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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C53

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C53: Completion of the request and the beginning of the legend


Coyote and Arche couldn’t take their eyes off Brunnhilde.

“The “Maiden God Sword Excalibur Acceptance” has shifted to its first wearing form. [Maiden sword Excalibur] [Goddess sword Caliburn] deployed.”

A light that looked like a sword enveloped Brunnhilde, and the huge sword, this was the first time they saw something like that. Even though the boy and the girl were unfamiliar with magic they understood that this phenomenon was not magic.

But more than that, Brunnhilde was beautiful.

She was bathed in sunlight, her silvery hair shimmering as she held her sword. Coyote and Arche were no longer afraid. If Brünnhilde had not appeared, they would have died.

The Goblin King, who confronted Brünnhilde, said.

“Little girl, don’t think you’re going to die easily.”


“Huh, you look like a doll…….!”


Brünnhilde didn’t argue. To her, the Goblin King was no different than any other goblin out there.

“All right, you’ll be the first prey after my resurrection.”

The Goblin King raises his greatsword and approaches Brünnhilde.

Brünnhilde held her twin swords and did not move. It is not appropriate to use the word……calmly. It’s just that the Goblin King’s behavior and physical values are instantly converted into data and reflected in her eyes.

“Shatter! You little… You little bitch!”


She dodged the greatsword by sidestepping. To put it bluntly, he was incomparably slower than Alvito. If Brunnhilde had any human-like emotions, she might have laughed at him.

Brünnhilde ducked the attack in order to verify the data she had collected. She made minor corrections to the information she had scanned beforehand and moved to counterattack.

“Don’t avoid this……you little brat!”

“All right. I’ll intercept.”


“Both arms destroyed.”

Brunnhilde dodged his attack and instantly cut off his arms.

“Ugh, my arm, my arm is……I just got back……”

With a snap, the Goblin King’s head was severed without him even speaking. Blood spurted out from the section of the Goblin King’s neck, and he fell with a thud.

“The battle is over. All parts are in order.”

Thus, the Goblin King was disposed of within a few minutes of his resurrection.


”We’re all done here.”

“Well……is, uh, ethereal.”


After the battle outside the cave, me, Kutone and Lucia were taking a breather at the……place where the goblin corpses were piled up.

There are probably about 100 goblins.

I killed about 10, Kutone’s magic killed about 50, Lucia killed about 30 with her sword, and Brunnhilde killed about 1,000 before heading into the cave. So I was the one who killed the least.

As I sit on the ground and catch my breath, Lucia says.

“Sage, wipe the blood and oil off your weapons. The fight isn’t over yet.”

“Uh, the………Goblin King, right?”

“Yeah. That powerful magic you just felt, I think it’s……”

“Brünnhilde will be fine.”

“Oh…..sure, Brünnhilde will be……”

As soon as Kutone, who was gulping down the ether like it was juice, said that, I heard something that sounded like a shout.



The voice sounded like it was coming from above, so I looked over and saw Brunnhilde flying with two children on either side of her.

Brünnhilde landed, came to my side and said.

“Sensei, mission accomplished.”

“Yeah…….Oh, good job. The girl?”

“Yes. It’s definitely the girl who was kidnapped by the goblins. Sensei, the girl has a laceration on her palm, please treat it.”

“Why is she naked?”

“It was probably determined that clothing was unnecessary during the goblin ritual.”

Brünnhilde lowered the unconscious girl and Coyote to the ground.

Even though she is a 12 year old child, she is still a girl. It’s bad to stare at her.

Kutone took out a blanket and a small bottle of potion from her bag, disinfected the laceration on her hand, and rewrapped the handkerchief. Then, Coyote and Arche-chan woke up.

“Uh-uh…….what is this place?”

“You’re up, Coyote. And you must be Arche.”

“Oh, that’s…….”

“Kutone, take care of Arche. Coyote, you’re going to receive a lecture.”

“Come on, Arche, I know you’re hungry, and I have a change of clothes for you.”

“Oh, that ……Coyote.”

Kutone took Arche-chan to the carriage, Lucia and I lectured Coyote, and Brunnhilde had a large number of goblin corpses put together.

He was other people’s children, but I scolded him when I had to. I mean, an angry Lucia is scary as hell….

The goblin corpses were incinerated en masse, and the entrance to the cave was completely blocked with Kutone’s earth magic, so the work here was completely finished and we were clearing out.

Arche-chan was a little weak from the cut on her hand, but after drinking a potion and eating some snacks, she was fine.

Coyote that was squeezed so hard became quiet and Arche-chan fell asleep holding Silica who had been sleeping in the carriage all day.

I guess that completes the request.


When we returned to the village, we were greeted by the village chief who gave Arche-chan a passionate hug and then there was Coyote’s father’s iron fist.

Coyote was blown away and fainted, and after appeasing his father, who desperately bowed to us, he dragged Coyote back home. We later heard that Coyote was grounded.

We were called to the village chief’s house.

“Thank you so, so much!”

“No, no, I’m really glad I could help.”

“Well……here’s the certificate of completion.”

“Thank you very much.”

A certificate of completion. If we submit this to the guild, we will get a reward. We’ll get the points needed to upgrade our grade, and we’ll also get some money.

We were tired today, so we decided to leave tomorrow, and when we said we were going to stay at an inn, the village chief insisted that we stay there, so we took him up on his offer.

