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I got a fake job at the academy C9

I got a fake job at the academy C9: Disguised Employment (1)

Happy New Year!!!

I was lying idly in bed for about an hour like that. I didn’t have the strength to do anything right away

At this point, I felt a sense of shame.

No, how the hell does a secret society executive get caught up in a train attack and die?

A secret society executive who planted nearly 40 spies in Theon Academy should have survived that situation!


Even if I get angry like this, the dead won’t come back. All of this is just pointless consumption of emotions.

I’m now Rudger Chelici, and I have to hold on to this damn status for two years.

‘Honestly, I thought that it would be okay if only the Academy didn’t find out, and that’s difficult enough.’

Still, having experience, I thought that I could plausibly pretend to be a teacher. Because I also know how to use magic, and there is no shortage of theoretical knowledge.

The fact that I could spend two years without problems was not arrogance, but a conviction made up of thorough calculations. But now I became an executive in a secret association and they’re very dangerous.

Assassination of some members of the academy, dealing with traitors, their methods are quite cruel. Even the gangsters and mafia on Earth don’t do this and that’s enough to show they are a radical group.

The situation just went from normal mode to hell mode.

“Let’s think.”

Now I have one more thing to deal with thanks to this fake identity.

The Academy and an unknown secret society, if either of these groups find out that I’m not Rudger, I’ll die.

Whether at the hands of the Chancellor, or by the laws of the Empire, or by the secret society’s own purges.

Now death is closer to me than it was in any other moment.

“I have to think.”

Rudger Chelici is an executive of the secret society. The name Rudger was also created, so it’s a pseudonym, but anyway, he’s in a position called First Order.

Among the secret society members that permeated the academy, the First Orders were alone, including me. I don’t need to know right away what their purpose is.

What matters is who the other First Orders are. I couldn’t ask about it openly, so there was no way to know right away unless they made contact with me.

‘For now, I can ignore the second and third orders.’

It is presumed that the real Rudger had a very eccentric personality within the organization. Even though I only changed my voice a little, it was a fact that could be inferred from the expression on his subordinate’s contemplative expression.

His personality is bad, so his subordinates wouldn’t want to deal with him for too long. That is welcome on my part.

In the end, I only had to care about other First Orders. Who the hell are they?

‘I can’t ask. I don’t know how the executives recognize other executives. If I do that, I will immediately be suspicious.’

Now, I had to deal with not only the Academy and the Empire, but also the secret societies that were secretly hiding within the Empire.

I thought I was riding on the back of only one tiger, but I was riding on the back of two. The moment when either side goes wrong, it’s over.

‘Okay. After all, since this has happened, I have no choice but to do it.’

I immediately took out the books from the suitcase and opened the letter next to it.

‘Getting information comes first.’

This letter must be the password used by their organization, it was necessary to interpret it.

A certain pattern exists in all passwords and the one that can analyze the pattern is this book in the bag.

‘I’m a teacher at the Magic Academy, so no magic books. Other than that, there were a few unusual books.’


I looked through the books.

[Watcher of the Rye] [Ringerk’s Philosophy] [Traces of Totalitarianism] [A Hundred Years of Solitude], novels, autobiographies, non-fiction and bestsellers. Among them, there was one book that stood out to me.

[Gentleman’s Culture]

‘This is it.’

I remembered Rudger on the train, his actions, how he shacked his legs slightly or waved his hands. If the man had really seriously considered the culture of a gentleman and had read this book, he wouldn’t have behaved like that.

‘This book was the most touched.’

A part of the cover was worn and deteriorated. It appears like he reads a lot, but is there really a reason for that?

‘This book was being used as an interpretation of the password.’

I opened the book of [A Gentleman’s Culture] and turned the page. The irregularity hidden slowly caught my eye. Traces of burns can be seen in the book. Some pages were not read, and some pages were read until the paper ran out.

Looking carefully at the particular worn-out page, I could see something between the letters. I immediately took the letter and compared them.

‘It is said that the continent uses a unified language, but each country has a slightly different language.’

Since the traces of Rudger Chelici originated from the Queoden Kingdom, I can think of the Queoden language. In particular, the letter explicitly contained traces of some proper nouns or dialects used in the Kingdom of Queoden.

Although it is a small and barren kingdom in the north, Queoden, which has produced quite a number of great writers, has only about 20,000 words used in that dialect, of which 8,000 are advanced vocabulary.

Obviously this is the point of the password.

It’s not difficult to tell the code apart, considering the arrangement of the language and the connection with the letters because I know Queoden.


My prediction was correct. When I checked the code in Queoden, I saw connections between words and letters.

<Greetings> <Goodbye> <Farewell Party> <New Meeting> <Crow> <Eyes> <Starlight> etc.

