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I was sold at the lowest price C335

I was sold at the lowest price C335: Important mission / Yuki


The Elysian Empire was moving according to Rafishal’s wishes. Whether it’s ambition or greed, Rafishal seems to be thinking about taking over the entire continent and has had the entire Elysian Empire prepare for battle. In order to conquer the continent within three years……the ten Gods of War were scattered throughout the land and began preparing for war.

“Master Yuki, Master Rafishal wants to see you. Please return to the Imperial City immediately.”

I was also the head of the newly established attack force and was making preparations, but Rafishal called me. I don’t want to see that face again, but right now I have no way to refuse it.

“What can I do for you?”

“Don’t look so glum. I have a little favor to ask of you.”

“Oh, you mean a favor, not an order?”

“Yes, a favor. I treat the Ten Gods of War with respect.”

It’s fine to respect the ten gods of war in your own way, Rafishal, but if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have implanted such a bomb. I thought this as I touched the red jewel under my neck.

“So, what is this favor you’re asking?”

“I need you to go to the Northern Glacier Ruins for reinforcements.”

“Northern Glacial Ruins? I’ve never heard of this place……What do you mean by reinforcements there?”

“I’ve been having a man check it out in secret, but he seems to be having a hard time. I’m sure there’s something in there that the Elysian Empire will need in the future, so help the man out and get it for us.”

Even if it was not an order, I would not have the right to refuse. I wanted to leave this man’s presence immediately, and granted his wish.

“All right. I’ll go. So, who is this man?”

“He is a former mercenary named Scarfi. He is not officially a member of the Elysian Imperial Army at the moment, but he is scheduled to become one of the Ten Gods of War later on.”

“You’re giving such an important mission to a man who is not officially a member of the Elysian Empire?”

“There are times when it is more convenient. Besides, the man is trustworthy.”

“What makes you trust him so much?”

I was curious and asked him about it, because I had always assumed that Rafishal didn’t trust anyone.

“He is terribly greedy for power. Those who are greedy for power will do as they are told if you dangle a mighty power in front of them.”

I don’t seem to be on the same page with this Scarfi guy.

Reluctantly, I headed north to a place called Glacial Ruins. I’m allowed to take my men, so I’ll be bringing my newly established unit with me.

“Yuki, so what are we doing at this place called the Northern Glacier Ruins?”

Mary, the second-in-command of my unit, asks me that question after hearing about the Northern Glacier Ruins.

“I don’t know much, but I’m supposed to ask a guy named Scarfi who’s been there before me for details.”

“Scarfi? Scarfi, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters?”

“What? He’s famous?”

“He’s a member of the Sword Clan, the most powerful mercenary group in the world, and even children know the name of the Sword King Scarfi.”

The Twelve Heavenly Masters are the same as Yuto and the others……

“But it’s no longer the time of the Twelve Heavenly Masters. From now on, it will be the era of Yuki and Elysia Ten War Gods.”

“Stop talking like that. I don’t want to be one of them.”

“Give it up. Even if you think so, the public opinion will raise the appearance of the new heroes in a funny way. If you fight in earnest from now on your name will naturally spread.”

I really hated it, but I think what Mary said was right. My name is going to be spread all over the world…….I don’t like it, but maybe it will make Yuta notice me…….That’s the only thing I can do now.

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