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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C54

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C54: Rest and verification


After returning to Jido, we headed straight to the adventurer’s guild. The reason, of course, was to deliver the certificate of completion of the request and receive the reward.

When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, we all lined up at the guild counter to hand in our certificates, and the receptionist came back with a tray containing our rewards.

“Well then, Clan War Maidens, here is your reward. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you very much.”

The reward is five gold coins, which is about right for an F-class request.

I put the gold coins into the wallet I bought for the clan. This wallet is used to prepare for the trip and to pay for lodging.

Incidentally, I put 20 of my gold coins into the clan wallet and divided the rest among the four of us. Lucia was reluctant, but she was a woman and had more things to buy than I did. She probably doesn’t have any money since she came here in her clothes, and it’s weird that I’m the only one with dozens of gold coins.

Kutone had scrapped her grandfather’s savings and brought it with her. It was only her personal money, and I didn’t ask her how much it was.

“Okay, next request……”

“Stop, Ms. Lucia! Why are you heading to the clan request board?”

“It’s obvious. We have to go through several towns to get to the Kingdom of Fauve from Jido town. If that’s the case, it’s more reasonable to aim for the next town while accepting escort and delivery requests…….”

“I’m really tired……I’m going to rest today and come back tomorrow…….”

“I know you want to take a break, but I think we should accept the request.”

“Ugh……I’ve been debunked. Sage-san, Sage-san, please say something!”

“Yes, yes. Lucia, I’m sorry, but I agree with Kutone. Let’s take the day off…….”


Lucia is looking a little unhappy but I’m tired. Unlike Lucia, who comes from a knight’s order, and Brunnhilde, whose body is constantly maintained by nanomachines, me and Kutone don’t have that much physical strength.

“I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a good idea to rest today and start tomorrow. Don’t you think so, Brünnhilde?”

“Yes, Sensei. I’d like a day off, too.”

“Oh, that’s unusual. Why?”

“I’ll be brushing Stallion and trimming her hooves.”


Stallion is being taken care of by Brunnhilde. She brushed her every day, but it was hard to take care of her hooves.

When Lucia heard this, she seemed to agree.

“I’m sorry, I may have been a bit hasty…… Okay, let’s just go back to the inn for the day.”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s take it slow and steady.”


“So……let’s go home for the day.”

Kutone left the guild, looking happy.


We arrived at the inn and moved Stallion to the stables. Brunnhilde then pulled out a brush and a box of tools from her luggage. Apparently, these are tools for trimming hooves.

“Sensei, I will now perform the hoof trimming and brushing.”

“You’ll be okay on your own?

“Yes, it’s my job to take care of her. Please leave her to me.”


I don’t think it was my imagination that Stallion squealed with delight. Let’s leave this to Brunnhilde.

When I, Kutone, and Lucia entered the inn, Kutone suddenly shouted.

“Oh, no! I forgot my wand at the guild! Wands are the life and soul of a sorcerer, so I’ll have to hurry and get it back…….Oh! I can’t use the carriage! This means I’ll have to walk to the Adventurer’s Guild and back! I’ll be late getting home…….But it’s no use, I’m going anyway.”

Me and Lucia look at Kutone with blank eyes……….You bastard, you forgot something on purpose. Before Lucia and I could say anything, Kutone and Silica left the inn.

“………Huh, can’t help it.”

“I guess. What about you, Lucia?”

“I’ll take care of the weapons. Sage, lend me your weapon.”


Lucia and I went back to the room, took off our gear and left it with Lucia. I guess I’ll leave this to the professionals.

Now, what should I do?


When I got back to my room, I wanted to try something.

I laid out the old horseshoes from the stables on the floor and sat down on the floor myself.

First, I had to check.


Name: Seiji Aizawa

Occupation: Teacher

Adventurer Grade: F class

Clan: “War Maiden” G class

[Cheat] [Repair]

“Repair” Level 3

○ Able to repair broken objects.

○ Able to restore missing parts.

○ Able to regenerate lost parts. (times 1)

“Rust removal” Level 2

○ Removes rust

○ Corrodes the metal you touch (times 3)

“Connection” Level 1

○ Connects to electronic circuits and can command them (times 1)

War maiden type android code04 “Brunnhilde”


I currently have three cheats. I currently have three cheats: “Repair”, “Rust Removal”, and “Connection”.

First, let’s examine “Rust Removal”.

“Well, let’s do this……’Rust Removal’.”

When I touched the first horseshoe and activated the cheat, the slightly rusty horseshoe rusted in no time at all. With a little effort, it snapped off.


Name: Seiji Aizawa

Occupation: Teacher

Adventurer Grade: Class F

Clan: “War Maiden” G class


“Repair” Level 3

○ Able to repair broken objects.

○ Can repair missing parts.

○ Can regenerate lost parts (times 1)

Rust removal Level 2

○ Removes rust

○ Corrodes the metal you touch (times 2)

“Connect” Level 1

○ Connects to electronic circuits and can command them (times 1)

War maiden type android code04 “Brunnhilde”


“Oh, that’s less.”

In other words, it can be used once for each object. I’d like to test the size of it, too. I wish I had a big piece of metal somewhere.

I don’t have anything that is convenient, so next test.

The next step is to slightly press the two horseshoes together and touch one of them to activate it.

“………Oh, they’re both rusty.”

The result was that the second horseshoe from the part that touched the other one also rusted. In other words, if two pieces of metal touch each other, they will rust.

This was strange, because I grabbed the goblin fighter’s sword with my armor covering my right hand. And even though I activated it while fighting with the sword, the sword and gauntlet did not deteriorate at all.

In other words, the things I’m equipped with are the exception to the rule that they don’t rust……

Hmmm, I’ll have to verify this.

“All right, I’ll borrow the gauntlets from Lucia and test them.”

I can use “Rust Removal” one more time. I could also see how long it would take to recover the number of times.

I took the horseshoe and headed for Lucia’s room. It would be better than doing it in my room.

I opened Lucia’s room………and had a bit of fun verifying, so I let my guard down.



Lucia was half naked.


I was tempted to say, “Splendid”…….

It’s big, and beautifully shaped….She has a nice waist, and if she were a gravure idol, she would definitely be a big seller. She has a beautiful tip and I can’t take my eyes off her.

I see, her clothes got dirty while she was cleaning the weapons. That’s why when I opened the door without knocking she was changing.

I smiled quietly.

“Thanks for the………….”

Lucia’s bag flew at me and hit me in the face.

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