Next to them, some words that symbolize numbers were mixed together.

The number probably represents the page of this codebook, and if I interpret it by combining other words….

‘First Order, infiltrate Theon Academy as a teacher and win their favor. After that, I will pass on the next order while monitoring the situation.’

I couldn’t get any conclusive information, but this was enough.

I closed the book [A Gentleman’s Culture] and tilted my head back.


2 years left. I had to live as an academy teacher and as a secret society executive.

Of course, I couldn’t live like that forever. Even after spending two years as a teacher safely, the issue of the secret society remains.

Their presence was very annoying to me. If I make a mistake in the middle, I have the highest chance of getting killed.

‘But I can’t get rid of the secret society by myself. I don’t know how the organization is structured, but it was enough to plant spies in Theon Academy. They must be pretty dangerous.’

It is impossible to deal with them personally.

But let’s leave it alone for now, this secret society is a shackle holding my ankles, and I had to erase it.

But how?

‘I must use the power of the academy.’

There is a saying ‘Deal with barbarians to subdue barbarians.’

Theon Academy is not just a school. It is a place that symbolizes the future, nurturing the future of the empire.

Despite the name ‘academy’, it is not impossible because it is a place with enormous power to affect any country.

If Theon and the secret society face off against each other, no matter how great the secret society is, they will have no choice but to be pushed back.

How many soldiers and wizards are there? Even within the Imperial Territory, there is a possibility that the Templar Knights will move. They know that too, so they planted spies instead of choosing to break through head-on.

In other words, I had to carefully dig up their information so as not to be caught by the secret society, and then leak that information to the academy.

‘Of course if I take too long I might die in the process.’

The secret society could purge me because I betrayed them, and conversely, the academy could suspect me as a spy and exclude me. In the end, it was important to maintain a certain rhythm.

The moment I lean to one side, the only thing waiting for me is ruin.

‘For now……Let’s start with the first class in a week.’

There was no specific instruction but buying favor is to imprint my image clearly as a teacher. If so, first of all, fulfilling my duty as a teacher is a priority.

Since Theon is a place where smart students attend, if I show a lack of appearance even a little, I may be bitten by them.

At the age of growing up, talented children usually think that they are the best, and even ignore their teachers.

I don’t know what it’s like here, but I’ve come to realize through long experience that people are the same no matter the place.

‘……There are so many things to consider.’

Don’t look silly to students, don’t get suspected by the academy and don’t get caught by the secret society guys.

I was wondering what the hell I was supposed to do, but if I endure all of this, I will obtain a great reward. For that I’ll have to endure for now.

I got up from bed and went into my personal study room and opened a magic textbook.

I had to come up with a plan for the future and prepare how to proceed with the class.

There are 2 years left, I couldn’t just play.

* * *

The first day of school has arrived.

The students who went to their hometowns during the vacation are returning one by one, and with the new semester, this year’s freshmen also arrived.

The students who were in the first year went up to the second year and crossed the school gate with their hearts full of anticipation of what new classes they could take in the future.

From all corners of the classroom, students met friends they hadn’t seen in months and greeted each other warmly. However, although all of them are attending the same academy, not everyone is the same.

There are noisy students and quiet students. Naturally, the atmosphere was divided among the students, of course, their status in society was also determined.

Inside Theon Academy, students are divided into three classes.

The upper class, led by royalty, nobles, and high-ranking priests, middle class led by wealthy merchants and finally, the lower class occupied by the poor commoners.

Even if they were studying at the same academy, they could not ignore their status, and as a result, they built walls without realizing it and divided the classes inside the academy.

The nobles smiled brightly and greeted each other, while the commoners, on the other hand, often looked at each other or gathered quietly among themselves.

“Did you hear the news?”

“What news?”

“There is a class on the theory of the manifestation system and the understanding of elements? Are you saying that the new teacher is doing it?”

“The new teacher is not teaching the first year, but the second year? Does he have any skills?”

“He can’t help it, his predecessor went out. When I heard the news, I heard that his past record was splendid? It’s said that he also wrote a lot of theses while in the military.”

“Isn’t he a great person then?”

“But you know what?”


“That person is a fallen aristocrat.”

At the word “fallen aristocrat”, a laugh naturally crept into the lips of the person that was leading the conversation.

Fallen nobles were usually treated worse than wealthy merchants among nobles.

Since he was appointed as a Theon teacher, he had some talent, but to the upper-class students, he was looking ridiculous.

At the same time, the aristocratic students had similar thoughts. If the new teacher is a fallen aristocrat then earning credits in his class will be a breeze.

The moment they talked about what kind of person he was, the front door of the classroom opened silently.

All eyes turned to the front door, there was a man entering the classroom through the open door.

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