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I was sold at the lowest price C323

I was sold at the lowest price C323: Contempt / Haruma


“I’m surprised there are riders of that caliber in the Amurian Union.”

That’s what Mr. Keimaios said as he returned to the mother ship after the third day of fighting. It was unexpected that a rider of his caliber would recognize someone in the newly emerging Amurian Union.

“Mr. Keimaios. What kind of opponent was it?”

“It was a rider on a golden magicraft, a strong enemy with an excellent balance of offense and defense. If it hadn’t been for Rigandi that I had just switched to, I would have been killed.”

Rigandi is Keimaios new magicraft, a monstrously powerful machine with an activation Ludia value of 300,000. The other party who fights evenly with it must have also been of monstrous strength.

“But now my objective in this battle is clear. I will definitely defeat the strongest of the Amurian Union, that golden magicraft rider!”

That’s what he strongly declared. I can only feel sorry that the demon god Keimaios is targeting it.

“However, Keimaios-san, the black enemy magicraft at the tail end of the enemy’s retreat was also terribly strong. Was the golden magicraft better than that one?”

“I’ve seen it too, and it was incredibly strong. I’ve heard that even the top-notch riders who were strengthened by Nitro Ludia were beaten up quite a bit.”

That’s what my fellow riders were saying.

“I’m sorry to say that I’m not interested in fleeing enemies, so I didn’t participate in the chase. If I knew there were such enemies, I would have taken a look.”

On the third day of the battle the enemy forces were retreating quickly, and my Giri Mekara, who is slow, had no place to play. That’s why I didn’t see those two strong enemies. However, I now know that there are two strong opponents on the enemy side.

Everyone was determined not to let the High King of the Valkyria Empire take the credit, and we wanted to defeat two of the strongest riders of the Amurian Union in Lubel. Even if they became allies, it seemed that Valkyria and Lubel were still rivals.

“I’m sorry Mr. Keimaios, but I’m going to defeat that powerful enemy!”

“No, I will defeat him! I’ll show you my power, enhanced by Nitro Ludia!”

Everyone, strengthened by Nitro Ludia feeling confident in their abilities, declared so in their own way. If I think about it calmly, there’s no way they could easily defeat an opponent that even the Demon God Keimaios would have a hard time with, but they seem to be so passionate that they forgot about that.

While I was working on the Giri Mekara to make sure I would be active tomorrow, an unusual visitor arrived.

“Master Haruma, you have a visitor from the Valkyria Empire.”

When he said that, I stopped my maintenance work.

I wondered who the guest from the Valkyrie Empire was and while thinking about this, I went to see who had come to visit me.

“Long time no see, Haruma. How have you been?”

The person there was my classmate, Ren Iwanami. He was a member of the soccer team and a popular guy in our class.

“Iwanami-kun……what’s with you all of a sudden……?”

“I heard about you from Prince Lifso. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

I’ve been a close friend of Prince Lifso since the Engineer’s Conference. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of a guest from the Valkyrie Empire was the prince.

“Oh, yes. I’m glad to see you too.”

I wasn’t really that happy, but I said it as a social courtesy.

“I heard you’re making an amazing magicraft. That’s what Prince Lifso told me.”

“You seem to have risen quite a bit, being able to talk like that with Prince Lifso.”

“Well, the Nitro Ludia caused an explosion in my Ludia value. I’ve heard that Haruma has a lot of influence in the kingdom of Lubel.”

“I’m the same as you. It’s just that the increase in the Ludia value with Nitro Ludia has put you in the spotlight.”

I realize once again that this world is all about the Ludia value.

“In addition, Haruma, do you know what’s going on with the rest of your classmates?”

To be honest, I was not interested in my classmates. It was the same in this world as it was in the previous world.

“No, I don’t know.”

“I didn’t even remember who went where, but it looks like one of my classmates has become a household name in this world.”

“What? Who?”

“You haven’t heard about the ten gods of war of the Elysian Empire?”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about my own magicraft lately, so I hadn’t heard about that kind of thing.”

“So, who’s this celebrity?”

“Yuki Shirayuki. One of the ten gods of war in the Elysian Empire, she’s getting a lot of attention.”

“Shirayuki-san! That’s……right…….”

“What’s up, Haruma? You like Yuki Shirayuki too?”

“I don’t…….”

“Well, don’t fool yourself. I’ve always liked Yuki Shirayuki, after all. I remembered that she had gone to the Elysian Empire, and I recognized her name as soon as it was mentioned in the Ten Gods of War.”

“Oh yeah…….”

Of course I admired Yuki Shirayuki. There’s no other woman as beautiful as her…….When I remembered her, I irresistibly wanted to meet her. In the previous world, I was inexplicably plain, but in this world, I can be…….

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