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I was sold at the lowest price C317

I was sold at the lowest price C317: All-out Attack / Haruma


For a moment, I couldn’t understand what had happened. As soon as I aimed the cannon at the flying magicraft, there was a huge explosion and my Giri Mekara was badly damaged. The protective system in the cockpit kept me safe, but my Giri Mekara didn’t even twitch anymore.

I can’t believe……that Giri Mekara, with its invincible defense and powerful firepower, could be defeated so easily…….

It was frustrating to have my proudly designed magicraft destroyed, but I was more confused by the unexpected event. When I was unable to move from the cockpit of the badly damaged Giri Mekara, a friendly magicraft approached.

“Haruma-sama, are you alright?”

When I saw that Giri Mekara was badly damaged, my subordinates came to my rescue. Not having the energy to thank them, I silently got into my subordinate’s magicraft and left the battlefield.

With the defeat of Giri Mekara, the main force of this battlefield, the situation had turned around. Momentum is a scary thing, and even without Giri Mekara, we would have had the advantage, but we were overwhelmed by the onslaught of the enemy forces.

The general in charge seemed to have decided that it would be difficult to change this momentum, and gave the order to temporarily retreat.

The results of today’s battles in both the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel were not good in all the battlefields. No matter how much the main objective was to test the new war potential, the military top brass took the two days in a row of poor performance very seriously.

“I didn’t expect the Amurian Union to do so well.”

“What do you think is going on? We have more troops than them!”

“We haven’t sent our main force to the front yet. The real battle is yet to come.”

“Then tomorrow will be an all-out assault by all forces, is that correct?”

The chief of staff summarized the opinions of the general staff and the general staff.

“No objections!”

Every single person here wanted an all-out assault. Seeing this, the Commander-in-Chief stood up and repeated his decision.

“Tomorrow we will attack with all of our forces, no stone unturned! We will inform the Valkyrie Empire of this decision, and show them the power of the alliance!”

At last, it seems that the strengthened forces of the Kingdom of Lubel are getting serious. If this happens, the Amurian Union won’t stand a chance. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to take part in this battle.

In fact, I had brought along a second Giri Mekara as a backup. But after today’s defeat, I won’t be given the chance to use it anymore.

“Haruma, speaking of which, I heard the results of today’s battle.”

The Commander-in-Chief spoke to me.

“I’m sorry, sir. We didn’t get the results we wanted…….”

“No, that’s not a bad result for a test magicraft. I’ve heard that it destroyed 78 enemy machines, was intimidating, and contributed to the morale of our allies. I heard that they have a spare for that magicraft. I’m looking forward to seeing you again in tomorrow’s attack.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best to get results!”

The results we’re better than I thought and now I can participate in tomorrow’s battle. Okay, I’ll adjust my Giri Mekara now! I won’t be defeated like today again.

In the end, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning adjusting the magicraft. I hadn’t slept well, but I wasn’t that sleepy, probably because I was so excited.

I heard before the departure that the Valkyria Empire has decided to join the general attack of the Lubel Kingdom. With this, a total attack by all the forces of the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel will be carried out today.

With this, the defeat of the Amurian Union will be decided by the end of today.

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