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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C62

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C62

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I’ll have a schedule for this novel after the new year, but I hope to release 2-3 more chapters this year.


–I can’t predict the future anymore. Lilia’s doing her best, so my knowledge of the future is no longer reliable.

–That’s news to me…….Then how did you know?

–It’s Sakura-chan’s angelic ability! Thank you.

–Yes, yes. That’s great.

I leave it at that. Sakura complains that I’m not letting it go, but there’s no end to what I can do.

“You brought His Highness here. Thank you, that was very helpful.”

When I said that, the girl rolled her eyes, which quickly turned into a wry smile. While Lilia was wondering, the girl said.

“I guess I didn’t need to call for him since Lilia-san helped Ray-kun. It was very cool!”

For Lilia, her action was to help Ray, and there was no further meaning to it. But there was no need to explain, so Lilia just thanked her.

“It’s time to go…….”

The two remaining students called out to the schoolgirl. When their eyes met Lilia’s, they shook their bodies as if frightened and looked away.

Lilia sighed inwardly at the familiar reaction.

“Your friends are waiting for you. Go on.”

“Oh…….Yes! Can I talk to you sometime?”

“Yes. I don’t mind if we talk for a little while.”

When I answered that, the female student smiled happily. She bowed vigorously, and returned to the two people who were with her.

–You’re a good girl.

At Sakura’s voice, Lilia gave a small nod.

She started to head back to her room. The girl from earlier was probably one of the common people, not a nobleman. She seemed to be trying to be polite to the best of her ability, but from Lilia’s point of view, she wasn’t quite there yet.

But still. That’s why she was able to feel her goodwill.

–Well, that’s not bad.

The corners of Lilia’s mouth lifted slightly. Sakura noticed it and smiled happily.

When I returned to my room, Alisa greeted me with a polite bow. I ordered a cup of tea and sat down at the table.

I took a sip of the tea and turned my gaze to the ceiling.

“Come on down.”

Lilia said, and Cynthia immediately came down.

She hadn’t asked Sakura where she was this time and had just said something random, but it seemed she was in the ceiling. Considering that she was always there, she wondered if there was a secret room.

Lilia tapped the table with her finger, and Cynthia sat down on the chair, though she looked afraid.

“Oh, uh, Miss Lilia. It was very cool. Thank you for your hard work.”

–……she’s really back.

Sakura murmurs in surprise, causing Lilia to stare at Cynthia with interest. She had heard from Alisa and the secret man that she would return to normal, but even with her prior knowledge, she was still puzzled by this difference.

“Cynthia. You’re in front of Lilia-sama, so be a little more firm.”

Alisa could not help but call out to her, but it seemed to have the opposite effect and she turned her head depressed.

“Well, that’s okay. Thank you for today, Cynthia. You’ve been a great help.”

“No, no! I was just looking for the boy named Ray……..I’m really glad I didn’t have to intervene on the way.”

Apparently, Cynthia had been worried that it would be a rough ride.

Lilia hadn’t been worried about that since she saw the five of them. They were just kids with a lot of bluster. They probably wouldn’t have actually raised their hands. Although, she wasn’t sure what would happen if they got upset.

“If you’re going to serve Lady Lillian, you’ll have to be prepared for rough stuff…….”

Lilia narrowed her eyes slightly at Cynthia’s discouraging words.

“Lilia’s fine.”


“I said, Lilia. It’s easier to call me that way.”

Cynthia opened her mouth dumbly and froze for a moment. When Lilia stared at her, she lowered her head in panic.

“Thank you! Um…….Miss Lilia.”

Lilia nodded her head in satisfaction and drank her tea. If someone looked at Cynthia gently, they would see her smiling shyly.

–Cynthia is a good girl, isn’t she?

Sakura’s voice echoed in her head. Lilia placed her cup of tea on the table and nodded inwardly.

–Yeah. She seems very capable, and she’ll do well.

–…….Lilia, you can say whatever you want in here, but you can’t say it out loud.

–I know.

“By the way, Cynthia, when you said you weren’t good at rough stuff, can you be more specific?”

Cynthia’s body trembled for a moment at the question, and then her gaze swam. When she tilted her head to see what was wrong, Alisa chuckled.

“I don’t think she knows how to answer.”

Satisfied with Alisa’s answer, I corrected her then.

“Yes. Let’s say you get into some trouble in the south. How much can you handle?”

“The south side? It depends on the opponent…….If it is someone who has not studied martial arts, I can probably handle up to three people.”

“What if they’ve studied martial arts?”

“One, depending on the degree…….”

I nodded my head.

From what I’ve heard, there seems to be no problem, at least in the school.

–What is it really like?

–Yeah. More importantly, Lilia, you can’t expect a secret agent to handle rough stuff.

–Oh, my. Is that so?

–Yeah. Secret agents are supposed to be undetectable. Of course, fighting head-on against a professional combatant is considered to be a defeat for a secret agent.

I wondered if what I had just thought of was a foolish idea. Sakura laughed and denied it.

–It’s certainly not the right thing to ask a secret agent to escort you, but I think Cynthia will be fine. I mean, she hasn’t had anyone with her before. I think we should ask her.

Lilia nodded and looked at Cynthia again. Perhaps because of Lilia’s serious expression, Cynthia put down her cup of tea and straightened her appearance.

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