In the evening, a small party was held. There were many delicious dishes on the table, such as whole roasted veal raised in the village and ale made from wheat harvested in the village.

Arche-chan also woke up after a nap and was fine, treated us as best she could. At my request, Coyote was invited to the party.

Even though he did something that made me angry, I could understand why he wanted to help Arche-chan in his own way.

I had veal and ale, and every time I ran out of ale, the village chief would pour me some. Kutone gobbled up the meat and Lucia chugged the wine.

Kutone was talking with Arche and Coyote.

“Um, silver sister, could you tell me your name?”

“My name is Brunnhilde.”

“Ms. Brunnhilde……thank you once again for saving my life.”

Arche-chan and Coyote bowed their heads to Brunnhilde.

“That’s not true. It was Coyote that saved you. I only went to pick you up on the orders of sensei.”

“Well, that……yes.”

“Gee, it doesn’t change the fact that you saved her, silver sister! I couldn’t do anything about it…….”

“No, it was only because of your assault that we were able to take out all the goblins. I didn’t expect you to be a force to be reckoned with, but your plan was brilliant.”

“Yeah………hahaha! I’m sure you’re right, hehehe, thank you silver sister!”

“Thank you, too. Coyote.”

“I wonder if I can be as strong as you?”

“Oh, me too. I want to be strong too.”

“You can do it if you train hard enough.”

“I’m going to become an adventurer, join your clan, or even become stronger than you and start my own clan!”

“I want to be like Brünnhilde too!”

“I want to be like Brunnhilde!”

“All right, Arche, tomorrow we start training!”

“Yes, Coyote!”

It’s amazing……that they missed Brünnhilde so much. It was a good decision to send Coyote to the cave to save Arche.

Lucia sat down next to me.

“I was going to tell Brünnhilde about the matter before the cave, but I’ll stop…….”

“All’s well that ends well, eh?”

“No, I don’t think it was right not to stop……Coyote. But when you think about the smile on his face because you didn’t stop him, you can’t complain.”

“Well, I think Lucia’s right. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let a child go alone into a cave full of goblins. The result was good this time, and if even one thing had gone wrong, the result could have been terrible…….We were lucky.”

“………You’re right.”

“Yeah. So, Lucia, feel free to continue to yell at Brunnhilde. And of course, yell at me and Kutone.”

“…………I’ll do that.”

I raised my glass and Lucia raised her wine glass and quietly matched it.


The next day.

When we finished preparing to leave, the village chief and other villagers came to see us off. Among them were Arche and Coyote.

As the clan leader, I greeted the village chief.

“We will leave now.”

“Yes. Thank you very much. If you ever stop by this village, we will do our best to make you feel welcome.”

“Thank you very much. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

As we got into the carriage and were about to leave, Coyote and Arche-chan came in front of Brunnhilde.

“Thank you so much! I’m going to become strong!”

“I’ll be strong, too.”

“Yes. Please do your best. Don’t miss your training.”


Coyote and Arche-chan bowed their heads to Brunnhilde.

Me and Lucia looked at each other and smiled, and Kutone tilted her head. Then we got into the carriage and set off. I’ll leave the leadership to Lucia.

Coyote and Arche-chan waved their hands, and Brunnhilde stared at them until they were out of sight.

“Brunnhilde, you miss those two, don’t you?”

“I don’t understand why they asked you so many questions…….”

“Haha, they’re grateful to you, you know.”

“They thanked me for just picking them up?”

“You defeated the Goblin King in front of those two, didn’t you? If so, that means you didn’t just pick them up, you protected them. That’s why they thanked you.”


“You’ll understand in the future.”

Even if the Goblin King was just an obstacle for Brunnhilde, a prelude to her original goal of picking up Coyote and Arche-chan, it was the main event for those two. This is why Brünnhilde, who defeated the Goblin King in style, must have looked dazzling.

“Well, let’s report to the guild and get our reward. Kutone, what then?”

“Of course, we’re going to the Fauve Kingdom. We’ll have to cross several towns and the Sea of Trees to get to the Fauve Kingdom, so we should prepare well.”

“Yeah. Let’s go back to the town first…….I’m so tired.”

The carriage was rattling and shaking as it headed into town.


This is a story of the future.

Influenced by Brünnhilde, Coyote and Arche began training to become adventurers together.

Coyote learned swordsmanship from an adventurer who stopped by the village, and Arche discovered that she had the magical properties of the “light” attribute, and taught herself magic.

At the age of 15, the two registered as adventurers and formed a clan.

As they gained more experience and achievements, such as scavenging, killing rats, gathering herbs, and killing goblins, the number of their clan members gradually increased.

The two later grow to become B-class adventurers known as “Coyote the Land King” and “Arche of Brilliance”. There are those who are attracted to Coyote and Arche who are aiming for a high level, those who wanted to learn from Coyote who has solid skills, and those who are attracted to Arche who has grown up to be pretty and lovely. Before they knew it, their clan has grown to over 100 members.

One day, Coyote and Arche were casually asked, “How did you two become adventurers?”

The two men looked at each other and answered without hesitation.

“Maybe it’s because that silver lady was so cool.”

“Yes, that’s right. I thought she was a goddess.”

This is the story of the founding of the “Silver Maidens,” a Class A clan that would later become legendary.

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