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I was sold at the lowest price C328

I was sold at the lowest price C328 – The Sparks of Counterattack!


Because our friends were in a bad situation, Linnecarlo, I, and Nagisa took off from Fugaku on the way and flew to the battlefield. When we arrived, we immediately checked the situation around us. The base was under attack, the surrounding area was full of enemies, and the situation looked much worse than expected.

There was a transmission from Jean earlier, but it was too noisy to communicate properly because I was flying at high speed. I thought it would be okay now that we were stopped, so I opened the communication.

“Jean, we’re back early!”

“Are you alone? Where’s Fugaku?”

“We heard about the bad war situation, so we flew in on our own.”

That’s a good decision! We’re in desperate straits with Alana down.”

“What? Is Alana okay?”

“She’s fine! I need you to do something!”

“All right, I’m on it!”

As soon as I told him that, I started to destroy the enemies.

“Nagisa, I’ll drop you over there, so do something about that unit.”

“You’re not going to drop me from this height, are you?”

“Don’t worry. I heard that Nagisa’s magicraft is quite strong.”

“That may be so, but this is pretty scary! Why didn’t Rafishal gave my magicraft flying abilities?”

Since Nagisa’s magicraft didn’t have the ability to fly, I brought it here.

“Stop complaining and get to it! I’m dropping you, so stay focused!”

“All right…….”

Nagisa fell silent, as if she had prepared herself. Without hesitation, I dropped Nagisa’s magicraft down it. I immediately heard a violent crash, but the magicraft seemed to be undamaged.

“Are you okay, Nagisa?”

“This magicraft is amazing. The shock of the fall seems to have been absorbed.”

Reassured by her words, I prepared to attack.

“Linnecarlo, let’s cut down the enemy numbers first. Prepare to fire the four-element cannon.”

“Yes, that’s right. Let’s get rid of the insects swarming around.”

Viktor transformed to fire the four-element cannon. My magicraft lifted the muzzle-like part attached to my waist and connected it to the part on my back, ready to fire.

“Feri, analyze the enemy forces and determine the most effective point of attack for the four-element cannon.”

Of course, Feri was implanted it in my dedicated machine. The four-element cannon, which consumes a large amount of ether, can’t be fired continuously so I searched for an effective point.

“I’m scanning the perimeter…….I can see a concentration of enemies around the eastern perimeter of the base and the western perimeter. There are no surviving friendly forces in the vicinity, so we can conclude that this is the best point.”

“Okay, Linnecarlo, you take the east side. I’ll take the west side.”


“Feri, get ready to fire the four-element cannon!”

Copy that. Preparations for firing the four-elemental cannon begin – Ludia core, access – Spell “Agni Gladia” chanting begins, Spell “Earth Titan” connected chanting begins, Spell “Sheer Tritone” connected chanting begins, Spell “Zeus Weapon” connected chanting begins – Spell “Heroic Boost” simultaneous chanting begins – Range. Selection, position correction, and aiming preparations are complete──The four-element cannon is ready to fire.”

“All right, four-element cannon, fire!”

At the same time as a slight recoil, a glowing wave spreads out from around the muzzle of the gun like a ripple that extends in a straight line from the muzzle to the target point.

When the bullet landed, there was an illusory silence as if time had stopped for a moment, and then a blast of light spread out in a circle at once. The sound of the blast reaches my ears belatedly. There was a gaping hole in the enemy army, which had been swarming in.

“That’s amazing…….”

The attack was so powerful that even I, the person who fired it, was speechless.

A little later, Viktor also fired his four-element cannon. The power of the gun was not as powerful as my own, but it wiped out a wide range of enemies.

The firing of the two four-element cannons changed the battle situation and the atmosphere of the battlefield. Even from the air, we could see the unrest of the enemy forces. In contrast, the morale of the allied forces rose.

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