I got a fake job at the academy C8

I got a fake job at the academy C8

I got a fake job at the academy C8: False Identity (3)


There wasn’t anything in Rudger’s suitcase that could cause an eye-opener, just a change of clothes and books. Other than that, a lot of paperwork and miscellaneous things.

‘I thought there would be something bigger.’

I grouped the textbooks, magic books, and thesis together and set them aside, and also sorted out the clothes and put them away.

In the case of books, there were many other things such as popular novels and essays by famous scientists in addition to magic books.

I’ve read all sorts of miscellaneous things. Other than that, a few letters, identification, and personal belongings are all things.

Even tools are just a pocket watch or a small pipe to be used as a magic medium and a wallet with money.

I immediately checked the ID and documents one by one.

‘Rudger Chelici, a descendant of the fallen nobles of Queoden, a small to medium-sized kingdom in the northern continent. He has no siblings and both of his parents are dead.’

It’s not bad.

He is a fallen aristocrat, but he nominally holds the title of nobility, so he will not be greatly disregarded wherever he goes, and since he has no family, no one will recognize me.

His history is incredibly splendid. He submitted 12 papers to the Mattapan, and he was the youngest person to reach the 4th rank? He even became a military officer?’

No wonder he became a teacher at Theon.

At such a young age, his record is already very impressive.

‘Is the subject he would’ve teached magic manifestation and specialization? Mana emission and elemental elements are the main things.’

Considering that he specializes in apparitions, there is a high probability that he will teach actual combat in the subject.

I opened the letters and looked at the contents. If there was a conversation he had with an acquaintance, I had to catch his small habits and learn them.

‘The content of the letter is irrelevant.’

The letters, presumed to have been exchanged with acquaintances, consisted of formal conversations such as the soon to be assigned to the academy, what books he liked, and where and what happened.

Even when he was in the military, I don’t think he had any close friends.

Given that there is very little personal content, he didn’t seem to be particularly close with the person he was writing to.

‘Now all that’s left it’s……’

It is information about the basic content of classes to teach students after the start of the semester, and how the Theon Academy was formed and operated.

First of all, it was necessary to go around and learn about the topography of Theon.


As I was about to go outside right away, I had to stop at the roaring sound of my stomach. Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since today’s train.

I am mentally exhausted because I have so much work to do today. Let’s eat rice first and rest well today.

* * *

Two weeks have passed since then.

In the meantime, I went to every nook and cranny of Theon Academy to learn about the geography of this place. As expected at first glance, the site of the Theon Academy was truly unimaginable.

I sat on an outdoor bench in a secluded cafe and watched the peaceful scenery. I’ve just finished checking everything out, and now I’m just thinking about the classes I would have to teach.

‘Is it because the opening time is approaching? I see students often.’

Students in Theon Academy uniforms were seen walking around. The uniform design is cool for men and pretty for girls. Did I mention that it was a uniform made by a famous designer in the empire?

Perhaps it was because it was an academy that taught magic, some of them flew on broomsticks or moved on strange mechanical dolls. Seeing young people laughing and talking to each other, I thought they had a good time.


Since I came to this world, every day has been a fierce battle, but these children are living a blessed life thanks to their innate talents and circumstances.


Two female students passing by this way glanced at me and started whispering to each other. Since I’m someone they don’t usually see it’s normal for them to be suspicious.

I was sipping coffee because I noticed them. After drinking it all, I have to go back to the dorm and prepare for the orientation that will be held in a week.

With that in mind, I drank all the coffee and was about to get up, when a woman came and sat down at the table next to me and spoke in a voice so low that only I could hear her.

“I’m glad you’re safe,” she said. Why haven’t you contacted me for two weeks?”


My instinctive intuition stopped my head as I was about to look at her without realizing it.


I naturally put the finished glass on the table.


Are you talking to me now?

I looked around. Maybe it wasn’t me, but someone else, and if I reacted here, what could be more embarrassing than that? But no matter how much I look, there are no other people around.

The only ones sitting at the outdoor table were me and the woman at the table next to me.

That means that this person is talking to me now. How should I respond?

As I continued to remain silent, she continued.

“I was worried about whether there was something wrong with you. Other members are also wondering what happened to the First Order.”

“… … .”


First Order.

Someone who cares about me.

* * *


I fiddled with the handle of the coffee cup in my hand.

I was just drinking coffee enjoying the wind at an outdoor table in a cafe, but suddenly a strange woman came up and talked to me.

However, the words she said to me are very serious. She said the other members are wondering what happened to me.

—No. Not me, but a person named Rudger Chelici.

The moment I judged the situation, my mouth moved naturally as if it had been greased.

“There were a few things to check.”

“Is it about this terrorist attack? It was just an accident. After all, no one knew that the rebels would attack the train on which First Order-sama was on.”

