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I was sold at the lowest price C324

I was sold at the lowest price C324: All-Out Warfare / Jean


The base is completely surrounded.

Considering the difference in strength, if one of the gates is breached and they break into the base, there’s no way we can win.

There is one entrance to the base on the east, west, south, and north sides, and all of them need to be protected.

In addition, the walls of the base are not that strong, so not only the entrances but also the entire area around the base must be defended, making for a very difficult defense battle.

The fourth day of the battle.

The enemy forces that had surrounded us were slowly approaching our base. Many of the soldiers must have been unable to sleep as they were completely surrounded. In conditions that were far from perfect, we had to fight against a force that far outnumbered us.

The Iron Knights were spread out and deployed at each gate except the east gate. The east gate was deliberately weakened because of a certain trick.

“As expected. A lot of forces are rushing to the east gate, which has a wide frontage and weak defense.”

The east gate was designed to be on the side of the road leading to the mainland, so it was designed more for the ease of bringing in materials and supplies than for defense. The enemy forces seemed to understand this right away and sent in quite a large army.

Anticipating this behavior, I had made preparations in advance……preparations to abandon the east gate.

“East gate guards retreat after three rounds of arrows!”

The fact that there was no resistance at all looked suspicious so I ordered the guards to attack three times and forced them to fall back.

The enemy forces attacking the east gate concentrated their attack to break the tightly closed gate. It seemed that they had prepared siege weapons in advance, and dozens of magicrafts repeatedly assaulted the gate with large metal cui-like weapons. After three assaults, the gate was destroyed, and the enemy forces broke through.

“The east gate has been breached!”

“Ignite the Efreet explosive rocks!”

A large number of enemy magicrafts rushed in through the breached east gate. Seeing this, the Efreet explosive stones that had been placed on the ground and walls of the east gate were detonated all at once. The huge explosion blows up not only the charging enemy forces, but also part of the protective wall around the east gate.

The enemy didn’t expect us to blow up the entire defensive wall and gate, and we wrecked several hundred enemy magicrafts with a single blow.

However, this blast created a large hole on the east side. The enemy’s troops would rush toward that hole but that was part of my plan.

The enemy troops who had charged through the hole in the defensive wall stopped in their tracks. Beyond the hole, the next barrier stood in the way. It was a dense array of ride carriers. In addition, the Salamander main guns mounted on those ride carriers were already facing the hole in the barrier.

“All Salamanders, fire!”

One after another, the Salamanders fired at the charging enemy magicrafts. Because they were crowded together to pass through the hole, the effective bombardment from close range caused tremendous damage to the enemy forces.

The only plan I had prepared for this battle worked but so much for tricks. The game begins here.

“Jean, the west gate is under heavy attack! We might not last an hour at this rate.”

Alana’s comment made me realize something. It seems that the enemy army is not stupid. It seems that behind the concentration of the attack on the east gate, they were also making an effort to attack in the opposite direction.

“I’ll send the eastern garrison west to hold them off.”

“Is the east going to be okay with that?”

“We’ll be fine, we’ve got the ride carrier guns and I’ll leave the minimum amount of magicrafts behind. They’ve been through a lot and they’ll be on their guard, so the enemy won’t be able to get too close for a while.”

These words were half sincere and the other half wishful thinking. If they continued to attack the east gate at this rate, it would be the end of the line when the Salamanders reached their limit. There was nothing a ride carrier could do if the magicrafts got too close.

Not only the west gate, but also the north and south were under the onslaught of the enemy. We have too little strength to deal with the enemy in all directions. It’s becoming doubtful that we’ll last the whole day, let alone two days…….

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