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I was sold at the lowest price C332

I was sold at the lowest price C332: Victory


The enemy’s ride carriers were firing at me but it seems that their accuracy was not that high. They can’t seem to aim at flying magicrafts, and none of the shots hit. Well, even if they did, I probably wouldn’t take any damage.

I landed like a dropkick on the cannon of a ride carrier that was bombarding me, destroying it, and then looked around for the main force of the enemy.

“Feri, do you have the location of the enemy’s main force?”

“I believe the chain of command is the unit in the north-northwest position. Their flag is also of a higher rank, so it’s highly likely.”

“Good. Then let’s hit that unit to the north-northwest.”

I took off again and headed for the enemy unit to the north-northwest. The unit caught sight of me and opened fire on me like a demon. From the feel of the counterattack, I was sure it was the enemy’s main force. I didn’t even try to avoid the gunfire, but charged straight ahead and landed in the center of the enemy force.

The enemy was unable to move immediately, as if they couldn’t understand the situation where a magicraft that flew in the sky landed in the middle of the main force without a care in the world.

Both the magicrafts and the ride carriers looked at me, but no one could take a step forward. It’s true that it’s somewhat incomprehensible to see a single magicraft charging into the midst of the enemy and looking unconcerned. However, I didn’t come here for a walk either. If they don’t move, I will!

I pointed my left hand at the enemy and fired the enhanced magic bullet equipped on the back of my hand. It extended straight out like a beam weapon from a robot animation, penetrating and destroying the enemy machine. I then aimed and fired a series of enhanced magic bullets and the rays of light shot out one after another skewered and destroyed every enemy they hit.

This is indeed a magic bullet made by Rafishal, and it doesn’t overheat even when fired repeatedly. The commercially available ones that were mounted on the Arleo stopped after one shot.

Perhaps awakened by the attack of the magic bullet, the enemy magicrafts finally began to move. They held their weapons and closed in on me.

I draw my sword and hold it ready, then stop and wait for the enemy magicrafts to approach. The moment the enemy is in my range, I twist my body and swing my sword in a circle to sweep them away.

In addition, I use the floating function to move in a zigzag pattern and cut down the enemies. They are knocked down without being able to defend themselves, let alone fight back. Floating allows my magicraft to move in a way that the walking magicrafts can’t keep up with me.

During the battle……no, in the middle of the one-sided annihilation, a large explosion occurred. It was probably Linnecarlo’s four-element cannon. Fear seemed to have gotten the better of them, and they had completely lost their will to fight.

They all fled towards their own country. As all the enemy troops showed signs of retreating, I checked the situation with Linnecarlo and Nagisa.

“Linnecarlo, Nagisa, how are things going over there?”

“I did a lot of damage with my four-element cannon. I’m sure it’s because of that, but most of the enemies started running away at once.”

“Over here, too, the enemy doesn’t seem to want to fight anymore. They don’t even look at me, they’re moving towards the border. What should we do, go after them?”

“No, we’ve done enough damage and I don’t feel good about taking down someone who’s running away.”

“That’s true. I have no taste for torturing people who have no will to fight.”

“Well then, unlike Yuta and Linnecarlo, I can’t fly back, so I’ll go home first.”

After Nagisa’s words, Linnecarlo noticed something and began to fuss.

“What? Oh my God!”

“What’s wrong Linnecarlo?”

“The four-element cannon just now depleted the ether!”

“You scared me.”

“It’s no use. I’ll go back on foot.”

I’ve always taken it for granted that I could get around on foot, but when she says it like that, it seems inconvenient to not be able to fly.

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