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I was sold at the lowest price C316

I was sold at the lowest price C316 – The Completed Magicraft


“Okay, now the final adjustments are complete. Yuta’s special machine is complete.”

Rafishal said happily. I was looking up at the completed magicraft and imagining this thing running rampant, my heart leapt.

“I’m almost finished adjusting Nagisa’s machine, then the adjustments of the three magicrafts will be complete.”

Shortly before the final adjustment of my machine was completed, the final adjustment of Linnecarlo’s Viktor was finished.

Now we can head to the others.

“There’s a war going on in Bilaluk right now. What’s the situation like?”

Fistina answered me.

“I heard from Jean a little while ago that they managed to get the upper hand on the first day.”

I thought it would be okay since Jean, Alana and Kiyone were there, I guess I didn’t need to worry. Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen, so we should get back soon.”

“Don’t wait for Nagisa to make final adjustments, Yuta and I can go back first.”

For some reason, Linnecarlo suggested this while looking at Nagisa.

“How will you go back? Fugaku won’t be able to move until Nagisa’s final adjustments are complete.”

Rafishal pointed this out to Linnecarlo.

“Viktor has the ability to fly. I’ve heard that Yuta’s magicraft is capable of flight as well, so we’re both going to fly back.

“Flying from here to Bilaluk is reckless. You’ll run out of ether on the way.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. Well, the final adjustment of Nagisa’s magicraft won’t take long, so you’ll just have to wait.”

“It can’t be helped. Come on, Nagisa, hurry up and finish it.”

“Even if you ask me……”

After that, the final adjustments to Nagisa’s magicraft were completed, and we left the trainees who still had to finish their adjustments here and returned to the others.

Even after hearing that the first day had ended with an advantage, my fears were still not gone. In order to get there as quickly as possible, I had to make Fugaku proceed without sleep. In that case, it would be reckless to let Fistina pilot it alone, so Nagisa, I, and Linnecarlo decided to take turns at the controls.

“Hey……Yuta! You’re flying too fast!”

“How do you adjust the speed?”

As I took the controls, Fugaku started to go faster than I had ever seen before.

We were going through the mountains, so this speed was quite scary.

“I forgot to mention that I modified Fugaku’s propulsion to depend on the Ludia value, so Yuta shouldn’t be allowed to take the controls.”

After all this time, Rafishal has warned me. Say that sooner…… So, Fugaku’s piloting took turns between Fistina, Nagisa, and Linnecarlo. Even with Nagisa, who is class 3 and currently has a Ludia value of over 1 million, and Linnecarlo, who is class 4 and has a Ludia value of over 500,000, can go quite fast.

“Rafishal, why did you modify Fugaku propulsion to depend on Ludia values?”

“It’s not just propulsion. The defensive shield and the output of the four-element cannon have also been modified to depend on the pilot’s Ludia.”

“So why did you do it?”

“I’ve known for a while that it was a waste of time. I’ve been trying to adjust it while we’re in the Aether Highlands.”

“What do you mean it’s a waste?”

“That’s a secret since he doesn’t seem to want to tell you.”

I can’t understand what you’re talking about. Well, at any rate, I might be able to get back to Bilaluk sooner than I thought. Not only Nagisa and Linnecarlo, but also Fistina has maintained the same speed, which has saved us a lot of time.

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