I was sold at the lowest price C331

I was sold at the lowest price C331

I was sold at the lowest price C331: Turning the tide


With just a light swing, I can cut down an enemy magicraft along with its shield. With just a kick, the enemy magicraft was blown away and silenced. This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

This is a class 2 exclusive machine…….

I fight while checking the movements of my special machine. The speed and power all have an extra-dimensional feel to them, and they overwhelm the enemy forces even though I haven’t even exerted 10% of my power yet.

Nagisa’s machine also has considerable potential and she seems to be holding back her power too.

Perhaps inspired by my, Nagisa’s, and Linnecarlo’s battle, the Iron Knights members began to move more and more. With overwhelming momentum, we annihilated the enemy army.

The enemy army, which had initially resisted, eventually became defensive and finally began to retreat.

The momentum of the Iron Knights was transmitted to the entire Amurian Union army, and they attacked the enemy army in a huge wave. Even though they already had the advantage in numbers, they were unable to overturn it, and were being cornered.

“This is our chance! The enemy’s forces don’t have the energy to counterattack anymore! All troops, attack with all your might!”

Jean’s words were echoed by the commanders of the Amurian Union. They rallied their troops, who were battered by fatigue and damage, and moved in for a final offensive.

Then something else happened.

“We have troops approaching from the east! Military flags indicate friendly forces!”

The crew of the Musashi, who had been keeping an eye on the surroundings, reported this as they looked through their telescopes. Immediately, a transmission came in from a friendly force that had appeared on the Amurian army channel.

“This is the Central Sixth Army, we have come to you in accordance with your request for reinforcements. We will now participate in the battle.”

When I heard the transmission, Jean seemed to have some information and responded.

“The Sixth Army, I see. They’ve just established a new mass produced magicraft unit. I guess that settles the battle.”

The arrival of reinforcements seemed to have convinced Jean of victory.

The enemy forces, unable to mount a systematic counterattack, retreated toward the border. Then the Sixth Army, which had come as reinforcements, attacked from the flank. The enemy troops, who were demoralized even at this point, were unable to do anything in the face of the unexpected attack and were defeated.

I was able to see the newly established mass production magicraft unit during this battle, but it seems to be an excellent machine, as it was designed by Rafishal. It has the ability to overwhelm multiple enemies, and since it is a mass-produced machine, it will show its true potential in organized operations.

“Yuta, Linnecarlo, Nagisa. The battle is already decided, but I want to reduce the enemy’s strength as much as possible for the future. I’m sorry, but can you please go around to the rear of the retreating enemy and hit their main force?”

Indeed, as Jean said, it might be better to hit them so thoroughly that they would never want to mess with the Amurian Union again. I signaled to Linnecarlo that I was ready to go, caught Nagisa and soared into the sky.

“Yuta! You’re going to drop me from the sky again!?”

“It’s no use, Nagisa can’t fly.”

“I’m going to……complain to Rafishal later, I swear!”

I went around to the rear of the retreating enemy forces and dropped Nagisa like a bomb. Well, from the enemy’s point of view, the existence of Nagisa’s magicraft would be like a bomb, so I think this treatment is correct.

“I’ll hit the enemy in the northwest, and Linnecarlo, you hit the enemy fleeing to the northeast.”

The enemy was retreating in two major armies. They were probably divided into two groups, the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel, but I didn’t know which was which, so I indicated so.

“All right, this is going to be the last attack of the battle, so I’ll spare no expense and deliver another shot with the four-element cannon.”

I thought about going along with that idea, but I wanted to get a better grasp of the capabilities of the Class 2 machine, so I decided to charge the enemy’s main camp single-handedly.

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