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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C98

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C98: Infiltration


It was a new moon night with not even moonlight. I put my hand on a rope that my night eyes barely catch. The rope was multi-layered, sturdy to look at, and woven into a ladder-like structure that hung down along the wall of the building.

Looking up, it was dark, but I knew that it extended from one room.

I put my hand on it, then my foot, then my foot, then my hand, and I climbed up. The rope made a small squeaking sound and swayed. Eventually the wind picked up, and I climbed carefully, making sure to stay close to the wall to avoid too much shaking.

Finally, I found a window frame where the rope was bent at a right angle, I stretched out my arms and grabbed it tightly. After raising my upper body in a pull-up motion, I rolled into the room.

I felt a soft recoil with a bobbing sound, and felt silky sheets on my hands and arms as I tumbled into the bed that was placed near the window.

I get off the bed and look around the large room. The room is decorated with a chandelier of extinguished candles hanging from the ceiling. A sofa placed against the wall and a desk in front of a large mirror. Chairs are placed everywhere. When I turned around, I saw a large bed with a canopy near the window, and it looked like the room of a princess.

The only thing out of place, however, was the thick cloth wrapped around the foot of the bed and the multiple ropes stretching out the window.

As I was scurrying around, I heard a whisper.

“Don’t stare at me too closely.”

“Is Alice here?”

“Of course I’m here. It’s my room.”

I looked in the direction of the voice. There, on the bed, was a mass of blankets.

In the dark, the blanket seemed to be tucked away in a corner, but upon closer inspection, I saw Alice wrapped in the blanket.

I had snuck into the royal castle, and now I was in Alice’s room. However, sneaking into the castle was not a smooth process.

After asking Alice about the inside of the castle, I found two major problems in breaking into the castle.

The first was the drawbridge.

The large royal castle is surrounded by towering walls and dugouts, and when the sun goes down, the drawbridge, the only way in, is pulled up. Then, guards with torches would roam the passages on the walls to look for any people who would try to climb the walls, making it impossible to break in.

The next step was to enter the living quarters.

The route from the front to the living quarters, after passing through the castle gate, took us past the courtyard garden facing the long atrium corridor, through many doors, and up a flight of stairs to finally reach the desired living quarters.

Alice had told me about a number of places where we could hide, and I had come up with the idea of a carriage warehouse.

I was told that the carriages were stored behind the living quarters so that the royal family members would not have to walk as much. There are many doors and stairs from there, but luckily, Alice’s room was facing outward.

With these things in mind, I made a plan and asked Alice to do three things in advance.

First, I opened up the seats of a carriage so that a space could be created, and got the carriage sold to Sotheby’s, which had a store in the royal capital.

I asked Alice to buy the carriage and use it to go to school every day.

Next, I asked Alice to buy a new bag and to keep it close to her body, saying that she liked it. I did this because I was afraid that the maids would notice that she was carrying a bag of braided rope.

I also asked her to move her bed to the window because I was worried that the bed might shift and make a noise when I climbed the rope.

After all that preparation, today was the day. When I left for school, I let Alice cause trouble, and I snuck into the carriage while she was gone.

I hid in the space under the seat, passed through the drawbridge and the castle gate, and kept my breath until night fell.

When night fell, I went outside the warehouse and waited for the torches on the outer wall to pass.

As soon as I left, I smashed a single pebble against the window of Alice’s room, and half an hour later, as planned, I had Alice hang a rope from the window and climbed up safely.

“I never thought I’d make it this far……”

I muttered to myself, neither impressed nor surprised at my success.

“What are you talking about?”

Alice crawled closer to the bed like a caterpillar with a blanket wrapped around her, as if she was trying to hear my mumbling. That’s when I saw a hand reaching out from the window.

I was about to say, “That was dangerous……”when a shadow rolled in.


The shadow leaned over Alice, causing her to let out a small scream.

“The princess’s bed it’s very spacious but it’s not very soft, it’s a bit hard.”

Don’t say that…….

I said that in my mind to Mist, who had broken in through the window. After all, Mist had also participated in this intrusion.

Once I tried to say no, but she said in the same tone as usual, “Huh? I don’t mind, but you’re leaving me out?” For some reason, my knees began to shake, and both Alice and I had to admit that we were both a little scared.

Mist rolled over on top of Alice, raised herself up and sat back down on top of Alice.

“It’s still hard.”

“It’s not hard!”

Alice retorted in a hushed voice that matched Mist’s tone.

“Oh. You’re a princess, aren’t you? I’m sorry but I thought I’d be softer.”

“What? Are you trying to say I’m poor? Get out of here!”

”No, no, I didn’t say that. But if you want to know, princess, why don’t we try it? Chris, try it and see which one is softer.”

Mist said, opening her hands and inviting me to her ample breasts. I was tempted to jump right in, but I swallowed hard and chided them.

“We don’t have time for this. We’ve got to get the information before morning.”

Mist smiled at my attitude like a child who has been caught doing a prank.

“That’s good, princess. I’m glad you didn’t let Chris compare your body to mine.”

“What the hell is going on?”



When I censured Alice a little, who was getting louder, she bit her teeth and let out a groan.

I’m not sure if Mist cared at all, but she got off of Alice with a whisker, quietly dusted off her clothes, and opened her mouth.

“Shall we go to the King’s private chambers then?”

I nodded back to Mist and said to Alice.

“Okay, Alice. Take the king out of his room and buy us some time.”

Alice made a silly face, as if she didn’t know what I was talking about.

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