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I was sold at the lowest price C336

I was sold at the lowest price C336: Heading North / Yuki


My newly established unit, the 001st Nitro Battalion, also known as the Rose Needle Squadron, was on its way to the Northern Glacier Ruins.

The name Rose Needle was given to us by Mary. It has a force of five ride carriers and 100 magic machines, but all of the riders are elite troops of Exlander who have received Nitro Ludia. In addition, Valiente, strengthened by Rafishal, also belongs to the unit. Despite the size of the battalion, it had the strength of the former Elysian army.

“It’s getting pretty cold out here.”

The ride carrier was not equipped with any conveniences like air conditioning. The temperature of the outside air was transmitted directly into the ship. There was a magical fireplace in the center of the bridge, but it wasn’t enough to heat the whole large bridge.

“Do you think one magical fireplace will be enough?”

“From what I’ve heard, the Northern Glacier Ruins are like the North Pole of the Earth, so that’ll be difficult.”

“I don’t like the cold.”

I had heard that it was a cold place, so I had brought warm clothes, but I didn’t expect it to be as cold as the North Pole. I’m not sure I could stand that kind of cold…….

“Don’t worry, I know you don’t like the cold, so I’ve prepared another magical fireplace. It’s large and attached to the air conditioning system, so it will warm the entire ship.”

“Oh, really! Thank you Mary!”

I’m really grateful to have a lieutenant who understands me.

The further north we went, the more the landscape turned into snowfields. I heard that there are no people living here anymore, only creatures that can withstand the cold. Just looking at the icy world from the bridge made me feel cold to the core. I shuddered thinking what I would have done without the magical fireplace that Mary had prepared for me.

“Yuki-sama, we’re almost at the meeting point.”

The pilot of the ride carrier reports that we are near our destination, but there are no structures anywhere.

“All I see is a wall of ice. Are you sure this is the right place?”

“The coordinates provided by Master Rafishal are at this point, so I’m pretty sure.”

“What do you think Mary?”

“From what Rafishal is saying, the Northern Glacier Ruins have some kind of big secret. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be natural for the entrance to be hidden?”

“That’s true…….Let’s check this area carefully.”

As Mary had said, the entrance to the glacial ruins was hidden behind a disguise that was not immediately obvious. The cul-de-sac surrounded by a wall of ice appeared to be a dead end, but the ice wall at the back was a fake three-dimensional image that allowed us to pass through.

“The technology of ancient civilizations is amazing.”

Mary said admiringly as she looked at the three-dimensional image, which was indistinguishable from an ordinary wall of ice even up close.

“How did they perish with all this technology?”

“I’ve heard that they suffered a lot of damage in the battle with the giant beasts and went into decline, but I doubt it.”

I’ve heard the old stories about giant beasts from many people since I came to this world, but I feel a sense of dread when I think of the fierce battles that ravaged even the most advanced civilizations.

The disguised wall led to a large underground cave. The atmosphere is very similar to that of the ruins where Rafishal was. Both were created by the same civilization, so it’s no wonder they look alike…….

As we made our way through the large underground cavern, we saw a conspicuous man-made structure. There were three ride-carriers docked nearby, so that must be our destination.

“This is the 001st Nitro Battalion of the Elysian Imperial Army. We have come to reinforce you by order of the Grand Vizier. I would like to hear the details immediately, so please contact Lord Scarfi.”

The ride carrier anchored at the ruins responded immediately. It means that Scarfi will be coming out to us, so we have to prepare. We need to get the details first and then see what we’re……going to do here.

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