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I was sold at the lowest price C325

I was sold at the lowest price C325: Collapse / Nanami


Enemies were also rushing to the north gate that Nanami was guarding. Guarding the north together were Farma, Lorgo, and about 50 people from the trainee squad, plus about 1,000 magicrafts from the Amurian army. It looks like there are a lot of allies, but there are many more enemies attacking us.

Flaming shells are fired from the Salamander cannons located at the top of the defensive wall at the rushing enemy forces. Flames spread from the spot where the shell landed, and several enemy magicrafts were blown up.

Without a break, the Salamander guns continued to attack and kill enemy magicraft, but there were too few of them to stop the momentum of the enemy forces.

Arriving at the north gate, the enemy’s magicraft troops began to destroy the gate. Arrow troops attacked from the top of the defensive wall, but they were blocked by shields and were ineffective.

“The gate won’t hold! Nanami, the enemy is coming in!”

Farma warns as she fires arrows from above. Lorgo and I, as well as the trainee squad, will fortify the entrance in case the enemy invades. If we don’t defend against the enemy here, we’ll lose!

The gate was blown off with explosive force. Then, the enemy magicrafts came charging into the base. Nanami and the others formed a semicircle formation and intercepted them.

After destroying about ten enemy magicrafts, the enemy I had hoped to never see again showed up. It was the one I had fought so hard against yesterday, a magicraft belonging to someone called Keimaios, and it was approaching Nanami at great speed.

“I’ve missed you, golden magicraft!”

Whether out of persistence or assertiveness, he shouted this over the external output sound and slashed at me with his sword. Nanami blocked the attack with her shield and pushed back.

“You’re good!”

The way he said it made me sick. I couldn’t bring myself to reply, nor could I afford to.

Keimaios repeatedly attacks Nanami while swinging his sword around. While using the shield and sword to defend against it, I attacked him when there was an opening. It may look like a rough move, but this guy is strong. All of Nanami’s attacks were blocked.

But I can’t afford to have a long fight like yesterday. I’m going to decide the battle at once!

I ducked under Keimaios sword and launched a special technique. I only have one chance, and it’s a surprise attack that probably won’t work twice for someone of this level of ability. If I fail, I might be in danger but I can’t worry about that right now.


The gravity around the Vajra temporarily increases several hundred times. Unable to cope with the unexpected change, Keimaios’ body lost its balance. I took advantage of the gap and swung my sword down.

In the high gravity, even Keimaios could not prevent the attack and the sword sliced deep into his neck.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a hidden method…….”

I pulled out my sword, and Keimaios’ magicraft collapsed.

“I did it! I’ve defeated the demon god Keimaios!”

I said that because I wanted someone to praise me, but what I got back was Farma’s strong tone of voice warning me of danger.

“Nanami! Watch out!”

Reacting to the words, I quickly raised my shield. A strong impact was felt on the shield, and Vajra was blown away.


When I looked, I saw that the quadrupedal magicraft I had knocked over a while ago was approaching nearby. If I had reacted a little later, I might have been in danger.

While it was running amok, the Keimaios’ fallen magicraft was carried away. More enemy reinforcements came pouring in and enemy magicrafts filled the area around us.

“Nanami, Lorgo! Your left side is in trouble!”

When I looked, I saw that the heavily armored magicrafts guarding the left side had been hit by the quadruped, and part of the semicircle formation had collapsed. The enemy began to spread out from the collapsed area into the base.

Although I defeated Keimaios, the war was taking a turn for the worst.

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