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I was sold at the lowest price C322

I was sold at the lowest price C322 – Complete Siege / Jean


After all, being one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters is no mean feat.

Kiyone was at the tail end of the line, attracting the attacks of countless enemies. She moved like a shura, overwhelming the enemies that were chasing her.

She had only just started training her Ludia, so her value was slightly inferior to Nanami’s, but her sword skills were incredible and her fighting ability was probably at the same level as Nanami’s.

Alana and Emina attacked the enemy troops that were coming around from the right, and succeeded in stopping them. We were able to get the slow-footed heavy magicraft troops to fall back first, so we increased the speed of our retreat.

As we approached the base, they began to fire at the enemy in support. The enemy troops were stopped in their tracks, and it looked like we would be able to retreat.

Thanks to the support from the base, the Iron Knights and the trainee troops, we were able to retreat without suffering any serious damage.

However, this did not mean that we could rest easy. The enemy forces were forming a formation around the base. There was no way to escape now, and we had no choice but to defend this place to the death until reinforcements arrived.

An emergency meeting was held at the base to confirm the current situation and discuss future measures.

“It’s not enough to have 4,000 or so magicrafts and 150 ride carriers that can move.”

“The enemy forces surrounding us are at least six times as strong as ours, with 25,000 magicrafts and 500 ride carriers. If we don’t get reinforcements, we don’t stand a chance. What’s the status of the reinforcements?”

“It’s going to take two more days, even for the army that’s going to arrive first.”

“Two more days…….Let’s hope we can last that long…….”

The defenses of the base were not very strong, to say the least. All of us here knew that we would not be able to last long if we were attacked by five times as many enemies.

The reinforcements will arrive in two days or about the same time as……Yuta and the others return. If that’s the case, what to do now is simple.

“The ace of the Iron Knights will be back in a couple of days. Two days from now, when the reinforcements arrive, we’ll have a chance to win.”

“You mean if we can hold out for two days, we can win?”


“If that’s the case, there’s hope for us…….Let’s keep our morale up by telling all our soldiers that we’re going to hold out for two days.”

Seeing the goal and not being able to see the goal will change people’s motivation a lot. I agreed with the idea.

From the top of the defensive wall, I saw the enemy forces surrounding the base, and was more impressed than terrified by the sheer size of the army.

“We were fighting that huge army just now?”

Emina, who had come with me to check on the enemy, responded to my words.

“We’re dealing with two of the most powerful countries on the continent. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.”

“Still, with Yuta and Linnecarlo, we wouldn’t need to retire.”

“Because those two are special. Yuta’s presence in particular is extraordinary.”

“That’s right. Keimaios, who fought Nanami today, was lucky that Yuta wasn’t around.”

“The demon god of Lubel would never have imagined that his enemies would be talking like this.”

From Keimaios point of view, he would have been sincerely surprised by Nanami’s mere presence. He wouldn’t even dream of having a greater being as an enemy.

“So, Jean. Did you come up with any way to block the enemy’s attack for the next two days until Yuta and the others return?”

“No, I can’t think of anything. To be honest, I don’t know what to do.”

“No plan, no way…….”

“Don’t worry, I can handle two days with guts.”

“Don’t say that in public. If the commander starts talking about guts, everyone will get worried.”

“I know. I’ll make it up as I go along.”

I really believe that in the end, I will have to get through this with guts, but I will have to think of some way to make it a little easier.

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