I was sold at the lowest price C321

I was sold at the lowest price C321

I was sold at the lowest price C321: The Battle at the Base / Jean

With this I caught up with IWSLP releases.

In order to make the allies retreat to the base, the Iron Knights and the trainee troops were to hold the enemy. However, the battle between Nanami and Keimaios has yet to be settled.

“Nanami, I’m setting up a formation to defend the retreating troops. I’ll have the vanguard retreat, and you take the opportunity to break away from him.”

“Don’t say that so easily, Jean! He’s a man of many talents!”

“The other party is Keimaios, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters. I know it’s difficult to escape, but you can do it!”

“Oh, that’s easy for you to say, isn’t it?”

“Farma, help Nanami.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

As the vanguard retreats, Musashi and the other Ride-Carriers will open fire on the enemy to keep them in check. We will also use the arrows to keep the enemy at bay and slowly bring the whole army back.

Nanami’s Vajra also tried to forcefully escape from Keimaios. She hit him hard with her shield, frightening him, and then started running backwards. Keimaios chased after her, determined not to let his favorite opponent escape.

Falma’s arrows interfered with his pursuit and her magic-strengthening arrows struck the fuselage of Keimaios. As expected, even Keimaios was taken aback by the blow, stopped chasing after Nanami and stepped back in alarm.

The entire Amurian army has begun to retreat. It was a planned action, but they marched as if to fend off the enemy forces that were chasing their retreat. That’s why every time our allies retreated, the surrounding area became filled with enemy troops.

“Vanguard, fall back in a tight group! If they surround you, it’s over. Don’t let them get around you!”

Alana, Kiyone, and the others who had gone to support the other troops also joined. After all, having all the members of the Iron Knights together gave me a sense of security. I began to think that we could manage the desperate pursuit of the enemy army.

“You don’t have to push back! Just fend off the enemy’s attacks and back off a little at a time!”

The Salamander’s main gun fired at the enemy ship behind it in order to suppress gunfire from the enemy ship.

“Mister Jean, most of the retreating troops have arrived at the base. Please take it easy on the Iron Knights and retreat.”

One of the commanders in charge informs me of this. I’d like to, of course, but it’s hard to fall back in a hurry while holding off the enemy.

The base has a Salamander main gun for defense and a barrier. If we get close enough to the base, we’ll have cover and I’m sure we’ll be able to manage it…….

“Jean, they’re coming around from the right!”

“What? That’s not good ……Alana, Emina, can you stop them?”

If the enemy troops get behind us and surround us, we will be isolated from our allies and it will be the end for us. I immediately instructed the two of them to intercept.

“The slow and heavy armored magicrafts, retreat towards the base first. The more maneuverable machines distract the enemy and block their pursuit!”

At their current retreat speed, it would be difficult to escape. I was thinking of letting the slow-footed heavy-armored magicrafts escape first.

“Pehu, what are you doing? You go to the base first!”

Pehu was in the back of the line, blocking the enemy’s pursuit. He’s a great help, but the slow Gigantes will be left behind if this continues.

“I can still do it! I’ll hold off the enemy a little longer!”

“No! Fall back quickly! Kiyone, I’m sorry, but I need you to take Pehu’s place in the rear.”

Kiyone moved immediately to my instructions and began slashing down enemy magicrafts.

“Pehu, you fall back.”


“Just do as he says! You can’t speed up the retreat at this rate!”


Pehu finally began to retreat after Kiyone’s anger.

I know you’re serious and have a strong sense of responsibility, but I don’t like the way you sacrifice yourself. I think you need to think about your own safety as much as you do anything for your allies.

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    Dang, so when do they usually update new content? I’m not talking about the translation but the actual author. It’s getting good and we haven’t seen the new mechs in action. Well the MC anyways.

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