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I was sold at the lowest price C315

I was sold at the lowest price C315: I Decide / Farma


For the sake of our friends, we can’t afford to back down here. But with the failure of Vajra’s attack earlier, it seems that they have read our plan and are increasing their vigilance in the surrounding area. This makes it difficult to get close to them.

“What do we do now, Farma?”

What should I do?……What would Jean, Alana or Yuta do in such a situation?……Yuta would probably just manage it by force.

Upon reflection, I thought about what Jean or Alana would do.

Come to think of it, there was a time when I fought with everyone against a giant magic machine before……What did I do then?……Yes, that time Alana gave precise instructions to everyone. She understood everyone’s strengths and found the enemy’s weaknesses…….

Everyone’s strengths……Ganesha of Lorgo is, after all, proud of his durability and defense. He is still able to take the powerful bombardment of the quadrupedal all by himself.

Nanami’s Vajra is a well-balanced offensive and defensive magicraft with the versatility to handle any situation…….

No…….I can’t think of anything like Alana. I don’t know what to do…….I thought I had it all figured out, but there was one big omission in my thinking. It was that I had placed myself outside the mosquito net of my thoughts.

I used to think that my Garuda’s only advantage was its ability to fly, but I’ve been riding it for a while now, and I’ve recently noticed something. It was the accuracy of the Garuda’s consciousness transmission.

The image transmission of the operating sphere differs only slightly between magicrafts. Even if there is no problem in the rough movement, there is a gap in the movement in millimeters. However, Garuda’s image was directly linked to the movement of the magicraft without any deviation.

This advantage produced the greatest effect in handling the Arrow. When aiming at a target 100 meters away with an Arrow, a millimeter error in the hand can result in a several meter error when the target is reached. But with my Garuda, there is not even a millimeter of error. That is its greatest advantage…….

I looked for weak points on the quadruped. And I found one spot where the armor was clearly weak. It was the muzzle of the turret on its back, where only I could aim.

“Nanami! LORGO! Hold its legs and stop the quadruped movement!”

It would be impossible to aim at the muzzle of the cannon while it was moving around so I asked Nanami and the others to stop it.

“I got it! Lorgo, you take the right side!”

“I’ll do my best…….”

As he said this, Lorgo rushed forward, using his shield to block the gunfire. Nanami also attacked his hind legs, trying to stop him from moving.

The quadruped’s legs were thick and armored. It would be difficult to destroy them, but it would be possible to stop them from moving.

Perhaps sensing that the enemy was trying to stop the quadruped, the enemy magicrafts around them began to attack Nanami and the others.

Nanami dealt with the attacking enemy machines herself by cutting them down, but Lorgo, who was clinging to its legs, was being attacked from behind with spears and swords.

Even Ganesha would be in danger if things continued like this so I set up my Arrow and shot at the enemy magicrafts attacking Lorgo.

I aimed at the neck, where the armor is thin and where the elemental lines are concentrated, and accurately hit that spot.

The other enemy was heavily armed and well protected, so I aimed at the joints of its legs. The accurately fired arrow hits the gap in the armor and destroyed the leg. The enemy magicraft, whose leg joints were destroyed, lost its balance and collapsed on the spot.

The friendly magicrafts around saw the situation and began to block the approaching enemy magicrafts.

Now I can concentrate on the quadruped.

I approached the quadruped while flying and when it saw me, it pointed one of the cannons on its back at me.

I slowly set up my arrow, narrowed my aim, and activated my magic strike to add power to the arrow. Then, before the muzzle of the gun could fire, I released it.

The Arrow disappeared as if sucked into the muzzle of the cannon and after a moment of silence, the back part of the quadruped swelled up and exploded.

With its back ablaze, the quadruped slowly collapsed.

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