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I was sold at the lowest price C334

I was sold at the lowest price C334: Those Who Go, Those Who Stay


As promised, Ranelle included the freedom of the Iron Knights to act within the Kingdom of Lubel as a condition for the return of the prisoners.

The Kingdom of Lubel was reluctant to accept the terms, but in the end they agreed to them. However, there were some precautions that had to be taken. We were told that we were to be accompanied by a surveillance unit and that we were not to approach the royal capital.

I thought the surveillance was natural, and the research facility of the ancient civilization where we had to go was far from the capital, so this was no problem. We accepted it.

Ranelle had prepared the alchemy materials needed for revival, so we could leave for the Kingdom of Lubel right away. The question was, who should go?

“Why don’t we all go?”

Jean suggested that we select the members who would go to the Kingdom of Lubel, and I agreed.

“Our mission is to investigate the ruins, so if we enter the country on a too large scale, it will only increase the distrust. It’s better to go here with a small group.”

“It’s still better to go with everyone. We’re going into an enemy country, aren’t we? I think it’s better to have a lot of friends, in case they attack us.”

Perhaps Nanami had been frightened in the previous battle, but she didn’t want her friends to split up.

“The prisoners of war will be handed over once the Iron Knights return safely. In effect, it’s like taking hostages. So as long as we don’t take any overtly hostile action, they won’t attack us.”

“Isn’t there a possibility that they will still try to force us?”

“Think about it from their perspective. Members of the Twelve Heavenly Masters and the royal family are being held hostage. What’s the advantage of ignoring that and attacking the few troops that came to investigate?”

“Well, that’s certainly true…….Then who does Jean think should go?”

“I’ve got a plan for that. First, Kiyone. We’re going to revive her father, so she’ll definitely want to go. Then there’s Yuta, Linnecarlo and Nagisa, just in case. The rest are the people who do the revival work…….Rafishal, can revival be done by Feri?”

“Feri is far superior to me in life science.”

“All right, I’ll ask Feri to do the resurrection.”

“You sure you don’t want me to go?”

“You have to strengthen the other members magicrafts. As we learned well from the previous battle, it is essential to have a magicrafts that matches the increase in Ludia value. Both Alana and Nanami would’ve had an easier time fighting if they had a magicraft that matched their Ludia value.”

“You’re right. Then let’s go to the high ether concentration zone again. We’ll rebuild everyone’s magicrafts there.”

No one opposed Jean’s proposal. Some of them might have actually wanted to go to the Kingdom of Lubel, but they were convinced that it was better to strengthen their magicrafts. They must have been so frustrated by the previous battle.

“That’s surprising. I thought you guys would definitely want to go too.”

Alana replied calmly to Linnecarlo’s words.

“I’ve been very frustrated indeed. I need my strength now.”

“That’s good too. It’s no laughing matter if this Thunder Emperor Linnecarlo’s minions are small fries.”

“Who are your minions? Tell me while you still can.”

Jean also said that he would strengthen Fugaku and Musashi. Since they were the only two ride carriers of the Iron Knights, we will have no means to go to the Kingdom of Lubel.

“Wait a minute! If that’s the case, how are we supposed to get to the Kingdom of Lubel?”

“The Amurian Union has provided us with the latest large ride hover, so we’ll be heading out with that. It doesn’t have any combat power, but it can carry four magicrafts and has perfect maneuverability, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“What are we going to do in the event of a battle?”

“I’m sure Yuta, Kiyone, and Linnecarlo and Nagisa can deal with anything.”

“It’s nice to stay at home, isn’t it?”

“Stay at home? What are you talking about? I’m going to Lubel too.”

I thought Jean was going to be in the rest of the team, but apparently he’s going to be piloting the ride hover.

“If Jean is in the Lubel group, who’s going to lead the others?”

“I’ll leave it to Alana.”

It’s true that Alana has great commanding ability, so it won’t be a problem.

As soon as we were ready we would head to the Kingdom of Lubel.

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