“Everything else. Rough information about Theon.”

“Didn’t you have the information you received in advance?”

“That alone is not enough. There is a big difference between hearing and seeing.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The woman nodded her head as if she understood something.

“Did you do well?”

“Yes, of course. Completed all Assassinations of Academy Members before entering here. Most of them were users.”

What? Assassinate the Academy Members?

My body almost shook but I managed to hold it in.

“And in the meanwhile, a traitor in the organization was discovered and we dealt with him as well.”

What? Traitor? Dealt with him?

Unknowingly, I swallowed my saliva at the word traitor.

I asked without showing my embarrassment.

“How did you do it?”

“I pulled out a limb, grinded it, and stuffed it into his mouth. The rest of the body was said to have been fed to wild dogs. I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard of it from other members. It could be said that it was a death worthy of a traitor.”


They were crazier than I thought but the more I was in this situation, the calmer my mind became.

“I’m sorry. I should have listened and reported……!”

“Why did you suddenly come to me now?”

“First order came in here, but there hasn’t been any news for the past fortnight…”

“So, at this crucial moment right now?”

I analyzed as I spoke.

They called me First Order, not Rudger. Looking at the First in front of the name, there is a high possibility that it is a fairly high position within the organization.

I believed in that and tried to brag a little, and I think that was the correct answer.


I responded with a cold voice to the woman who seemed to be bowing her head straight toward this side.

“Be quiet. Do you want to win the suspicion of those around you?”


“Don’t even say you’re sorry.”


“Okay. Anyway, it’s time to check it out. How many members are here now?”

“Yes Yes?”

“It’s about how many members are in here.”


She looked around as much as she could and lowered her voice.

“Currently, 31 people from the 3rd order and 7 people from the 2nd order have succeeded in hiding. And the other First Order-nim came in first as planned and took a seat.”

“Hmm. That’s right.”

While nodding my head formally, I put together as much information as possible.

What I barely noticed was that there was one other person named First Order besides me, and that there were almost 40 of them.

Although the scale is not large, their ability is unusual if it is enough to plant this number of people in Theon. The fortunate thing is that this woman in front of me doesn’t even question my identity. Rather, she sends awe-inspiring gazes of fear and respect at the same time.

“Checking is over, so I’ll leave now.”

“Ah! After that, you can come to the designated place if you want to connect.”

Meeting place? Was there such a place?

But there’s no way I would be able to ask questions like, ‘Where is it?’

As I was thinking about how to do this, a good idea came to my mind.

“Come? Are you telling me what to do?”

As I deliberately lowered my voice and sent a cold gaze, I could see her complexion turning pale.

Whether this bluff had been paid off, she desperately made excuses while shaking her body like a baby squirrel.

“It is not. I, I just…….”

“I don’t like to hear excuses. If a meeting is necessary in the future it will be here. The same is true of place and time. Do you understand?”

“I see.”

“If it is necessary to go, I will only allow it if a First Order like me or someone higher than calls it.”

“Higher than you? Would it be Zero Order-sama?”

So there is a Zero Order.

“Don’t bother me with trivial matters other than his words. Do you understand? This is a warning.”

I said that and got up from my seat.

I was about to leave without looking back, but she called me from behind and said, “There.”


“That, that……What will we do when you call us?”

The moment I heard those words, I felt like shit.

Come to think of it, I didn’t explain it. But I can’t possibly explain to you something I don’t know.

“……Do I have to say that with my mouth?”

“Oh no!”

“I’m going to let it pass this time.”

With those words, I quickly left.

* * *

‘Thump thump!’

Upon returning home, I hurriedly went up to the bedroom on the second floor and took out the suitcase I had put in the closet.

After scattering the letters in Rudger’s suitcase on the bed and checking them one by one, I realized that my anxious imagination had finally become a reality.

“……Haaa, damn it.”

The strange sense of alienation I felt while reading the letters.

Why did he have to exchange these formal words with an acquaintance who has not family?

Why did a man with such a splendid record restrained his private life to such an extent that it was close to nothing?

All those questions were finally answered.

-In the first place, this was no ordinary letter.

I scanned the special characters of a specific word written inside the letter. The heterogeneity that I instinctively felt was in a certain pattern of these characters.


This was the ‘password’. Their own passphrase they use so they don’t get caught by others.

Throwing away the letters, I re-read the documents proving my identity.

‘Fallen Nobility? No family? From a foreign country that is very far from the empire?’

All of that is fake.

‘Then, the true identity of the Rudger I met on the train…….’

A member of the secret society hidden in the Theon Academy, even an executive with the title of First Order and now, I’m wearing that guy’s mask.

My legs got soft and I flopped down on the bed.


This identity of Rudger Chelici, which I thought was ideal for starting a new life……In fact, a nuclear bomb was more dangerous than anything else.

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