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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C94

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C94: Date (end)


“That’s Chris! I can’t believe you know all the hidden stores! I think we’ve been here long enough!”


Answering Claire’s reply, I walked out of the dark alley and onto the main street. Looking up at the sky, I saw a light orange sky pushing against a light blue sky.

When I looked around, I saw a group of children running in front of me, hurrying home, and I turned my head in panic.

As I pulled myself together and looked ahead, I saw that a few of the stores lining the street had already begun to clear out.

It was already late in the evening. It took quite a while for Claire to come back, who kept repeating indirect kisses as if in a whisper.

“What are you going to do next, Chris?”

What should I do? Despite all the plans I’ve made, I can’t decide because I feel like nothing is going to work.

“Hey, isn’t that Chris?”

As I was puzzled over it, I heard a familiar voice with a light tone. I looked in the direction of the voice, and saw a soft-faced man dressed like a scholar with one hand raised lightly. For a moment, I wondered who he was, but when I was sure of the man’s identity, anger welled up in me.

“Brother Lent…….”

“Hey! It’s been a while…….”

As he approached, my brother stopped talking and walking when he saw my lower and upper body on the way.

“It’s been too long! I’m sorry, I must have the wrong person! See you later!”

He then turned on his heel with an almost squealing speed.

I immediately closed the distance and grabbed him by the shoulders.

“It’s been too long! Brother! Escaping from Yulis has slowed you down”


My brother turns around and lets out a short scream, his face turning pale.

I whisper in my brother’s ear.

“I haven’t seen you since I’ve been so busy, but you seem to be having a lot of fun, don’t you?”

“Chris, I’m glad you’re having fun in that strange outfit…….”

“Do I look like I’m having fun?”

I increase the force in my hands from anger.

“Ow, ow, ow! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”


As I was venting my anger at my brother, Claire wittily approached me.

“Hey, look, Chris! There’s a beautiful woman talking to you! Let go of me!”

I had no choice but to take my hand off my brother’s shoulder and introduce him to Claire.

“This is my brother.”

“Chris’s brother……!”

My brother opened his mouth, patting the shoulder I was holding onto.

“So you know each other. I’m Lent. Please take care of my brother.”

“……take care of him! Yes, yes! My name is Claire! I know I’m not the best, but I’d like to give you my regards!”

Claire said, blushing and holding her cheek. Then she muttered to herself something about family approval and went into her own world again.

What kind of way is that to greet someone? And now it’s started again.

Seeing Claire’s situation, my brother grinned, came up to me and asked me a question.

“Chris? You can’t be ignored, can you? I’m jealous that such a beautiful girl likes you.”

He poked me with his finger. I calmly told my brother, who seemed to be in a happy mood.

“Claire is the eldest daughter of the Alcala family.”

My brother was dumbfounded for a little while, but then he understood what I meant and his face turned pale.

“What? That means I’m going to get to know one of the three families…….”

He then dropped his gaze and looked at my clothes again, and a look of sincere relief appeared on his face.

“Is that why you’re dressed like that? You drew a bad one. I’m really glad it’s not me.”

When I heard those words, I naturally put my arms around my brother’s neck.

In an instant, my brother was in agony. In order to escape he used both his hands and came with all his strength, desperately trying to peel off my arms.

“Ugh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so honest…….It’s not my fault! I’m the second son! It’s brother Leol’s fault for running away even though he’s the first son!”

My brother’s ugly shifting of blame suddenly cooled my killing intent and I relaxed my strength.

“I’m very proud of my brother for being so merciful. I believed you would be dismayed if I showed you my despicable attitude.”

Coughing, I felt angry again at my brother for spitting out such words. However, I was exhausted from dealing with Claire and decided not to worry about it as a waste of energy.

“So, what is brother doing here?”

“My dad and brother asked me to buy some groceries for them.”

That’s not what I meant. I meant that I was concerned that some nobleman would get behind my brother or father and try to start a succession struggle.

I’m sure they turned down the invitation, but it’s not impossible that they’ll be threatened and forced to do so. That’s why I want them to come back where they will be safe, not stay in the capital.

“That’s not what I meant. I sent you a letter asking you to come back to the house. Some noble family is probably asking you to be the lord of the house, right?”

“Yeah I know. But I don’t think me and my brother are coming back.”

I questioned my brother, who had made his point clearly.


“Brother and I are both employed as mathematicians. We’re being paid well and were picked up as researchers who may or may not be useful in the eyes of the world. I’m not going to leave just because my own life is in danger.”

My brother then continued to laugh, “If any nobles threaten you, don’t worry, I won’t bother you.”

I couldn’t say anything to my brother and let out a sigh.

My family has a tendency to be basically careless, but sometimes we have a strange sense of loyalty. My great-grandfather was struck by an arrow in defense of the king, and although he could no longer wield a sword, he still stood on the battlefield and used his body as a shield to protect the king.

“What about Dad?”

“The treasure of the former kings is in the capital and he’s obsessed with it. I don’t think he’ll come back.”

What the hell is that? I thought he was recuperating!

“If that’s the extent of it, come home!”

I said, pressing my brother.

I’m not sure if he’s taken in by my energy or not, but he turns his head and spits out a few words.

“No, it’s not for me to say but I’ll let you know.”

From my brother’s reaction, it seemed unlikely that he would come back. I have no choice but to tell him what to do in case of an emergency.

“Yulis has already secured an escape route from the capital in case of emergency. I’ll have her explain it to you next time, so make sure you remember it.”

As I was relentlessly reminding my brother, who was terrified at the mention of the word Yulis, I suddenly felt a touch on my back. When I turned around, Claire was standing behind me, looking out of place.

I wondered when she had returned to this world. If she returned long ago, it would mean that I had left Claire alone to talk with my brother.

Feeling guilty, I apologized to Claire.

“Sorry. I kept you waiting, didn’t I?”

Claire surprisingly shook her head and smiled.

“No, you didn’t. I’m having fun just being with Chris, and time is moving fast. I was just going to suggest that if you want to talk to Mr. Lent, we should go somewhere we can sit down.”

Claire continued with a sly grin.

“There. Can I be there? I don’t see Chris talking much on campus, so it’s nice, or rather fun, for me to see you guys getting along.”

When I saw Claire smiling so happily, I felt sorry and strong emotions surged up from my core.

“I guess I’m not supposed to be there. Take care, Chris.”

My brother gave me a mature smile and tried to walk away. However, I quickly grabbed him by the shoulders and caught him, then turned to Claire and asked her to do the same.

“Claire, can you give us a moment, please?”

After saying that, I dragged my brother by the shoulders to the alley, then forcibly stripped him of his teary-eyed resistance, took his clothes, and rushed to Claire’s side.

My desire to turn Claire over to another man has not changed. But I’ve done so many things that I would have hated to do to such a good girl.

I want to give her the most fun I can, even if it’s just for the few remaining hours as the sun begins to set.

“Sorry Claire, I kept you waiting. Let’s go then.”

I stood in front of Claire and held out my hand.

The opposite of a bad date is a good date.

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