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I was sold at the lowest price C333

I was sold at the lowest price C333: Aftermath of War


The enemy forces have completely withdrawn.

The Amurian Union is busily retrieving wounded soldiers and securing prisoners from the enemy forces. Since it was a fairly large-scale battle, the damage to both the enemy and our allies was enormous.

The number of wounded soldiers was in the tens of thousands, and the number of captured enemy soldiers was as many as ten thousand.

“The damage is too great to call it a complete victory.”

Jean lamented as he checked the damage.

“If Yuta and the others came back a little later, we would’ve been in trouble.”

“Really, I thought we were doomed when they broke into the base.”

Nanami and Emina must have had a hard time. She said this as if she was deeply relieved.

“Is Alana okay?”

I was concerned about the injured Alana, so I asked.

“She’s fine. She’s already out of the medical capsule and resting in her room. That’s right, Yuta. Why don’t you go and visit her?”

That’s right. Even if she’s fine, I’m still worried, so I’ll just go check on her…….

I visited the room where Alana was.

“It’s Yuta. Are you there, Alana?”

When I called out to her in front of the room, I was greeted by the cheerful voice of Alana.

“Yuta? The door is open.”

Does that mean I should come in? I opened the door and peeked inside the room. Alana was lying on the bed, hiding under the covers.

“What’s wrong, are you still sick?”

I asked as I approached her. Then, slowly, the covers were pulled down to reveal her. For some reason, Alana was not wearing any clothes.

“Alana! Why are you naked?”

“I’m always naked when I sleep. Don’t look away, look at me.”

“Alana! Please don’t show your indecent body to Yuta!”

“Oh, Linnecarlo was with you?”

I wasn’t the only one who came to visit Alana. Linnecarlo and Nagisa were also with me.

“Of course! I’m not going to let Yuta go to your room alone! As expected, I had a strange feeling.”

“What do you mean, “strange feeling”? I just wanted to show Yuta my healed body.”

“You don’t have to show him your naked body!”

“I was injured in a place I couldn’t show him unless I was naked!”

“Oh, where is that? We don’t even know where you got hurt in the first place, so why would you need to show Yuta the part that’s healed?”

Alana and Linnecarlo continued to argue. Both of them were so swift that there was no chance to stop them.

“Hey! Don’t stare at Alana’s naked body!”

“Mmm, I’m not looking!”

I hurriedly denied it when Nagisa pointed it out, but I’m a boy too, so  I can’t help but glance at her. Nagisa sensed this, and in the end sent me out of the room.

As the battlefield was being cleaned up, the defense system was being strengthened at the same time. A defense force was organized with the survivors of this battle and the Sixth Army, which came later as reinforcements. In addition, the second batch of trainee troops was to be initiated, and the manufacturing of mass-produced magicrafts was to be hastened.

Three days after the battle, Ranelle came to visit us in Bilaluk. It was for the purpose of dealing with the future and inspecting the current situation, but for some reason, she came to see the Iron Knights as soon as she arrived in Bilaluk.

“I’m glad Yuta-san and Nagisa are safe.”

“What is it, Ranelle? Are you sure you’re okay to come here when you’re so busy?”

“I’m not okay, but there was something I really wanted to ask you in person.”

“Something you wanted to ask me?”

“In fact, we’ve captured some big names from the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel in this battle.”

“Big names? Have we captured any of the generals?”

Jean, who had been listening to Ranelle’s story, asked bluntly.

“No, it’s bigger than that. Curelles, the High King of the Valkyrie Empire. Keimaios, the demon god of the Kingdom of Lubel and a few other members of the royal and imperial families…….”

“That’s great. You can get all the ransom you want.”

“Yes. I believe that we can demand a considerable amount of conditions from the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel for the return of the prisoners. That’s why I’ve come here to consult with you. As the Amurian Union, we would like to reward the Iron Knights, who are the greatest contributors to this battle.”

“Oh. Can you give us a portion of the ransom?”

“It may be more valuable than money. Nagisa told me once that the Iron Knights have some business to attend to in the Kingdom of Lubel.”

The Kingdom of Lubel……that’s right. There is a research facility in the Kingdom of Lubel that can bring dad back to life!

“Ranelle! You’re going to allow us to explore the Kingdom of Lubel!”

“Yes. I’m thinking of adding that as one of the conditions for the return of the prisoners.”

Okay! It looks like one of the problems I had been struggling with will be solved. Now Dad’s resurrection is getting closer to reality.

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