see, it certainly has a powerful and solid appearance.”

If this is mass-produced, there is no doubt that the Kingdom of Lubel will become the supreme ruler of the continent.

“Do you have a name for this magicraft yet?”

When he asked me that, I realized that I hadn’t given it a name yet. A name…….hmmm….it resembles an elephant so I’ll name it Giri Mekara.

“I named it Giri Mekara.”

“Giri Mekara, that sounds like a good name for a strong magicraft.”

I could tell by his reaction that he didn’t really think it was a good name, but I didn’t care because I thought it was the best name.

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