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I was sold at the lowest price C319

I was sold at the lowest price C319: Strong Enemy and Nanami / Jean


I immediately sent instructions to Nanami.

“Nanami! There’s something in the front line that looks bad! You’re the only one who can fight it here and now. I’m sorry, but you have to deal with it!”

“Yeah, okay. Where is it?”

“Northeast from your current position, near Gigantes of Pehu.”

“All right, leave it to me.”

While Nanami was on her way, the strong enemy’s magicraft was overrunning the heavily armored magicrafts on our side. If this continues, the vanguard will collapse.

Lorgo sensed this and left his position to his friends and headed towards the strong enemy magicraft. It is true that the Ganesha of Lorgo may not be able to defeat it, but it may be able to stop it.

Lolgo’s Ganesha stepped in front of the strong enemy magicraft, protecting the allied machine that was about to have its head bounced off.

The strong enemy looked at Ganesha for a moment as if observing him, then slowly raised its sword and took up an attack position. The moment Lorgo held up his shield in preparation for the attack, a high-speed slash was unleashed.

The slash was blocked by the shield, but its power was so great that the large Ganesha was sent flying backwards.


Lorgo slowly stood up and headed towards the strong enemy machine with his shield at the ready again. It was the first time that I had ever seen such a thing.

Lorgo crossed the two shields in his hands to prepare for the impact but Ganesha was sent flying back even further than before.

The damage was so severe that Lorgo was unable to get up. Then the strong enemy magicraft approached and raised its sword.

‘Oh no, Lorgo’s going to get hit. ‘

Just as I thought this, a golden magicraft flew into view. It bounced off the sword swung down by the strong enemy.

Okay! Nanami was just in time.

Vajra unleashes another series of sword blows on the strong enemy machine. The strong enemy uses its sword to block them, but Nanami’s momentum is so great that it is forced to retreat further and further.

It looked as if Nanami was going to push her way through, but the strong enemy magicraft timed it’s sword well and launched a counterattack.

The sharp thrust of the sword was aimed at Vajra’s throat but Nanami quickly twisted her head to avoid it. In no time at all, the powerful enemy machine twisted its body and used its rotational force to slam the sword down. Nanami blocked the attack with the shield she held in her left hand. A heavy sound of impact echoed, and Vajra was pushed backward with a thud.

Nanami skillfully uses her shield to block the force of the strong enemy machine and counterattacks with the sword in her right hand. In response to the attack, the strong enemy machine was unable to evade in time and was pierced in the shoulder.

Nanami pulls out the sword stuck in her shoulder and tries to attack again, but the strong enemy machine hits her with force.

Vajra and the strongest of the enemy magicraft tumbled to the ground in a tangle. Perhaps thinking that they would be killed if they continued to stay down, the two machines hurriedly stood up and readied their swords.

The battle seemed to be evenly matched, or perhaps Nanami was somewhat ahead. It seemed more likely that she would win if she fought like this, but it was not a favorable situation considering the war situation on this battlefield.

Lolgo’s Ganesha, the cornerstone of our defense, was injured in the battle with the enemy, and our trump card, Nanami, is being held back by the strong enemy magicraft.

The vanguard is holding its own thanks to Pehu’s Gigantes, but if it continues like this, it will only be a matter of time before it collapses.

That was uncalculated…….I was looking at the strong enemy magicraft with a grudge and thinking of a plan to get out of this situation.

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