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I was sold at the lowest price C329

I was sold at the lowest price C329: Martial God


It seems that the battle has begun for Nagisa, who was dropped in front of the enemy unit earlier. Without hesitation, she charged at the enemy troops.

The moment Nagisa’s magicraft comes into contact with an enemy machine, the enemy is blown apart like a poorly glued plastic model. Every time Nagisa made a move, an enemy magicraft was easily defeated. I thought they were a strong unit from the atmosphere, but by the looks of it, they don’t look like much.

Nagisa’s magicraft fights without any weapons. Her fists glow like flames, and the enemy machines she attacks with them take more damage than they appear to, and are blown away. In addition, the flaming fist seems to be able to transform into a sword, which it sometimes uses to cut down enemies.

I heard that Nagisa’s special machine is also equipped with a powerful magic strike, but she hasn’t used it yet.

“Nagisa, you’re not going to use the magic strike?”

I wanted to see the magic strike that I had only heard about, so I asked her. Nagisa replied matter-of-factly, even though she was in the middle of a battle.

“That kind of special move is supposed to be used in a pinch, right? We’re not in a tight spot right now, so there’s no need to use it.”

Even though Nagisa is surrounded by enemies from all sides she doesn’t seem worried at all.

Nagisa’s special machine did not have the ability to fly, but could float slightly off the ground and move at high speed, like a ride hover. This allowed it to move at a much faster speed than walking and deal with a wide range of enemies.

The attack of the two four-element cannons and Nagisa’s excitement had an effect on our allies throughout the battlefield. Counterattacks began in various places, and they began to push back the enemy forces that had invaded the base. Jean immediately reacted to this trend.

“We’ll launch an all-out offensive once we’ve recovered the injured Alana and the others to Musashi! The Iron Knights and the trainee troops will assemble in the center and use their current momentum to destroy the enemy army!”

After collecting Alana, Tris, Yukiha, and Arthur to Musashi, the Iron Knights and the trainee troops that had gathered there began an all-out offensive, as Jean had instructed. Nagisa, me and Linnecarlo, joined them.

Linnecarlo’s Viktor continues to bombard the enemy forces with powerful magic blasts from above.

Viktor had been remodeled to Linnecarlo’s specifications. Several lightning magic strikes worthy of the Thunder Emperor’s name have been implemented, making it far more powerful than before.

The Tempest, which attacks a wide range of enemies, has reached a new dimension in both appearance and power. Countless lightning pillars rampaged in all directions, smashing enemy magicrafts into pieces.

“Linnecarlo’s lightning strike is a disaster…….Don’t hit the wrong side.”

“I know, I know. I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’ve got Feri to check and make sure I hit the right targets.”

To support Viktor’s complex system, Feri had put an AI that copied her consciousness into him.

“You’re so annoying. It’s a replica of Feri, so it must be like Feri! We’re going to kill more enemies than that! Hurry up and analyze the enemy forces!”

“At this rate, Feri II will have a hard time…….”

I can’t afford to lose to Nagisa and Linnecarlo. It’s time to show the power of a class 2 exclusive magicraft.

Four-element cannon and flying consumed a lot of ether. There are still many enemies, so I decided to descend to the ground to save energy and fight. I landed next to Nagisa’s magicraft just as it crushed an enemy machine with its fist.

As soon as I landed on the ground, I pulled out my sword and readied it. Nagisa saw this and came alongside me. Naturally, the other members of the Iron Knights joined the line.

“Well, let’s finish this fight.”

I said, and everyone responded by stepping forward.

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