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I was sold at the lowest price C337

I was sold at the lowest price C337: Sword King / Yuki


After waiting for a while, a ride hover came out of a ride carrier anchored near the ruins. It was probably the one that Scarfi was riding in. I was more than a little nervous to meet someone who had information about our activities here.

“What kind of person is Scarfi?”

“The only thing I know about him is that he’s a disciple of the Sword Saint Veft and a major force in the Sword Clan.”

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what he’s like…

The man who showed up looked much younger than I had imagined. I had an image of him as a stern warrior in his forties because he was known as the Sword King, but he was actually an intellectual businessman in his late twenties.

“I said I wanted reinforcements, but I didn’t expect a young woman like you to show up.”

I was a little annoyed at his sudden rude remark.

“What does gender have to do with reinforcements?”

“……No, it doesn’t. It’s how good you are that matters.”

“Then it won’t be a problem. Yuki is one of the best riders in the Elysian Empire, selected as one of the Ten Gods of War.”

Mary tells Scarfi.

When he heard that she was one of the Ten Gods of War, his expression changed from fearless to a bit more serious.

“So it’s one of the Ten Gods of War….I’ve heard that I’m going to be one of them, but only after this job is over. I’d like to get this over with and get back on the stage.”

“So you’re behind the scenes now?”

When I asked, Scarfi’s expression changed to one of fear.

“We’re in the middle of a covert operation, so I’d say it’s behind the scenes. I’m not ashamed of my actions! There’s a reason for every action I’ve ever taken and ever will take! Even if it’s disgraceful to others, I’m in the right!”

I felt a little scared as he suddenly spoke in a very agitated tone. I couldn’t understand a bit of the meaning of his words, and I felt like he was going through a lot of emotional ups and downs. By the way, I heard that Scarfi had also received Nitro Ludia before the mission. Maybe that’s what’s making his mind unstable.

“I’m sorry for saying something I shouldn’t have. If I offended you, I apologize.”

I made a token apology so as not to make the problem bigger. Scarfi regained his composure after hearing that.

“You’re right. I’m sorry I got a little excited too. I thought you were accusing me of something…….”

Nitro Ludia may have made him more sensitive to emotions after all. His expression changed from furious to depressed this time.

“Now, before we go any further, can I ask you about this operation?”

“Yes……I’ll explain. There are two people sealed in these ruins. The purpose of our mission is to free them.”

“Who are the two people who are sealed……?”

“I don’t know. The scholar accompanying me seems to know, so if you’re curious, you can ask him.”

I had a bad feeling when I heard about the scholar who was accompanying him. Fearfully, I asked about the scholar.

“It’s a female scholar named Brule. She is examining the ruins at the moment, so you can meet her later.”

What a coincidence that I’m with that Dr. Brule again…….I’ve been betrayed once before by her, and both Mary and I feel bad about it.

However, there was one thing that bothered me after listening to Scarfi. What was the reason why they had to ask for reinforcements with one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters strengthened by Nitro Ludia and Dr. Brule? There seems to be no problem in terms of knowledge or power.

“Mr. Scarfi, may I ask you a question? With a rider as good as you are, why did you ask for reinforcements?”

I asked more politely than I should have, for fear that he would get angry again.

“There are problems I can’t handle alone. We’ve already lost half of the riders who came with us. We would have been annihilated if we continued like this.”

There are enemies here that even a candidate for the Ten Gods of War can’t handle. I can finally test myself after being strengthened by Nitro Ludia ……It was inappropriate, but I thought so.

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