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I was sold at the lowest price C313

I was sold at the lowest price C313: Support / Jean


On the second day of the battle against the allied forces of the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel, the enemy seemed to be very motivated this morning and attacked us with a large army deployed over a wide area.

It would have been more convenient if they had concentrated on the position defended by the Iron Knights like they did yesterday, but I’m thinking of a proper way to handle this development.

“Today, only the trainee troops will be defending this camp. Iron Knights, please go support the other friendly troops.”

If the attacks aren’t concentrated, it won’t be hard to defend with just the trainee troops. I’m more worried about the other battlefields, so I’ve decided to send the members of the Iron Knights to support them.

I informed the commanders of the Amurian Union Army of my intentions and arranged to send the Iron Knights into critical battlefields.

I immediately received a message that our friends in the north-northwest were struggling. It was true that the Amurian forces in the north-northwest were stretched thin in terms of strength, and I was worried about them, but they seemed to be struggling right away.

The commander of the north-northwest troops is quick to judge, well, it’s better than requesting for support when they’re about to be annihilated.

“Alana, Emina, Yukiha, Arthur, you four, head north-northwest for support.”

I decided to send four men with high mobility since the battlefield is far from here. I’ll leave the command over there to Alana.

“I’ll turn the tide of the war.”

Alana has not only grown in Ludia value, but has also improved her tactical eye and combat skills. If Alana says so, she’ll really turn things around.

As soon as Alana and the others headed for the battlefield in the north-northwest, we also received a request for support from the southeast.

“We’re currently under attack by a powerful magicraft unit! Our machines are no match for them! I’m sorry, but we need immediate assistance!”

Since it was a powerful magic machine unit, I decided to send a powerful unit as well for the southeast side.

“Kiyone, Brunnhilde, and Tris, you three head to the southeast to support our allies.”

The three of them from the old Sword Clan would not be able to fall behind any enemy.

“All right, sir. We’ll head for support.”

Kiyone replied in the calmest tone she could muster. It’s not necessary to ask her to take command, I can leave it to Kiyone and there will be no problem.

We sent support to the other battlefields, and with the success of the Salamander main guns, the overall battle situation was not bad. The trainees are also defending this position without any problems.

Just as we were beginning to think that the second day would end with our superiority, we received an urgent message. It was from the commander of the unit in the east, and he looked quite upset.

“……It’s a large magicraft! It’s closing in on us like a legendary behemoth! What the hell is that artillery fire? It’s no good! Help me, Iron Knights! It’s destroying more and more of the magicrafts under our command!”

It would not be a simple matter for the forces of the east, which are one of the largest forces in the Amurian Union, to be attacked unilaterally. I immediately decided to send Nanami and the others towards it.

“Nanami, Farma, Lorgo the troops to the east are struggling. You three, head there.”

There were only the three of them left, so I had no choice, but I was not sure who should lead them. After some hesitation, I asked Farma to take the lead.

“Jean! Nanami can lead!”

“You concentrate on the battle! Farma can see the battlefield from the air, so she’s the right person for the job.”

“Ugh…….Oh, well, I guess I don’t have a choice then.”

Apparently, Nanami thought she was the most reliable of the three. It would have been troublesome if she had sulked, so I was glad that she agreed to a good reason.

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