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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C89

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C89: Simulation


A familiar door stood in front of me. Just a month ago, I had no hesitation in opening it, but now, as if I hadn’t had enough vacation, my hand didn’t want to open it.

Since then, I talked to Hal and we worked out a plan until the last minute of my vacation. As a result, it was decided that it was necessary to lose Claire’s favor before the Marquis could take any action toward the marriage. So I decided to act on the event a month later.

Thinking back, I decided it was not the time to stay here, so I put my hand on the handle and opened the door.

The classroom after the long vacation.

The students were smiling and shouting loudly, excited to see their friends after a long absence. The white light shining through the window created a warm atmosphere.

With my classmates at my side, I quietly took my seat.


As I sat down in my chair, Mist, who was seated next to me, peeked at me from her seat and called out to me. I greeted her politely.

I hadn’t seen Mist in a long time, and her soft cherry-red hair was a little shorter, and her breasts seemed to be bigger than ever, pushing up her uniform.

Mist’s refreshing and devilish smile soothes me.

She’s the only one who hasn’t messed with me in any way. Well, I was disappointed that she didn’t show up, even though I went to the trouble of writing a contract saying she wanted to travel. Well, I guess I’m lucky that’s part of it.

“What are you smirking about?”

“No, I just think Mist is a good person.”

“What? Really? Well, that’s nice of you to say.”

Mist laughed, a little strangely, but still laughed.

Yeah. She’s a really nice person. In comparison, when I looked at Claire, she was shaking her glossy black hair and glancing back and forth at me. It was obvious that she was concerned by the reddish cheeks that occasionally appeared on her white skin.

Claire is a beautiful girl. It makes me happy that she likes me. However, even without her family background, Claire is just in love with love, so I feel like I’m cheating her and I feel guilty.

While I was thinking about this, the bell rang and the teacher came into the classroom. After the teacher’s greeting telling us to brace ourselves for the start of a new school year, she said the words I had been waiting for.

“I’ll be in touch with you about the mock battle next month.”

This is it. This is the event that will make Claire lose her love for me. I will use this opportunity to have other men defeat Claire in this mock battle, so that she will turn her favor to others.

The mock battle was a mock battle, as the name implied. The rules were to use a wooden sword and a wooden bow, and win by either forcing the other team’s general to surrender or by capturing their main camp.

The location of the battle was not announced until the day of the event, and it was held in a land a little far from the royal capital, starting with the march and the positioning of the troops. Nobles from all over the world sometimes come to watch the battle, and stalls for the nobles are built in the area, making it a bit of a festival.

Naturally, the children of noble families, including girls, are free to participate, as they are likely to get injured, and students who are not confident in their abilities do not participate. However, it was a good opportunity for many of the lower-ranking sons to make a name for themselves, and for the higher-ranking sons to show their charisma as they were given command.

For this reason, the participation rate is high, and it is even said that those who are injured in this mock battle are treated as heroes.

Well, if you ask me, it’s all a bit silly. I don’t understand why the children of noblemen who don’t go to the front line risk their lives playing war games, and why people respect this.

This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of Claire. The more people there are, the easier it will be to defeat Claire with a trick.

At any rate, team division is important. If I’ m on the same team as Claire, I won’t be able to defeat her. That’s where the luck factor comes into play. But Hal told me that the person who ranks first in the school year has a higher chance of becoming a military strategist or commander, so it’s essential to avoid being on the same team as Claire.

“I’ll put up a form for you to fill out by the end of the school day.”

That’s all the teacher said, and started the class.

It was recess time, and my classmates crowded around the chart the teacher had posted. As expected, there seemed to be a large number of participants.

When I looked around to see who wasn’t participating, I saw that it was the usually quiet boys, high-ranking nobles, and girls.

“Huh? Chris, you’re not joining?”

“What about Mist?”

“I will but there are a lot of people right now.”

“I’m with you.”

Apparently, Mist and I are on the same page. Maybe there are other people who think the same way. Claire, for example, is still sitting in her chair.

When I looked for Alice, I found her hobbling behind the crowd, trying to get into the mass, but being repelled. I wondered if she was planning to join in.

Anyone who joins the same team as Alice is going to die from caring too much because they won’t be able to afford the disgrace of having the princess defeated.

In the meantime, at lunchtime, several people went to the bulletin board and filled out forms and I did the same.

Looking at the chart, it seemed that most of the boys were going to participate. However, I notice that the names of the important people are missing.

Huh? Hasn’t Claire filled out the form yet?

I had a bad feeling about this, but I figured she would write it eventually during the lunch break, so I sat down and waited. However, even though I waited, there was no sign of Claire going anywhere near the bulletin board.

Gradually, cold sweat began to pour out of me.

Wait a minute. Are you kidding me?

Finally, the bell rang, and Claire didn’t fill the form.

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