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I was sold at the lowest price C314

I was sold at the lowest price C314 – Demonic and Divine Elephant / Farma


I don’t know what to do…….Jean asked me to take command, but I don’t know if I can do that…….

Nanami and Lorgo don’t seem to be worried about going to support their friends, but I’m feeling strangely uncomfortable, probably from nerves. Normally, Yuta and Alana fight with easy instructions, but I’m realizing that it’s pretty amazing.

“Farma, isn’t that the battlefield over there?”

Nanami said, looking at the basin where the fierce battle was taking place.

“Yes, there it is.”

I immediately agree with Nanami’s words, but her mind is already focused on the battle, and she says excitedly, drowning out my reply.

“Wow, what a big magicraft! It’s got a weird shape and it’s moving on four legs. How am I supposed to fight that thing?”

A huge magicraft was slowly walking in the middle of the battlefield, unleashing a powerful bombardment from the four gun ports on its back. The Amurian Union’s magicraft troops seem to be helpless to do anything about it, just scurrying around and running away.

If we don’t do something about that thing soon, they’ll all be killed.

“Lorgo, can you stop that magicraft?”

When I asked, Lorgo thought for a moment and replied,

“I’ll try my best to stop it……”

He didn’t seem to have any idea how to stop it, but he was willing to try. I gave him some specific instructions. I’m sure Ganesha of Lorgo will be able to withstand a salamander main gun salvo.

“Lorgo, stand in front of that quadruped with your shield at the ready and distract it as much as possible. While you’re doing that, Nanami, approach it from behind and try to hit it in the stomach area.”

“Yes, I understand. I’ll try.”

“I’m going to do my best for……Farma.”

It’s not for me, it’s for everyone, but I didn’t dare correct that because it might confuse Lorgo.

Before executing the operation, I called out to the commander of the allied forces to reduce the damage to our side.

“This is the Iron Knights. We’re going to start eliminating that quadrupedal magicraft now, so the Amurian Union’s magicraft troops please take care of the escorts around it.

The quadruped tried to chase the fleeing machines, but Ganesha of Lorgo stood in its way and stopped it.

It noticed Ganesha, slowly adjusted his aim to him, and all four turrets opened fire at once. Lorgo held up his shield to block it and a tremendous explosion enveloped Ganesha.

Even though I knew that Ganesha would be able to withstand it, my heart continued to race.


Ganesha who could withstand the simultaneous firing of twenty Salamander main guns could easily withstand a barrage of the four magicraft guns.

“You’ll be fine……”

The quadruped must have been very surprised to see Ganesha unharmed and unleashed another volley on him.

“Nanami, now!”

Nanami’s Vajra swiftly approached from behind the quadruped and entered at its feet. She then swung her sword up, aiming for the quadruped’s stomach. The sword seemed to pierce the stomach, but it did not penetrate the thick armor.

“Farma, this magicraft is too big!”

After being attacked in the stomach and noticing Nanami’s approach, the quadruped moved around wildly and tried to stomp Vajra but Nanami hurriedly escaped.

The strength of this quadrupedal magicraft wasn’t just the cannons on its back. A large body and thick armor……I didn’t know what to do in front of it’s ironclad defense.

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