I was sold at the lowest price C318

I was sold at the lowest price C318

I was sold at the lowest price C318: The Third Day of Battle / Jean


It seems that all the support provided to our allies went well. In particular, Farma and her team had destroyed the unknown giant magicraft. A rather long message of thanks was sent from the commander of the Amurian Union.

The second day went off without a hitch, and there was a glimmer of hope for this defensive battle. However, the fact remained that the combined forces of the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel were superior in strength. Once Yuta and the others returned, we would no longer have to worry about that, but it would still take three or four days at the earliest.

It would be nice if they could conserve their strength for a little while longer to see how things go…….I had hoped so, but the movements of the enemy army on the third day were different than before.

“Oh man…….”

I can’t help but mutter to myself when I see the enemy’s movements.

“Jean, it looks like the enemy is getting serious. What should we do? We may not have time to support other battlefields today.”

I wasn’t too worried if we were just defending our own position, but as Alana said, it’s pretty tough when you consider that we have to support the others.

“Tsk……but we can’t just abandon them, can we? Alana, Emina, Yukiha, and Arthur, take a company of trainees and head to the left flank for support. Kiyone, Brunnhilde, and Tris will also take a squadron to support the right flank. The rest of the trainee troops, Nanami, Lorgo, and Farma will be defending this position. It’s going to be a tough fight, but Yuta and the others will be back in three days. Until then, everyone hang in there.”

The reason why I chose the same combination as yesterday was to make it easier for them to work together.

“Are you sure you’re okay to be away from here?”

“I’m not okay, but we’ll figure it out. I’m more worried about the rest of the battlefield.”

“That’s true. We’ll take care of the left flank.”

With that, Alana and the others headed toward the left flank.

“Then we will head towards the right flank.”

Kiyone and the others said, and started to move. As the two groups of troops move, it becomes obvious that the strength here is scant. We have to hold on somehow with this.

Pehu, I’m sorry, but I need you and Lorgo to be the center of the vanguard. We’ll stop the enemy with our heavily armed magicraft troops. Farma, you and Satoru will lead the Arrow squad to provide long range support, while Nanami will provide overall support as a ranger.”

With a Ludia value of over 500,000, Nanami’s combat power was already outstanding. So rather than fighting in one place, it would be better to have her move flexibly according to the battle situation.

However, unfortunately, the potential of Nanami, who has already outgrown Vajra, can no longer be demonstrated at 100%. We have a plan to remodel the Vajra and make a special machine for Nanami once there is time, but it’s too late for that now.

The enemy army that had crossed the border came rushing into this camp. The enemy’s vanguard troops assaulted the heavily armed magicraft troops, led by Ganesha of Lorgo and Gigantes of Pehu. The sound of metal contacting metal is intense, and the enemy’s magicrafts bounce backwards.

Quite a few of the trainee squad’s heavily armed magicrafts were well trained and formed a solid defense wall. However, the enemy’s machines were pouring in one after another.

In order to stop their momentum, Farma and Satoru’s squads unleashed their arrows in unison, and the 30 or so arrows that were unleashed pierced the enemy units one after another.

In addition to Farma and Satoru, all of the members of their units can use magic-strike enhanced arrows. The power of the arrows is such that they can kill even heavily armored magicrafts with a single blow, and the enemy machines that receive the arrows collapse to the ground.

“Musashi, other ride carriers, initiate a salamander main gun assault on the enemy ship and the magicraft group behind it.”

With the large number of enemies, we have no shortage of targets to aim at. Avoiding our allies in the melee, we direct our fire at the enemy troops just out of range.

When we started firing, the enemy ships fired back. It was a fierce exchange of fire, but I guess we had more firepower, because we destroyed three enemy ships and forced the rest of them to back off.

We had the better of the gunfire, but our magicrafts we’re starting to get pushed. One of the allied heavy magicrafts unit had collapsed.

“Lorgo, what’s going on?”

“Jean……scary enemy……”

Lorgo told me this in a tone of voice that was even less intense than usual. When I looked at it, I saw a plane with an aura that was clearly different from the rest of the enemies, easily cutting down the heavily armored magicrafts of our allies.


I felt no small amount of fear, just as Lorgo did. My instincts told me that it was dangerous.

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