I was sold at the lowest price C330

I was sold at the lowest price C330

I was sold at the lowest price C330: Drastic Change in the War Situation / Ren


We began to invade the base from various directions. The enemy’s resistance was weak, and the war situation had become overwhelmingly in our favor.

The battle was probably already won. All the generals of the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel were convinced of victory in this battle. However, they would not let up their attack. It was necessary to destroy as much of their forces as possible now for the invasion war that was to follow.

I was advancing toward the center of the enemy base from the west with the strongest elite troops of the Valkyria Empire led by the High King Curelles. We were inside the enemy base, but there were already many allies around us, so there were few obstacles in our way.

However, in the midst of such an overwhelming advantage, a small number of admirably strong enemies appeared. A dozen of the Exlanders comrades were killed, but there were more of them, in the end, Curelles defeated the enemy’s ace magicraft but it escaped.

“It was a decent opponent, but not good enough for me right now.”

“As expected of you, Curelles, even an opponent who can defeat an Exlander is a piece of cake.”

“No, I’ll admit that my opponent was quite strong. But it seems I’ve gotten too strong. I think I’ll enjoy the fight a little more from now on.”

This was probably lip service from Curelles.

“Well, Mr. Curelles there was another strong one, was it safe to let it go?”

“It would be a shame to have all the fun at once. They can’t escape from this base anyway. We’ll just have to hunt slowly.”

Indeed, as my friends pointed out, there was another magicraft that was very strong. In my opinion, the one that escaped might have been stronger than the ace magicraft that Curelles defeated.

True to his word, Curelles slowly made his way through the base, looking for the enemy magicraft that had fled. The enemy forces no longer had the strength to resist, or perhaps the enemy was just fleeing towards the center of the base and not resisting.

“What is that thing……?”

One of my friends seems to have noticed something. He looked up and said so. We looked at the sky and there was something floating in the air. If we look closely, we can see that it looks like a magicraft…….

Flying magicrafts are rare, but since the Valkyria Empire even has its own troops, it’s not surprising that they exist in the enemy army. Most flying magicraft are armed with arrows. It might work against normal machines, but it won’t work against this elite force.

As I was thinking this, one of the enemy magicraft in the sky fell down. I wasn’t expecting that, so I was honestly surprised.

The magicraft fell to the ground with a tremendous impact. I thought it was a complete accident caused by a malfunction in the flight function, but it got up with no problem.

All of us were paying attention to the magicraft that had fallen, but we heard a tremendous sound from above and hurriedly looked up again. The two machines in the sky were emitting light like a laser beam.


At that moment, a tremendous explosion echoed around me. I couldn’t understand what happened, but I knew from my ally’s communication that something unusual had occurred.

“Tee……unknown enemy attack destroyed the 4th and 5th divisions that were deployed in the east! In addition, it seems that the army of the Kingdom of Lubel on the west side has also suffered tremendous damage!”

“What the fuck is going on?”

“I don’t know! But it seems that nearly 3,000 magicrafts were killed by that one blow!”

“Three thousand magicrafts down in one blow! Damn…….Let’s take out the enemy in front of us first and slowly assess the situation.”

Curelles said and turned to the enemy magicraft that had fallen from the sky.

Everyone thought that the one enemy magicraft that fell would be crushed to pieces in an instant, though it was a pity. Moreover, it was the High King Curelles who first went towards that enemy. However, in the next moment, a sight that no one had expected came into view. Curelles magicraft ,Chernobog II, that had charged at it was blown apart like a poorly glued plastic model hitting a wall.

After a moment of silence, a sense of turmoil and confusion spread among my friends. The enemy magicraft charged at us without regard for the situation.

We tried to return fire, but one by one we were destroyed. I was easily hit by the enemy magicraft and fell to the ground.

I thought I was getting stronger…….I thought that no matter how strong the opponent, I would not be easily defeated…….However, I realized that there is a higher power in the world.

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